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We already know the winners of the open categories of the thirteenth edition of the Business Woman of the Year competition, organized by the Foundation for Success Written in Lipstick. It is Poland’s largest and oldest competition that awards prizes to Polish women entrepreneurs, leaders and leaders working for equality, diversity, inclusion and the environment. The winners include companies that create and develop the latest technology, as well as institutions, a company from the beauty industry and a family business that upholds the traditions of craftsmanship.

This year’s Business Woman competition has a long and rich history: over the 13 years of its existence Already 121 entrepreneurs have been honored, from international companies small and large, as well as leaders and leaders representing 27 organizations.. For many of them, the win was not only associated with well-deserved publicity, but also opened the door to work on a larger scale, ensuring development at the national and international level.

Businesswoman of the Year competition breaks records in popularity

Interestingly, the current version broke records in terms of the number of applications: They were affected as much more than last year.

I am pleased that despite the difficult and uncertain economic situation, more than 1,300 nominations have been submitted in the past two years – almost more than in the previous edition. This shows that not only this year’s Business Woman competition is becoming more and more known, but also that Polish entrepreneurs want to talk more and more passionately and louder about their successes and increase recognition for their business – emphasizes Olga Kozyrowska, Creator of the Business Woman of the Year competition and President of the Success Pisany Foundation Lipstick.

The competition jury is chaired by Dr. Irina Iris, who, together with a group of opinion leaders and representatives of the business world, selects the winners of the competition. The current version was enriched with a new category: “Organization accessible to people with special needs”, which made it possible to distinguish organizations and leaders actively participating and carrying out activities for the benefit of people with disabilities and neurodiversity. Winners and winners of the closed categories of the competition will be announced on May 13th during the closing ceremony.

Winners of the thirteenth session of the Business Woman of the Year competition in the open categories

Businesswoman competition 2022: Business of the Year – revenue over PLN 10 million

Klaudia Śmieja-Rostworowska – Executive Director madness, one of the leaders in the audiovisual market in Poland and Europe. The company specializes in the production of ambitious artistic film content with the possibility of distributing festivals. Since its establishment in 2019, it has been carrying out activities based on the cultural exchange of creators between countries around the world. Common products made by Madants to date include, among others, Iceland, Great Britain, Portugal, USA, Chile, Kazakhstan, Germany, France, Greece, New Zealand and Ukraine.

Businesswoman competition 2022: business of the year category – revenue less than PLN 10 million

Paulina Pastuzak – her passion for her nail artIt gradually turned into a thriving lifestyle and business. It provides training services, publishes books, and creates podcasts. She is a world-renowned teacher, and one of the few coaches in the world to conduct trainings on 5 continents. Even in such a difficult time for her industry as a pandemic, she has managed to double her company’s revenue.

Businesswoman Competition 2022: Starting Category of the Year

Agata Szczeszak – CEO of the company lomiko Dealing with the design and production of security light that can be applied to various types of materials, incl. packages or documents. Lightweight safety devices allow you to confirm product authenticity and are a solution to the problem of counterfeit products, including in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and assembly industries.

Businesswoman Competition 2022: Small Business Category

katarzyna starman Brand owner Plota Sisters. She and her sister decided to save the local wicker shop that had been in their grandfather’s hands for more than three decades and to make customers fall in love with a handicraft that was slowly fading away in Poland. In unfavorable times of epidemic, it developed a family business with the spirit of zero waste, cultivating Polish artisanal traditions and acquiring large numbers of new customers.

Businesswoman competition 2022: Pioneer in the New Technologies category – two ex aequo . awards

Brigida Dzidik – CEO of the company Hapologythe scientist and creator of the Hapling Ring, which simulates tactile sensations, thanks to which it allows more precise control and a richer experience using virtual and augmented reality solutions.

Ursula Sankovska – COO w MIME Solutionscompany The development of artificial intelligence techniques in the FEMTECH industry, i.e. technology intended for women, especially in matters relating to health. The solutions proposed by MIM Solutions will benefit couples who have problems conceiving using the IVF method, and will also support doctors in ultrasound scans to determine the woman’s ovarian reserve.

Entrepreneur Competition 2022: Confronting Digital Exclusion Category

Beata Jaroska and Joanna Brozynska-Witkoska – Founders future collars. They are actively working for education and training of women, especially those at risk of being excluded from the labor market due to the mechanization of professions and the epidemiological crisis. Future Collars is the organizer of the “Career Day for Women in Information Technology” conference, which aims to increase the presence of women in the industry. Beata and Joanna were also initiators of the social campaign Woman Update, which was created to give courage, inspire and support women in acquiring digital competencies and entering the IT industry. The campaign also aims to break stereotypes, confront digital exclusion, and identify the diversity of roles and situations, and the potential of the IT industry. It is an excellent sign in the context of possible development paths and other career paths.

Businesswoman Competition 2022: Excellence

Magdalena Bernat was also awarded the Medal – Director digital centerWhich is concerned with the social dimension of digital transformation. Since 2019, she has been running the Open Learning Cooperative, where she has trained several thousand teachers and librarians according to her own method. Additionally, it supports local workshops on digital competencies. Centrum Cyfrowe also directed a project to create a conversational bot “Edzia”, ​​which provided support to teachers and educators in the early months of distance education.

Businesswoman Competition 2022: Reducing Carbon Footprint Category

Anna Kornatoska – Country Manager at Too good to go, a company that combats food waste with an app that allows its users to purchase surplus food from restaurants and cafes that usually ends up in the trash at the end of the day. In addition, the company invests in renewable energy sources, plant forests, uses recycled materials and reduces the consumption of single-use packaging to a minimum.

Awareness of the need to work for the environment is growing not only among consumers, but also among entrepreneurs. We want to be part of that change. We recognize that the construction sector is responsible for approximately 40% of the world’s energy-related carbon dioxide emissions. No other sector has a greater impact on emissions. So we want to lead the way towards a greener transformation of our industry by taking decisive action towards climate neutrality. It is our responsibility not only towards the environment, but also towards future generations. We are pleased that this approach is becoming more common in many different industries and has become an integral part of the business, regardless of its size – says Karolina Radziskiwska, Executive Vice President of Human Resources at Skanska Bureau of Central and Eastern Europe, partner in the “Reducing the footprint” category Charcoal.

Business Woman Competition 2022: KParent-friendly ategoria

Dominica Cotwa Geepas – Head of the human resources department blue mediaand innovative payment service providers. It is a company that understands the fact that a well-groomed and satisfied parent works more efficiently and is more involved. Every day they meet the needs of the parents who hire them. In this category, the competition jury evaluated employers for good and exemplary practices within the organization and solutions for professionally active parents and employees with families. Among those used by Blue Media are, among others, flexible working hours, additional financial support for parents of newborns, co-financing of nursery, kindergarten or rest costs for older children, loans for housing purposes, customized development and training programs, and meetings with Parenting coaches and many more.

It is impossible to create good products and build a strong company in a hostile business environment that does not allow you to take care of your own needs. Combining the role of a parent with a professional function is challenging, and the role of a good employer is to support employees in achieving this. Parenting programs should be the norm, and companies that don’t understand this may have a hard time finding and retaining good employees sooner or later. We are therefore pleased to become a partner in the “Entrepreneur of the Year” competition, which promotes entrepreneurship and good attitudes of employers – says Magda Dziogo, director of Google Cloud Poland, partner in the “Parent-Friendly Organization” category.

Business Woman Competition 2022: KOrganized category accessible to people with special needs

Isabella Jashim Kopeck – president Colorful World Foundation to help children, which supports children with disabilities and their families, runs special educational, therapeutic and therapeutic institutions. They were the first to launch a multi-pronged care program in Poland for premature and newborn babies at risk of developmental disorders.

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