Who are the kaluche orchestra players? From the scandal in the qualifying rounds to the anthem of the Ukrainian fighters

Kaloosh Orchestra It is a relatively young project on the Ukrainian music scene. In its songs, the band combines rap and Ukrainian folk music. The band consists of rappers Ole Bsyuk and musicians Timofej Muzyczuk And Vitaly DweckAnd DJ MS Kyłymmen.

The band has already released the single “Shtomber Womber”. And for the Ukrainian liquidations, they presented the song “Stefania”, dedicated to the mother of the main vocalist.

In the first half of February, the jury and the audience decided to go to Turin Alina Bash With the song “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”. However, this decision was withdrawn by the local dispatcher a few days later Susplin.

All because of Alina Bach’s unclear past. The singer in 2015 visited the Crimea, coming from Russia. On the other hand, cancellation regulations banned visits to Ukrainian lands occupied by Russians in 2014.

The singer explained that she came to Crimea directly from Ukraine, and that she was there on a private visit. A completely different version of events was presented by the Ukrainian border guards.

“Ukrainian citizen Alina Ivanova Bash left the territory of Ukraine on August 11, 2015 on the Kyiv-Moscow flight. She also returned on the Moscow-Kyiv route on August 14, 2015. It was on August 12, 2015 in Occupied semi Crimea. Summing up, the singer flew from Kyiv to Moscow. “, using the flight of Russian Airlines, and then arrived in Crimea, while violating the rules for crossing the borders of the state of Ukraine” – reads in the statement.

Nykołaj CzernotyckyjA Ukrainian TV spokesperson has publicly announced that there is no possibility for scammers to represent Ukraine at Eurovision. Consequently, Bash was excluded from the competition.

On February 22, it was finally decided that he would leave for Turin Kaloosh Orchestra With the song “Stefania”. Interestingly enough, the team was a clear favorite for spectators in the playoff rounds.

Two days after Kalush Orchester was elected, Russia launched a war in Ukraine. At this point, the band’s music faded into the background. The elements of the squad went to help the needy, and some of them defended the freedom of their homeland with a rifle in their hand. On the other hand, “Stefania” became the unofficial anthem of the Ukrainian fighters.

After gradually repelling the Russians and transferring the main battles to eastern Ukraine, the Kalush Orchestra was given special permission to leave the country and begin preparations for the Eurovision Song Contest.

The group announced that one of the dancers who decided to join the army in Kyiv would not appear with them on the Eurovision stage. As he said, he will not stop fighting for his homeland to participate in Eurovision.

The Ukrainians with the Kalush Orchestra were included among the favorites from the start, but in early February and March the squad rose to first place in the bookmaker’s rankings and for many bookmakers it is a sure-fire candidate.

Some – this opinion has been expressed before, among others added – claim that Eurovision has already been decided and probably should not be organized at all, because everyone will vote for Ukraine because it is under attack from Russia. However, the musicians at Caloosh Orchester have a different opinion on the matter.

“Some people say we might win because of the war, but our song was among the top five favorites before the conflict started, which means people love it no matter what,” he said. Ole Bsyuk.

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