“Akademia Pana Kleksa” in the metaverse. What exactly is it about?

coming Mr. Clix Academy It wouldn’t be a simple quote from a novel by Jan Przychwa. The plans also include: a private app, NFT tokens and metaverse.

Mr. Clix (almost) in space

Next novel adaptation Jan Brzechua It seems to be going with the times. Mr. Clix Academy from Maciej Kaulskyboss 365 days And How did you become a gangsterIt won’t just be a movie. As it turns out, production will be part of one specific universe.

We have created a brand new story based on Brzechwa’s novel. It is a kind of co-educational haven and a journey into the depths of our imagination, taking the youngest viewers. We have taken from the literature those elements that are still relevant and universal. It is the children who will decide what Kleks are for them, because we already have our own character, but I calmly think that this character simply does not age and that we still want to spend time with her. Perhaps thanks to some innovative ideas, children will have the opportunity to get close to this character and spend more time with her every day.

– says Kawulski

Mr. Clix Academy will be included in Clix Academy – A virtual space in which there is an educational aspect, apart from entertainment.

The preparations are right at home, so it’s also the perfect time to dispel the fog of mystery. Academy Clix is ​​not just a movie, it is an entire universe that will live many years before and after the premiere. Thanks to the latest technology, this time the experience will be much deeper and more engaging. Everyone will be able to graduate from school, and the path from the movie production process, through creative play with an AR app, will lead to unique experiences in the metaverse.

Metaverse and blockchain-based technologies are showing their face more and more boldly. Following the example of Professor Clix, who was looking for innovation, we would like to show the potential of this technology, the power that lies in creativity and the fact that it can also provide multi-dimensional entertainment for everyone.

Says Karol Belina-Brzozowski, Creative Director of Kleks Academy

So viewers will be able to feel like students Mr. Clix Academy.

Recruitment at Mr. Clix Academy

OK, but how do you become a part of all this? The creators declare that in order to enter the virtual world you will need a digital ticket in the form of a multidimensional code NFT. It will be in the form of a cube, and on the first day of acquiring the code, the owners will learn only part of the information about it. More secrets hidden under the symbols on the dice will be revealed during the periodic events scheduled in the school’s academic calendar Clexa. No two tokens will be the same NFT.

Our NFT icon is not just a 3D graphic that can be flaunted on social media. We propose a globally unique technology, because we introduce an innovative multi-dimensional NFT concept, which will allow you to rediscover your token many times over.

– says Belina-Brzozowski

Token holders will not only be able to visit the shooting location Mr. Clix AcademyBut even starring in a movie.

These most exciting benefits are an opportunity to become a permanent fixture in the history of Polish cinematography. Thanks to NFT, we have revolutionized cinema and bring viewers closer to it than no one has ever seen before.

Karol Belina-Brzozowski adds

learning and fun

Education is also found in all of these turmoil. The creators established a collaboration with an international organization AshokaWhich, among other things, promotes the development of empathy in children, so that young people can actively change the reality around them.

Cooperation will have two dimensions. First of all, we will allocate a part of the profits to the development of Ashoka in its activities, which are focused, among other things, on creating the social foundations of entrepreneurship that do not exclude but give an opportunity for millions to change and gain agency. On the other hand, Ashoka’s global network of experts in fields such as children’s education, psychology, sociology, and emotional intelligence will allow Kleks Academy to create wise and creative challenges for our community.

– continues Belina-Brzozowski

The concept of Creative Challenges is an application that uses augmented reality. Players will be able to collect magical freckles or solve puzzles and tasks hidden in public places. But that’s not all, because the creators of the new Mr. Clix Academy They also want to take care of the environment by neutralizing their carbon footprint, using a tool provided by Be an eco-friendly plan. It allows you to calculate and report your carbon footprint instantly.

when it opens Mr. Clix Academy?

Mr. Clix Academy It has already been adapted. The Polish-Soviet film was released in 1984. In the role of Professor Ambrose Clix then incarnate Piotr Fronczewski. The new production will be divided into two parts. The first of them will be released in 2023, and the second in 2025. It is not yet known who will play the main character, but rumors spoke highly of Tomas Kogi. Filming for the movie will begin in the summer.

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