The National Museum in Warsaw: 160th Anniversary of Its Founding

Faces of a 160-year-old group

One of the pillars of the National Museum in Warsaw is its collection, which today, after 160 years of existence of the institution, has more than 830 M. Artistical works. It is a rich collection of paintings, drawings, drawings, sculpture, Polish and foreign art crafts, a unique collection of medieval sacred art, ancient collections and relics of the Nubian Faras Cathedral, a collection of coins and medals, art of oriental cultures, photography and design.

– says Łukasz Gaweł, director of the National Museum in Warsaw.

The National Museum in Warsaw celebrates its jubilee

All exhibitions organized in the National Museum will be held in 2022 as part of the Jubilee 160 years of existence institutions. Gallery dedicated to chasingTo display the artist’s work from the museum’s collection. Visitors will also have a unique opportunity to learn about rarely seen items from the collection of different eras and parts of the world. Cabinet of coins and medals M.N.W.

The show promises to be great.”crisis. Nordic painting 1880-1910”, organized in cooperation with foreign museums. Exhibits can also be found in the branches of the National Museum in Warsaw: the Xawery Dunikowski Sculpture Museum in Królikarnia, the Poster Museum in Wilanów, the Indoor Museum in Otwock Wielki, the Museum in Nieborów and Arcadia.

Photo: Bartosz Bajerski/National Museum in Warsaw

State of the matter exhibition at the National Museum in Warsaw

Exhibition “state of affairs“It will tell about the penetration of the world of people and things. It will be not only a panorama of forgotten things and human habits, but also an extensive display of relics of different eras, cultures and parts of the world, which the museum has collected over the 160 years of its existence.

The collection of the National Museum in Warsaw includes approx. 830 thousand artworks. This is painting, sculpture, drawings, engravings, photographs, numismatic items, as well as examples of ancient artistic crafts and contemporary design. The State of Things exhibition will feature a selection of more than 200 of the most interesting and puzzling things among them. The items in the gallery will be arranged in a system that corresponds to the rhythm of the day and night of the person – from the morning toilet, to the routine of the house, to play, rest and sleep. In this way, the entire past of human culture and civilization, captured in everyday objects, will be summed up in one day. The exhibition design ignores all geographical, historical and ethnic constraints. Some of the effects shown are divided 40 centuries of history. The oldest Egyptian cosmetics mill from the Middle Kingdom, and the most recent – the 1978 music tape recorder.

Photo: Bartosz Bajerski/National Museum in Warsaw

The Chagall exhibition at the National Museum in Warsaw (Photo: Bartosz Bajerski)

In addition to temporary exhibitions, the National Museum in Warsaw also invites you to permanent exhibitionsHere a large selection of collections of institutions is presented: the Gallery of Ancient Art, Gallery Fares, Gallery of Medieval Art, Gallery of Ancient Art, Gallery of Art of the 19th Century, Gallery of Polish Design. A rich educational and cultural program was also planned. You will be able to participate, among other things, in Christmas meetings with curators and city walks in the footsteps of the history of the National Museum in Warsaw. There will also be musical attractions for children and adults. The weekend will be the highlight of the celebration 20 (birthday of the National Museum in Warsaw) – May 22.

Fruitful years of cooperation with sponsors and partners

The tradition of NMW collaboration with donors, sponsors and partners has a long history. Its traces can still be found in the historical building of the museum. Thanks to this cooperation, the National Museum in Warsaw is constantly developing and enriching its educational and cultural offering.

– says Wojciech Dąbrowski, Chairman of the Board of Directors of PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna, General Patron of Jubilee.

Photo: Bartosz Bajerski/National Museum in Warsaw

State of the matter exhibition at the National Museum in Warsaw

“Thanks to our sponsorship, as part of the jubilee celebrations, a rich educational and cultural program will also be provided, which will include, among other things, a series of museum lessons, tours, workshops, city walks in the museum’s footsteps, or concerts,” adds Wojciech Dąbrowski.

MNW cultivates tradition and looks to the future

In 1862, Warsaw, the capital of the Congress Kingdom, was able to implement a project of great importance for Polish culture. By the Law on Public Education of the Kingdom of Poland of May 20, 1862, regulating the state of educational and cultural institutions in the Russian division, Fine Arts Museum. Both the museum and the museum established two years earlier Association for the Promotion of Fine ArtsWhich aims at interest in art and artists as well as collecting, displaying and storing artworks.

Both complementary institutions differed in character, goals and forms of activity, but after many historical vicissitudes, their collections and achievements determined the current form of the National Museum in Warsaw, which became the heir to the whole tradition and the collection of the Society for the Promotion of Fine Arts. The current headquarters of the Grand Museum The building designed by Tadeusz Tołwiński In Aleje Jerozolimskie 3, opened in 1938.

In Jubilee 2022, the decades-long awaited expansion begins – in the immediate vicinity of the main building of the National Museum in Warsaw, next to Park na Książęce, a new wing – Preservation and Storage Center – will be built.

The article was written as a result of Onet’s sponsorship of the State of Things exhibition.

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