Boho holiday style for everyone. How do you make a boho costume?

Boho style and history

Noun boho style It comes from “la bohéme” or bohemia. It was a colorful artistic environment in the 19th century, which included writers, painters, musicians, and actors. These people had a free and pioneering approach to art and life.

They were fascinated by exotic decorations and foreign culture. On a daily basis, they dress carelessly and loosely, and it indicates their styles to a great extent ethnic motives:

  • Moroccan,
  • African,
  • Indian,
  • East Asian countries ,
  • Indian,
  • European national costumes.

Currently, there is a place in the design for:

  • embroidery and lace
  • bold contrasting color combinations,
  • Tassels, belts and feathers In reference to the Native Americans,
  • silk scarves and turbans associated with India,
  • oriental ornaments
  • Fur and braids refer to African tribes.
  • flower patterns and ruffles Associated with summer and freedom.

How do you create a boho look?

Everyday design is all about feeling free and comfortable.

The basis of the boho wardrobe are:

  • long skirts – Colorful, ethnic and plant decorations Lift up, with laces. They are often made of breathable and delicate materials.
  • Blouses with puff sleeves White or colored refers to popular culture. Cotton and linen material garden clothes. It can be finished with lace, fringe or embroidery. sometimes with laces in the form of a corset, Ribbons on the sleeves Weapon revealed.
  • Airy Dresses – made of flour, Breathable fabrics Chiffon, voile, viscose. Decorated with ethnic, floral and folk motifs, it can be white and embroidered.
  • loose pants – Often multicolored, with a stretch ethnic style Or in earth tones – khaki, brown, beige, natural linen color.
  • colored jackets – Combined with long and loose-fitting pants that refer to the hippie style, in combination with short shorts for festival style, and in combination with a skirt for culture and traditional African fashion.
  • fur jackets Perfect for an evening walk on the beach. It contrasts with other breathable design materials, thanks to The costume looks more multidimensional;
  • denim sweaters – Denim pairs well with subtle chiffons, linen and earth tones. It’s normal cotton material, This adds extra texture to the design, making it more versatile. Denim Sweatshirt w boho style They can have colorful patches, floral embroidery, tassels, or thong ties.

boho design every day

When styling in the boho style, remember that these are always simple haircuts that can easily be combined with each other. To make the design more unique or individual, we add accessories to it. In everyday styles, you can combine different ethnic motifs, motifs from many parts of the world or simply from one cultural area.

What should be in the wardrobe:

  • woven bag Small or large wicker bag. You can also use it for design picnic basket Or a macrame bag.
  • straw hat Typical beachy style, with a large brim. It can also be decorated lace, thongs or flowers.
  • Airy scarf with patterns – It can be tied on the head as a headband, turban or about the dowry. It will also act as a belt for trousers, Wallet beside decoration Or the decoration on the neck.
  • ethnic earrings – big and expressive earrings Dream catcher or wheels are likened to beads which refer to Indian and African culture.
  • Strap or strap sandals – flat or on the wedge (Referring to the hippie style).
  • Wide leather or braided belt Can be tied around the waist when wearing Airy dress or a jacket. It will emphasize the shape of the body with loose-fitting clothes.
  • necklace or bracelet on thong – Seashells and stylized pendants such as tusks, bone and amber sculptures will also work well.


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