Women are fashion icons and have made history in the fashion industry. They have identified immortal trends that are still valid today

Stars have always been a source of inspiration for women – models, actresses, singers, inspiring the greatest fashion designers. In the times when the internet wasn’t there, they set the latest trends. Many of them are remembered for their beauty, personality and style. If it weren’t for them, no one would know the “little black dress,” plaid pants, or the French fringe, which is now the most coveted hairstyle of the year. See 8 women’s fashion icons setting timeless trends that are still in effect today.


Going back to the days in which they lived, they achieved incredible success in their industries. However, not only their talent was appreciated, but also their sense of style. They have become an inspiration for many modern women, and their clothes, accessories, makeup and hairstyles never go out of fashion.

She is one of the most popular actresses of the 1960s. He appeared not only thanks to her excellent talent and beauty, but also thanks to her sense of fashion. There is a style of dress, accessories and hairstyles to this day that modern women imitate. Audrey Hepburn loved her performance in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” a knee-length black dress with pearls around her neck and an elegant and memorable bun. She didn’t wear heels on a daily basis. Instead, she opted for ballerinas in all the colors of the rainbow that she wore no matter what outfit. Her wardrobe consisted of white T-shirts, blouses, and T-shirts. She was the queen of expressive accessories – big glasses, hats and exquisite jewelry.

The goal of many men’s sighs, like women. She became a legend not only thanks to her acting roles, but also thanks to setting fashion and beauty trends. Thanks to her, the French fringe is one of the most elegant hairstyles. To date, there is talk of the Bardot hairstyle, that is, the strands are arranged unruly, tightened at the top, slightly wavy and fixed at the back. She was also known for her strong makeup and eye lines. She had a beautiful figure that she knew how to emphasize – she wore dresses that emphasized her feminine strength. She wore large cups of various shapes and colors. She was the queen of accessories and extras, and in her wardrobe you can find a lot of hats that always match the design. The bra is named after her – balconette. The actress appeared with this model in several films, becoming the object of desire for many men.

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Coco Chanel is a fashion designer who needs no introduction. She created many distinctive garments that are still in use today, that are fashionable and are passionately worn by contemporary women. She has created timeless and universal clothing. Chanel’s style is a combination of femininity with pronounced femininity. We owe her to her iconic ‘little black dress’ that fits all occasions, a quilted handbag, perfume and hairstyle. She herself loved to wear scarves around her neck, loose jersey dresses and shirt dresses known as “Chanel Charming Shirt Dresses”. She was one of the first women who wanted to promote sportswear in the business. The clothes are designed primarily for independent women.

She was the favorite first lady of the United States and a style icon emulated by the contemporary wives of presidents, politicians, and businesswomen around the world. Jackie started the suit fashion, that is, fitted costumes consisting of a skirt and a jacket. I loved wearing that Coco Chanel, but not only that. What her brand has always been a well-chosen headdress – she usually chooses a round hat, that is, a round hat without a brim. What else are you famous for? With a boat collar, pearls, pastel colours, gloves and white shoes on a low shaft.

The young actress loved Christian Dior’s outfits, that is, outfits often fitted with a corset top, narrow waist and a round skirt whose volume was added by petticoats. She focused on simplicity and loved pearls and calf-length dresses and skirts. Any other length found not elegant. It was she who started the fashion for dresses with a neckline in the shape of a heart. She also always wears pants that fit her figure. Grace Kelly’s style has evolved from the typical attire of a movie star to the muted outfits worthy of being a duchess.

Including women who have had a great influence on fashion, we can not forget about the very sexy blonde – Marilyn Monroe. Contemporary stars such as Gwen Stefani, Christina Aguilera and Madonna were modeled in their youth. what the subject is about? Everyone loved the sexiness icon with platinum blonde hair, red lips, painted moles, and exposed breasts and waists. So was her memorable outfit, eagerly worn by Kim Kardashian, who showed up at the MET gala in a gown in which the actress sang “Happy Birthday” to President John F. Kennedy.

The Queen of Human Hearts, loved and admired by people all over the world, did not live an easy life. She was pleased not only with her kindness, wisdom and courage, but also with the always chosen style, which emphasizes her character and character. She wasn’t afraid to expose her back and show off her beautiful legs or neckline – but she was always very elegant and elegant. She loved to experiment with fashion. Her style has changed a lot over the years. She loved the big necklines, asymmetry, extravagant cuts, and strong colors. In formal ceremonies, she was often shown in figure-hugging dresses above the knee.

She was one of the first women in the world to appear in shorts in public. The actress was especially fond of the tuxedos she wore before Yves Saint Laurent introduced them to his collection. She also loved long and appropriate dresses. Dietrich became the precursor of the current trend – the fashion for nude dresses, which under the influence of light gave the impression that the actress was nude, that is, the so-called nude dress. As befits an old star, she liked to wear furs and hats. She was obsessed with makeup and perfect hairstyles.

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