Warsaw. Premiere of “Pani Pylińska and the Secret of Chopin” at UCK “Alternatyw” – Tuesday

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This is a story about the great power of art, and the great power, to be precise, of Chopin’s music, as PAP Robert Gliński, Director of Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt tells of “Mrs. Pylińska and Chopin’s Secret”. The show premiered on May 10 at UCK “Alternatyw” in Warsaw.

On Tuesday, on the stage of the “Alternative” Ursynów Cultural Center in Warsaw, the premiere of Robert Gliński’s play “Pani Pylińska and Chopin’s Secret” will take place, along with the 50th anniversary of the artistic work of theater and film actress Joanna ółkowska. The author of the script, French writer Eric Emmanuel Schmidt, announced his participation in the premiere.

“The hero of this play and Schmidt’s novel is Eric – a young boy who wants to learn to play the piano, but most of all he wants to learn to play the works of Chopin. He attends lessons with Mrs. Art is not about choosing the keyboard with your fingers, ”- explained the director.

Gliński asserted that “being an artist means having a soul, and being open to art in this way”. “In order to play Chopin beautifully, you need to understand something more than + notes and technical drums on the keys +” – he said.

He pointed out that “the narration in the play is built by showing successive lessons.” “Eric comes to lessons, he often remembers various episodes from his childhood,” – he said. “But the work is based mainly on these lessons that teach the young man how to understand true art. It is not something technical, nor mathematical; it is not about exercises but about opening up inside you, your soul” – he explained.

“The first lesson begins with the fact that Mrs. Pylińska asks Eryk to lie down under the piano. He is surprised why. Pyliska explains to him that he will not touch the keyboard” – he said. “He explains to him: + Lie under the piano, feel under it, try music, then go to the park and look at the circles in the water, on the leaves in the trees” – said the director.

“Indeed, with this performance, Joanna Żółkowska is celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of acting,” he said. “We did this show in September 2020 at the J. Osterwa Theater in Gorzów Wielkopolski and it was shown online during the pandemic,” Gliński recalls.

“Chopin is the hero of this play first and foremost,” he explained. “Thirty pieces of his works will be shown in the show, because we cannot play them in full, and the show will last less than two hours,” he said. “There is a great diversity among them, because the audience will hear both Bolognese and part of a concert without an orchestra. There are introductions, mazurkas and night music” – he added.

Gliński emphasized that the musical aspect of the performance shows the scope of Chopin’s accomplishments. “Because he has already composed a lot of original pieces” – he appraised.

“Young Eric fell in love with music when he heard Chopin. He wanted to play the works of his master, but his interpretations still lacked something. Everything changed when he began lessons with Professor Belinska” – wrote about the performance of the performance.

He explained, “The lessons with Mrs. Belinska taught the protagonist authentic feelings, intimate whispers, sincerity of feelings and sensitivity. It was an occasion for an artist.”

“Pani Pylińska and Chopin’s Secret” is an adaptation of a book by one of the most widely read French writers, Eric Emmanuel Schmidt. His works have been translated into 40 languages, and his plays have been shown in theaters in 50 countries around the world.

“In Schmidt’s work the most important existential themes often return: the meaning of being, love, longing, desire. He also tries to talk about the difficult experiences that – or will become – every human being” – we read in the ad.

Translated by Jan Nowak. Directed by – Robert Glinsky. Tatiana Kwiatkowska designed the collection and the costumes.

Starring: Joanna Lofkowska (Banny Belinska), Paulina Holtz (Amy), Kasper Koszewski (Eric).

The performance play will be built on the works of Chopin. During the show, the audience will hear fragments of polonaises, mazurkas, sonatas, compositions by Fryderyk Chopin and Ferenc Liszt, played on piano by Lena Ledoff.

Premiere of the play “The Secret of Pani Pylińska and Chopin” – 10 May 19 at the Theater “Alternatives” Ursynów Cultural Center in Warsaw.

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