Anonymous campaign promotion of the Polish government. The pirates of the action movie “Stop Russia Now” shared about Russian resources

The “Stop Russia Now!” campaign is gaining ground. (Billboard) launched by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki more than ten days ago. Recently, the head of the Ukrainian government, Denis Shmyhal, thanked for this, and diplomats noted that the measure contributed to increasing support for the embargo on Russian oil, included in the latest EU sanctions proposal. However, the campaign is not only about billboards, but also about producing sites and activities in social media. Hackers from the group Anonymous also began to promote the latest recording of Russian energy resources.

Stop Russia Now! Szmyhal would like to thank Morawiecki for the Billboard campaign

Ukraine’s Prime Minister, Denis Szmihal, on Friday thanked Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki on Twitter for the “Stop Russia Now!” billboard campaign. , which…

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A mysterious group of hackers declared open war against the regime of Vladimir Putin at the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. They carried out many online operations against the Kremlin that were famous all over the world: they broke into Russian TV channels to boycott their sunken propaganda for a moment, attacked Russian banks, ministries and even They entered the Kremlin’s internal control.

“How to Participate in Genocide”

On Tuesday, an account operated by Anonymous released a website for the Polish government’s “Stop Russia Now!” campaign. The entry is not commented on at all – it seems the hackers thought the article said enough.

It is the latest recording of a government action calling for a halt to purchases of Russian oil and other energy resources. “Every drop of Russian oil in your tank is another missile fired at Ukrainian cities and civilians,” the authors of the site confirm. As they add, “Buying Russia’s energy resources is like participating in genocide”.

“Stop Russia now!” , that is, to awaken consciences in Europe

A relentless message is the hallmark of the “Stop Russia Now!” campaign. Launched in Warsaw by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki at the end of April. As he says at that time, it is supposed to “awaken the conscience” of politicians who want to return early to pre-war relations with Russia.

Since then, billboard advertisements have appeared in various European cities. This is all to show EU citizens what war really looks like – by putting photos from Ukraine side by side with photos of life in Western countries.

The slogans contained in the articles call for the cessation of any cooperation with Russia.

Ukraine appreciates and thanks the Polish initiative

Last Friday on Twitter, Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Smyhal thanked Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki for the “Stop Russia Now!” campaign.

In addition to direct support for the free world, it is equally important to speak to the consciences of politicians and citizens and to call for an end to Russian aggression against my country. We would like to thank Morawiecki for organizing the European campaign #stoprussianow #StandWithUkraine, Szmihal wrote.

EU sanctions against Russia

Deputy Head of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bawek Japonsky, recently commented that the measure contributed to the inclusion of a Russian oil embargo in the next EU sanctions package, which is currently being discussed at the EU Forum.

The Deputy Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said: – There is still much to be done, and perhaps the form of these sanctions will not be ideal (…), but we are moving forward, trying to achieve this unity in the European Union. things.

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