Zbigniew Wodecki liked these places on Krakow map

We start from the street colitic – it’s clear. Here, in his home in Krakow, he invented the music “I would love to come back …” and many other songs. And if only cramped drawings allowed him to spend a day in Krakow, then this is where his career in his city began every morning. From Koletka, Zbigniew Wodecki walked towards the main market square, but not immediately. There are many important stops on this route.

First, at 21 Gertrudi Street, we pass through the restaurant service window, which is still closed in the morning under Aries. It was one of his favorite places, always a place for family gatherings and feasts with friends. I sat with Zbigniew Wodecki in Baran for a long time and insistently, necessarily with lime and broth. Everyone had to eat soup – broth was necessary.

The walls of the restaurant remember the endless conversations with the artists in the STU theater, and they even remember how it was still possible to smoke inside! However, the smoke wasn’t the most important thing in all of this, but the atmosphere. It is impossible to counterfeit. It is symbolized by the picture hanging in the restaurant until today Edward Dornick Immortalized a host of Krakow stars, including Wodecki.

His youth drove him to Grodzka Street. First of all, the youthful energy that I love Square in front of the Church of Saints Peter and Paul As a stage to display fancy bike and skateboard acrobatics. Zbigniew Wodecki just didn’t like to look at them. Sometimes he was involved in this game himself! Second – the taste of hot chocolate he was going to take his children to, and then his grandchildren – not far from the market, usually In the corner of Grodzka and Dominica.

places to stop at main field There was little. First of all, with florists in Krakow. He would just go out to talk to them, exchange city gossip, and ask how the day was. He was one of the most important customers, although no one allowed him to buy flowers there – he always got them as a gift. The second most important soup? This is fish soup in grey. Zbigniew Wodecki also had his desk in the market, one without a sign, even without one. was a restaurant Osiriscalled by journalists for decades of his career and in which he willingly gave interviews.

These are market stops that can be planned as much as possible. How many were unplanned? It was dependent on tours and tourists. The artist, who was stopped several times at a distance of a few hundred meters, managed to give dozens of signatures there. Always with a smile and angelic patience. Such face-to-face meetings with fans for him were not only part of the profession. They were a privilege.

From there he went JohnFor a short chat with one of his close friends, cartoonist Andrei Mlitschko who he was seeing in his gallery. and then Bejarska employment Stary Clippers. Shopping in Kleparz is a ritual inseparable from wandering in Wodecki. He was anxiously buying plums and pumpkin seeds there. He was known by everyone and everyone knows him, they know him and remember him to this day. This is what my daughter, Kasia Wodecka-Stubbs, suffers from, who also cannot imagine shopping anywhere else in Krakow. Sellers talk to her, they remember her. Stary Kleparz is a very familiar place, as if Mrs. Irinka or Mrs. Zosia who sell there were just part of the family.

Basztowa Street and a music school also located in a charming location in the heart of Krakow, linked by four generations of the Wodecki family. Zbigniew Wodecki’s mother (with little Zbyszek on her lap) performed at the legendary Florianka Hall, studied at school, then his children and finally grandchildren. It has also become a tradition to take grandchildren from there after school, which all teachers and janitors know. And while a well-known grandfather’s visit to school might be a little intimidating, it was such a relief to drop some backpacks on my grandfather. He carried them all without a word of objection.

Walking in Zbigniew Wodecki’s footsteps also touches the street lancerWhere was the family apartment. Too small. It is unimaginable how I managed to absorb almost the entire radio orchestra in which my father played! Grandma Irinka deliciously cooked the musicians visiting the house, and they repaid her by playing and singing the most beautiful opera tunes. Grandma’s specialty was…chicken noodle soup. This explains Zbyszek’s broth ambassador in his adult years. The boy played the violin for six hours a day at Lancer. Z. Jack Zorro is personally engraved on the wall of the dorm house.

People went from the small apartment to the artist’s parents Rakowiki Cemetery. First, to visit my beloved grandmother Irina there. From 2017, also for Zbigniew Wodecki himself.

Wodecki Twist Festival After a two-year break, he returned to full meetings with the public. The event will be attended by the greatest Polish stars, whether they have been active on the stage for years or representatives of the younger generation.

Meetings with choral groups on the first day of the festival is a tradition. It will be the same this time – on June 10 (Friday) Choirs from all over the country, including folk choirs Sound’n’GraceThey will sing Wodecki’s greatest songs. On the other hand, from the St. Mary’s Tower, at 12 o’clock, a piece will be heard instead of a trumpet call “Start with Bach” (Listen!).

June 11 (Saturday) will start The Music Club of Planty, on the balcony of Zbigniew Wodecki, in the vicinity and at Julius Swaki. Festival guests will appear there all day, and you will also be able to listen to jazz.

On the evening of the same day, St. ICE . Convention Center will be held “Friends Gala”. Participation in this event will include, among others: Alicia MajuskaAnd Anya RusovichAnd Ralph KaminskyAnd Krzysztof ZalowskiAnd Andre LambertAnd Joanna CollegeAnd Maciej MusiałowskiAnd Natalia Szroder And Macej Malichuk The Sound’n’Grace and the orchestra under the baton Tom Szymuś.

The ceremony will be broadcast on Polsat TV.

As for the finals, on June 12 (Sunday), Music Island is scheduled to be on an outdoor stage beside the Vistula River. Under the banner of “Electro”, he will join the forces, among others kayah, bash, novica, ajim, how fox And scratches.

Interia, the event’s sponsor, invites you to speak with the artists and reports behind the scenes from the festival.

Exclusive items will appear on the portal until the grand finale.

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