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An exhibition entitled “Ukraine. War in Europe “, which shows on several plates the war that Russia has been waging since February against Ukraine: the atrocities committed by Russian soldiers, the heroism of the defenders, and the genesis of aggression.

The exhibition was created by the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance on behalf of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine. On the Polish side, the exhibition partners were the Museum of Polish History and the Royal Łazienki Museum.

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Culture and National Heritage Pyotr Glinsky noted that “there is a war in Ukraine, and the Russian Federation has attacked a sovereign state.” “War makes great sacrifices every day, especially among civilians, but also among the heroic defenders of Ukraine. The whole civilized world today is with Ukraine. We are also with Ukraine. Putin organizes rallies, and we are opening an exhibition prepared by our Ukrainian brothers, the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory “- emphasized Gliński.

“It is our duty to testify about what is happening in Ukraine,” he stressed. “War crimes are taking place in Ukraine, and this exhibition illustrates this war,” he added.

As he said, “The frightening truth is that the two Ukrainian war photographers who were the authors of these pictures actually died in the war.”

“Ukraine is fighting for all of us, for Poland, for Europe, for the whole world,” the Minister of Culture noted. “We must be with Ukraine today. Let us remember that this war is going on. The worst thing is habit, indifference to the fact that this war is progressing slowly. No, innocents are being killed every day. We must remember this, we must talk about it. This exhibition after the talk About him, not to calm down. And no time to say that this war is far away, it is not our business. It is our business. This is our business. A whole civilization.. This is a breakthrough time.. It is the restructuring of the modern world.. We must remember that “- pointed out the Vice President Ministers.

Noting that the exhibition will also be held in other countries, including. In Germany, he said: “I hope Berlin will also begin to act decently, because what is already happening there is intolerable. Because it is forbidden to display Ukrainian flags at the time of the murder of the Ukrainian nation, when there is a war of crimes against what they are doing in Ukraine means that one of the German politicians He has gone completely mad. They are jointly responsible for the war in Ukraine. They made Putin much stronger and decided to do what he was doing. It is time that these politicians, who are pretending nothing happened there, changed their minds.”

This is an unusual project in three respects, said the director of the Polish History Museum, Robert Kastro. “Firstly, because we are not the authors of the exhibition. Usually we create exhibitions, here our Ukrainian partners prepared the exhibition, we translated and adapted it to Polish needs. They have been dealing with things in a sense + erosion +, at least tens, several hundreds of years. This exhibition demonstrates What is happening today is in front of our eyes. We notice it on the Internet, on television, in the media. Thirdly, the exhibition is interesting, but I prefer not to do this, so that we will not all be in the situation in which we are today ”- explained Castro.

He asserted that this obligation stemmed from the feeling that “something had to be done, and that one could not stand idly by how innocents were dying on our eastern frontier.”

“By inviting us to this place, we want to show the truth, which is now necessary for everyone, to imagine it, to visualize it,” – said Marianna Utmyanovska, Deputy Director of the Royal Łazienki Museum. She stressed that “we cannot escape from what was offered.”

Jana Krivobok, representative of the Embassy of Ukraine in Poland, expressed her gratitude to the Poles for their support of her country and for the fact that Ukraine was not left to itself.

As she said, “We cannot forget the terrible things that Russian soldiers are doing in Ukraine.” “Of course, it is difficult to talk about it and it is difficult to look at photos and films from Ukraine, but we can not help but talk about it, so thank you to everyone who helps and supports us so that this voice of our Ukrainian nation can be heard all over the world ”- she added.

The organizers of the exhibition stress that they want to know the truth about the crimes against humanity committed by Russian soldiers in Ukraine to the peoples of Europe. They also want to draw attention to the myths of Russian propaganda circulating in the Western media, such as those about the “single nation” allegedly made up of Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians. The exhibition also shows how Putin’s authoritarian regime gradually destroyed democracy and freedom of expression in Russia, and pursued a policy of rebuilding the empire along the lines of the Soviet Union.

The exhibition opened on Sunday in Kyiv, on Monday it will be shown in Warsaw and Vilnius, and on May 16 it will be shown in Germany, incl. Berlin and Frankfurt. Shows are also planned in Brussels and other cities.

The exhibition was prepared in Ukrainian, Polish, Lithuanian, German and English languages. The Polish version will be available in Warsaw until May 30. (PAP)

Author: Katarzyna Krzykowska

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