Best Thai Restaurants in Warsaw: Asian Flavors That Will Delight You

Thai cuisine is rich in strong flavors, fresh ingredients and spices. Traditional dishes? Wok fried rice, pad thai with shrimp, chicken and beef, red, green and yellow curry or sweet and sour soup. Do you like such an oriental feast? Here are the best Thai restaurants in Warsaw – the top 10 addresses in the capital, which delight with authentic Asian flavors.

1. Thai restaurants in Warsaw: Wi-Taj

Wi-Taj is located in the heart of the capital, in Plac Konstytucji. It is a family-run Vietnamese-Thai restaurant that delights the most discerning gourmets with its authentic tastes. The restaurant is kept in a minimalist style, but it is also worth taking a place on the spacious terrace where you will find a moment of relaxation in the center of Warsaw. What do you recommend? Literally every item is on the cards. Start the Thai feast with spicy and spicy Tom Yum Kungi Tom Kha soups, then go for Pad Thai with shrimp, fried tofu with tamarind sauce and nuts, or yellow, green or red curry you can order, for example with filet with loose salmon . Duck, beef, or tofu. Of particular note is the slow-cooked caramelized mackerel in fish sauce with bacon and ginger.

2. Thai restaurants in Warsaw: Thaisty

Thysti also won the hearts of Warsaw residents – another embassy of Thai flavors in Bankoy Square. Chanunkan Duangkumma is responsible for the cuisine at Thaisty – from Bangkok, she is one of the most famous chefs in Thai cuisine in Poland. She learned traditional family recipes, and she brings a unique approach to Thai dishes in its original version. examples? Crispy bacon cooked with red curry paste and green beans, salmon in thick curry with coconut milk and a blend of Thai herbs or a very warm soup with sea bass based on tamarind fruit, ginger and white pepper.

3. Thai restaurants in Warsaw: Thai Thai

There is a Thai restaurant next to the National Opera in Warsaw. Historic walls, modern Thai-inspired interiors, central location in Teatralny Square and a unique private area in the basement of the building are the unquestionable advantages of this restaurant. The menu includes authentic Thai dishes with original ingredients, such as wok dishes: Pad Krapao Talay with seafood, Pad Krapao Pheg – with duck in soy sauce, as well as unusual green curry with eggplant and bamboo shoots, beef massaman curry with coconut milk Or a classic Thai master with many toppings. Thai Thai is the perfect address for a romantic date and an elegant Thai dinner.

4. Thai restaurants in Warsaw: San Tai

San Tai is a mixture of family traditions and many years of gastronomy experience. It is a restaurant where the talent of excellent Thai chefs ensured the authenticity and high quality of oriental dishes in unusual interiors. San Thai can be found in the center of Warsaw, on the elegant Próżna Street. The true oriental taste of the dishes served in the restaurant is due to the experienced Thai chefs, fresh produce, spices and original additions to Thai cuisine. On the San Thai menu, you’ll find all your Thai favorites, such as curries, pad Thai, hot and sour soups, wok dishes and traditional light desserts. We especially recommend the fresh mango with rice, coconut milk and sesame.

5. Thai restaurants in Warsaw: Basil & Lime

Basil & Lime is a project based on the concept of a modern restaurant serving authentic Thai food, that is, a 21st century Thai restaurant. Despite the modernity of the restaurant itself and the dishes served, the taste should remain original, authentic and traditional. Chef and owner of Basil & Lime Restaurant is Thanawat Na Nagara, also known as “Chef Big”. A native crown and hailing from Bangkok, he has been professionally involved in the kitchen since the 1990s and has a great deal of success. The chef’s extraordinary experience is reflected in the restaurant’s menu. You must try the crunchy calamari with a mixture of coconut flakes, a spicy soup with roast duck and rice noodles, or fried tofu chunks, served with a bouquet of vegetable wok and cashews.

6. Thai Restaurants in Warsaw: Why Thai

in the Mujahideen. As for the rural area, why Thai is worth a visit, it is a place that combines excellent cuisine and a Thai bar with a varied list of wines and cocktails. Why Thai is cooked from scratch, without MSG or other flavor enhancers and using only authentic Thai products. The level of spices and the method of cooking dishes are described in the menu, some dishes do not contain animal products and are marked as vegetarian. The Why Thai menu consists of a classic and original portion, which changes 4 times a year. We especially recommend the crunchy mango calamari, the very spicy Tom Yam soup with oyster mushrooms, the lamb in masman curry, and the corn chicken in the curry. vegetarian version? Chinese broccoli with rice noodles and coconut milk!

7. Thai restaurants in Warsaw: Tuk Tuk

Tuk Tuk are bars serving Thai food which has contributed greatly to the promotion of this cuisine in the capital. Thai street food is starting to replace the classics favorite of Warsaw residents. The secret of their success is the combination of high-quality Thai dishes with a fast pace of presentation. As a result, “eating out” has acquired a completely new meaning and quality. At Tuk Tuk, be sure to try the fried rice in its many options, jungle curry with spiced green chillies, laksa soup or fried rice noodles in sweet soy sauce with eggs and broccoli.

8. Thai restaurants in Warsaw: Nam Thai

Naam Thai is another embassy with a Thai flavor in Warsaw. The atmospheric restaurant is located on Burakowska Street. Naam Thai is the second place for the owners of the restaurant, because in Saska Kępa it is also worth visiting “Mała Thailand”. Nam Thai chef-inspired gastronomy is a blend of strong flavors such as sweet, sour, salty and spicy. Each dish is dominated by exotic spices, coconut milk and fresh and aromatic herbs. At Naam Thai, all sauces, pastes and other ingredients are prepared on the spot, so that each component of the dish has its own 100% authentic Thai taste.

9. Thai restaurants in Warsaw: Silk and Spicy

Silk and Spicy are two restaurants in the heart of Warsaw – at ul. Żurawia and ul. French, serving Thai and Japanese dishes. On the menus of both restaurants you will find unusual oriental dishes, prepared by famous chefs, such as Tom Khai soup with shrimp, exotic lettuce with mango, watermelon and fresh coriander or butter-fried sea bass with garlic and mango salad. The oriental atmosphere is emphasized by elegant Thai-style interiors, thanks to which you will feel like you are on an exotic vacation.

10. Thai restaurants in Warsaw: Bosko Tu Thai

Duck soup with rice noodles, eggs, sprouts and Thai basil, soy noodles with mushrooms and Thai ribs, and wonton with chicken, pork and beef are just a few of the items worth choosing at Bosko Tu Thai. Atmospheric restaurant at ul. Markovska in Warsaw has won the hearts of lovers of Asian flavors with its exceptional expression and the essence of the dishes. Are you a vegetarian? Be sure to order the Pad Thai, which is fried rice noodles with vegetables, tofu and cashews.

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