Weight under control. How to lose weight in a healthy way?

The beginning of spring and summer is the moment when we have the most motivation to take care of our healthy body and lifestyle. This is a great opportunity to permanently get rid of unnecessary kilograms, which can pose a serious health threat. Excess weight and obesity are not only an aesthetic problem – they increase the risk of disorders of fat and carbohydrate metabolism. How to lose weight the smart way? With a rational plan of action, calm and consistency. Here are 5 proven ways to lose weight the healthy way and get in better shape.

1. Balanced diet

The diet that gives the greatest guarantee of success in the process of losing weight cannot be too restrictive. The most important thing is that it should be Balanced and varied They contain all the essentials for a healthy diet – carbohydrates, proteins and fats. When planning a daily menu, it is worth focusing primarily on vegetables. Most of them (without a high content of starch) can be eaten at will, because they are not only rich in vitamins and trace elements, but also low in calories. correct carbohydrates In the reduction diet are complex ones that additionally consume fiber. You’ll find it in whole-wheat bread, brown rice, many cereals, cereals or in whole-grain pasta. Looking for value protein sources In the diet, it is worth using eggs, lean poultry, fish, seafood, legumes. When you feel like eating sweets, replace them fresh fruit. Pineapple, apple, pear, peach, strawberry, blueberry, orange and grapefruit are loyal allies of all people who care about their bodies. Don’t forget the part healthy fats Adding olive oil, avocado, linseed oil or seeds will work perfectly.

What else should be defining a healthy diet to lose weight? Low calorie value in the daily menu. In order to calculate the right number of calories, you need calorie order calculators, which you can easily find on the Internet. All you have to do is enter your current weight, height, gender and physical activity level into the appropriate boxes to know how many calories you should consume to lose weight in a rational manner. For tips, it is also worth going to a nutritionist who will calculate the appropriate calorific value for your meals, create a custom menu and monitor the effects and your health during the slimming treatment.

In order to overcome the difficulties of losing weight, this principle also works great 80:20 – 80% of diet products are healthy foods that help to lose weight and maintain a healthy body weight, and 20% are non-food products that are called whims. Choosing the 20%, it is worth turning towards natural dishes with simple ingredients, such as a piece of homemade cake, a portion of ice cream on country cream or fresh pasta with high-quality olive oil and mushrooms.

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2. Physical activity as a habit

Proper and rational nutrition is the key to a slim figure. What other things help you lose weight? Definitely Modified physical activity a person’s capabilities. This combination leads to the loss of adipose tissue, and, accordingly, the loss of unnecessary kilograms.

How do you start a more active lifestyle? Spend 10 minutes a day going up and down stairs. According to Reader’s Digest, which type of walking is best Weight loss methods. According to experts, 10 minutes of climbing stairs per day allows you to lose about 4.5 kg per year. not everything. Walking for 20 minutes is sufficient to meet the minimum daily physical activity recommended by trainers and nutritionists.

Walking daily and choosing the stairs instead of the elevator or the bike instead of the car are the choices that usually build us interest in our daily dose of exercise. The next step is Choosing a sporting disciplinethat suit our preferences and moods. Exercising in the gym, running and fitness is not the only ally for losing extra centimeters. Yoga, dance, Pilates, and swimming are equally effective in losing weight. Choose a major that you enjoy practicing and that will be your new passion, because consistency translates into results. Especially those who struggle with weight loss.

3. Adequate sleep

American scientists from the University of Chicago made a groundbreaking discovery. Their latest research has proven that sleep long enough It allows you to reduce the energy supply of an adult by up to 270 calories per day. The clinical study involved 80 overweight adults who typically slept less than 6.5 hours a day. The patients were subjected to a two-week trial in which the nighttime rest period was extended by two hours.

Compared to the control group, the trial participants had a significantly lower appetite (although there were no changes in diet and the same physical activity as before), while energy expenditure in both groups remained the same. So the energy balance was definitely in favor of those who slept longer. Record holders consumed up to 500 calories less!

4. Control your emotions

Lots of people test it from time to time emotional eating. This can be manifested by eating a packet of soothing potato chips or a bar of chocolate after a hard day at work. However, as eating becomes the primary means of dealing with emotions, it begins to negatively affect weight, physical health, and emotional state.

The first step in trying to break out of emotional eating is to identify the triggers. Keeping a food diary will help. It will allow you to identify situations in which there is an increase in stress and a desire to reach for sweet or fatty foods. Hence it is worth considering ways to relieve emotional stress in a healthy way – without the need for compulsive eating. Psychotherapists recommend yoga classes, meditation sessions, or walks – each of these activities allows you to stop, get away from external stimuli, and calm down. Reduce stress in the body Stop the rush of destructive thoughts.

5. Metabolic Support Supplement

In the process of losing weight and taking care of a better figure, it is worth supporting yourself with the gifts of nature. Plant extracts, as well as vitamins and microelements are allies in the process of losing unnecessary kilograms. examples? bergamot extract Supplements the daily dose of polyphenols in the diet. green tea extract Supports lipid metabolism, maintains the proper level of cholesterol and triglycerides, which supports a healthy heart. Green tea also supports the maintenance of normal blood sugar levels and maintenance of an appropriate body weight. It is also highly valued in the diet during weight loss Chrom Supports maintenance of an appropriate level of blood glucose and macronutrient metabolism. Also, don’t forget Vitamins B6 and B12Which helps maintain the proper process of homocysteine ​​metabolism and energy.

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The combination of these precious ingredients with B vitamins can be found in a dietary supplement Metabolism Berimal. This supplement is a combination of polyphenols from bergamot, green tea, chromium, and vitamins B6 and B12, which help maintain normal cholesterol and glucose levels and support weight control.

Berimal is a modern supplement containing the unique active ingredient ActiBPF, that is, a standardized composition of bergamot polyphenols. The green tea extract present in Berimal Metabolism supports fat metabolism and Maintain an appropriate level of cholesterol and a healthy body weightChromium supports the maintenance of normal glucose levels, and vitamins B6 and B12 support proper homocysteine ​​metabolism.

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