Chopin concerts 2022 in Zazenki: when do they start? Who will perform the date, program, concert schedule and everything you want to know

Sunday afternoon with classical music in the background, crowds of Varsovians and beautiful Łazienki Królewskie. That only means one thing – it’s time for the 2022 Chopin concerts to start. Check out what we know about this year’s edition of the event.

Chopin parties It is an event without which it is difficult to imagine spring and summer in the capital. Organized in Łazienki Królewskie Concerts have been attracting a lot of tourists to Warsaw since 1959, and despite the passage of time, they are still very popular. Soon the beginning of this year’s edition of the event, which promises to be very interesting. Who will perform at Chopin’s monument this time?

All lovers of classical music are eagerly waiting for this day. Coming next Sunday, that is May 15And The opening of the 63rd season of Chopin’s concerts at Royal Lazienki Park. Outdoor concerts return to Agricola in Warsaw after a two-year hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic. Let us remind you that in 2020 and 2021, The event was held online only due to covid restrictions.

“After two years of online concerts, we will return to Łazienki At the memorial to Frederic Chopin. The monument, a work of the prominent sculptor Waklo Zimanowski, was unveiled in 1926. The monument, destroyed during the war, was reconstructed, and in 1958 was returned to azienki. And already in 1959, Stołeczna Estrada with Towarzystwo im. Fryderyk Chopin organized Chopin’s first concert at the Royal Łazienki Park, said Andrzej Matusiak, Director of Stołeczna Estrada.

The Chopin Concerts 2022, from May to September, will take place every Sunday at 12:00 and 16:00.

Chopin’s concerts return to AZENQUE Royal Park after a two-year hiatus / Photo: Getty Images

Chopin Concerts are the only and unique opportunity to listen to the greatest piano talents from Poland and the world for free.. During this year’s edition of the event, among others, the recipient of many prestigious competitions for young Chinese artists How Rao Known from the International Piano Competition Frédéric Chopin – Marc Lafort And Martin Garcia GarciaWho will play on inauguration day. Full list of artists to check out below.

The schedule for the 63rd season of Chopin’s concerts at Royal Lazienki Park:

  • May 15: the time. 12:00 – Marc Laforet (France), 4 pm – Martin Garcia Garcia (Spain).
  • May 22: the time. 12:00 – Michel Candotti (Italy), 16:00 – Jacob Kozlik.
  • May 29: the time. 12:00 – Joanna awrynowicz, 16:00: Maria Gabri-Heike.
  • June 5: the time. 12:00 – Alberto Nuzzi (Italy), 4:00 pm – Hyuk Lee (South Korea).
  • June 12: the time. 12:00 – Alexandra Uygot, 16:00 – Janos Palaz (Hungary).
  • June 19: the time. 12:00 – Ashley Frib (UK), 16.00 – Adam Mikowaj Goździewski.
  • June 26: the time. 12:00 – Camille Pachulix, 16:00 – Alija Federkevich.
  • July 3rd: 12:00 – Hao Rao (China), 16:00 – Adam Kaudunsky.
  • July 10th: the time. 12:00 – Filip Witchowski, 4 pm – Karol Radzinovic.
  • July 17: the time. 12:00 – Kevin Keener (USA), 16:00 – Susanna Peterzak.
  • July 24: the time. 12:00 – Jacek Kurtos, 16:00: Marcin Wichorek.
  • July 31: the time. 12:00 – ukasz Krupiński, 16:00 – Hubert Rutkowski.
  • August 7: the time. 12:00 – Phuket Choeta, 16:00 – Trung Viet Nguyen (Vietnam).
  • August 14: the time. 12:00 – Eric Barshinsky, 16:00 – Nao Mino (Japan).
  • August 21: the time. 12:00 – Leonora Armellini (Italy), 4:00 pm – Giulia Cosuban.
  • August 28: the time. 12:00 – Rinko Kobayashi (Japan), 16:00 – Beata Belinska.
  • September 4th: the time. 12:00 – Mateusz Krzyowski, at 4 pm – Francois Dumont (France).
  • September 11: the time. 12:00 – Janusz Olynichak, 4:00 pm – Camila Sacharzyuska.
  • September 18: the time. 12:00 – Bäwe Wojczowski, 16.00 – Krzysztof Wierciński.
  • September 25: the time. 12:00 – Yiming Sun (China), 4:00 pm – Andrzej Wierciński.

Source: Stołeczna Estrada, press materials, owned by.

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