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This Thursday, between 4 and 6 p.m. at the CKIS box office, tickets for the opera musical “Operetta Not So Scary” can be purchased at a 50% discount! The event will take place on Saturday 14 May at the CKiS Ballroom.

Discounted ticket price: PLN 20.
Do not waste the opportunity!
Event details:

The operetta isn’t that scary – opera and music scene
14 May 2022 18.00
CKIS . Hall
Tickets: 40 PLN regular, 32 PLN reduced / resident card

“The operetta is not so scary” – a directed concert in the form of an operetta and a musical performance of the second works, performed by the music project “Artis” from Tri-City.
During the concert, you will be able to hear the most beautiful melodies, duets, opera quartet, operetta and instrumental songs, as well as film and popular music:

Maria Malinovska – Grażyna
Camille Boukala – Yanouche
Carolina Sołomin – Shanita
Masseggronik – Anderzig

The singers will be accompanied by the 5-person Artis band (1st violin, 2nd violin, piano, trombone, flute)

Tomasz Podsiadły – Director
Kamil Wiśniewski – Light Director
Joanna Dzieciięlewska – Musical Arrangements

Marceau Beffert – Screenplay

“The operetta is not scary” – tells the story of the amorous, private and professional adventures of Gracina and Janusz, a pair of disciplinary exempted opera singers, and their friends: future director of the operetta Andrzej and Shanita, wardrobe. We meet the main characters during a house party at Grażyna and Andrzej’s. Unfortunately, despite the many invited guests, only Andrzej and aneta attended the ceremony. The hosts secretly learn from Andrzej that they will get a chance to perform in the operetta. They are not very happy about this, they are opera singers, and their performance in the operetta is a kind of insult to them. However, they decided to seize the opportunity….

Maria Malinovska (lyrical soprano) – Grażyna
She has been associated with music since the age of seven. In 2004, she graduated with honors from a first-class music school in the piano class at the State Music School. Tadeusch Bird in Iowa. She continued her musical education at the Fryderyk Chopin High School of Music in Olsztyn – already as a vocal student.
In 2010, she began her studies at the Department of Voice and Acting at the Gdansk Academy of Music. In 2016, she graduated with honors.
To date, the award-winning two vocal competitions. Maria Stankova in Olsztyn. 2008 (3rd place), 2010 (1st place).
In 2016, she sang with the Baltic Philharmonic in the concert “Pomorskie talents” as the best student of the 2015/2106 academic year.
In 2018, she made her debut at the Gdansk Baltic Opera in the operetta “Orpheus in Hell” by J. Offenbach, where she played Minerva and Juno.
Its repertoire includes both songs and melodies of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. ia performs the part ia Pamina from the opera “The Magic Flute” and Arminda from “La Venta Giardiniera” by Le Mozart.
Her repertoire is closely related to the performance of Polish, German and Kashubian artistic songs.
She participated in courses, incl. with Izabela Kłosińska, Urszula Kryger, Helena Łazarska and Ewa Iżykowska-Lipińska.
From June 2017, member of the three soprano group “Pelcante Opera Girls”.
Semi-finals of the International Festival and Voice Art Competition. Adi Sari in 2019.

Camille Boukala (baritone) – Janoush
In 2008, he graduated from the Stanislav Moniuszko Academy of Music in Gdansk in the professor’s class. Doctor Hub. Lasik Skrla.
Take part in audio courses led by professors: Jadwiga Rappe, Paul Easwood and Ryszard Karczykowski. In his artistic production he has roles such as: Marcin and Stanislav’s part in “Verbum Nobile” by S. Moniuszko, Jacob in “Flisa” by S. Moniuszko, Miecznik and Maciej’s part in “The Haunted Manor” by S. Moniuszko. Munisco, part of Morales and Danquer in “Carmen” by J. Bizet, the role of Sergeant Belcourt in “Drink of Love” by J. Donizetti, Count Carneiro and the Prince.
Homonay in J. Strauss’ “Baron Gypsy”, Leonard’s part in T. Kassern’s “Comedy of the Dumb Wife”, Jupiter’s part in J. Strauss’ “Orpheus in Hell”. Barber of Seville by G. Rossini, Germont in “La Traviata” by G Verdi, Marella in “La Bohème” by G. Puccini, Marulo in “Rigoletto” by G Verdi and Eric in “Phantom” by Mora Weston.
He was a soloist at the Eurounionorchestries festival in 2004 and 2008. In 2006-2008 he worked as a soloist at the Baltic Opera in Gdansk. He also collaborates with Warmia, Mazury Philharmonic, Jelenia Góra Philharmonic, Music Theater in Lublin, Silesian Opera in Bytom, Baltic Opera in Gdańsk and Nova Opera in Bydgoszcz. In 2001, he received the first prize at the “German Music Festival” in Rzeszow, and in 2002 he was awarded a medal at the Polish Voice Competition. Franceske Platony in Wroclaw. In May 2006, he was awarded second prize in the National Vocal Competition in Duszniki Zdrój, and in November of this year, third prize in the International Voice Competition. Antonin Durak in Karlovy Vary.

Maciej Gronek (tenor) – Andre
Tenor, a graduate student specializing in solo singing at the School of Voice and Acting at the Academy of Music. Stanislav Muniuszko in Gdansk, in the class of Prof. Andrey Nanovsky.
Since 2015, he has been collaborating with the Baltic Opera as a singer in the shows Othello G Verdi, Castle S. In December 2016, he played Barbignol in J. Puccini’s opera Bohemia, directed by Karen Stone.
In April 2017, he made his debut, also as a soloist, on Jerzy Snakowski’s Encounters series “Opera? Si!” At the Baltic Opera.
In 2016 and 2017, he participated in the performances of the operas of G.
For many years he has been collaborating as a soloist with many bands, such as: Radślińska Orkiestra Dęta, Mała Operetka Warszawska, Big Band “Rondo”.
Since 2014, he is also cooperating with the Gdask Musica Viva concert bureau.

Carolina Sołomin (Soprano) – Shanita
She graduated from the solo singing class of Dr. Alexandra Kucharska Zeiffler at the Academy of Music. Stanislav Muniuszko in Gdansk (2014).
She took part in student opera projects, sings Fanny from Belle G. Rossini for Marriage and part of Loretta from G. Puccini’s opera Gianni Chichi at the Baltic Opera in Gdansk. She has perfected her vocal skills in courses incl. With Charlotte Lehmann, Claudio Desderi and Paul Iswood. In 2012, she participated in the International Erasmus Summer Program in Tallinn, where she improved her skills in the field of contemporary music.
In 2013, she began working with the Baltic Opera in Gdask, performing the part of Boleslav’s Opera in Krzysztof Penderecki’s opera, Papagina’s part in The Magic Flute by Amadeusz Mozart and Irena’s part in the opera Madame Curie by Elipita Sikora. With Madame Curie Opera, in September 2014, she participated in the Opera and Dance Festival in Tianjin (China). In December 2015, the Baltic Opera in Gdansk invited her to perform the role of Adela in the concert version of the operetta Zemsta batierza by Johann Strauss. In March 2016, she sang the part of Arabella in the opera Krzysztof Penderecki Black Mask.
In December 2014, at the Kashubian Philharmonic in Wejherowo, she sang the main part of Rebecca in Michał Dobrzyński’s opera accompanied by the Progress Orchestra led by Szymon More. It was the first opera ever performed in the Kashubian language.
The artist willingly performs the repertoire of oratorio and cantata as well as vocal lyrics.
She is the first prize winner of the Olsztyn Operetta Music Competition (April 2010) and the finalist of the 5th Song Contest and Arias. Karol Kurpiński in Włoszakowice (May 2011). She was the recipient of several scholarships for the mayor of Siedlce in the field of art.

Tomasz Podsiadły – Director
Actor, director, teacher, broadcaster. His grandfathers, singing artists Leokadia Borowska Podsiady and Jerzy Podsiady, professionally associated with the Baltic Opera in Gdansk, struck him with a love of performing arts. He started his stage adventure at the age of fourteen, playing in “The Prince and the Beggar”, a monastery. Kilian at the City Theater in Gdynia. Before passing the final exams, he performed in plays by Adam Hanuszkiewicz, Andrei Waida and Waldemar Omegasevich. This determines the career path. He graduated from the vocal and acting school of Badushkowa. It is linked to the Gdynia stages of the Municipal Theatre, Musical Theater and the Gdynia Cultural Centre. It was there that he discovered that the output gave him a lot of satisfaction and loyalty. The repercussions of the changes to the facade of the stage were: “Balladyna”, “What’s going on?” , “In a Small Manor House” or “Belzebub’s Sonata” in Gdynia, as well as performances on the Gdask Opera Theater, such as ” Madama Butterfly”, “Rigoletto” or “Poławiacze Pearls”. Today he says about himself: “I am an actor by education, but I feel like a director above all. Working with a microphone and being able to directly connect with the audience as a host gives me a lot of joy. It’s what I feel best in.”

A musical project from Tri-City, in its more than 10 years of artistic achievements, it has produced two comedies (“Magic Opera” and “Opera not so scary”) based on operetta, opera, music and songs of the 20th century. On the occasion of the year of Moniuszko, the show “Znasz-li this country” was created, which contains the most beautiful songs of our national composer. All three products were directed by Tomasz Podsiadły.
The extensive repertoire of the project includes operetta, opera, music, songs of the twentieth century, films, folk, baroque, classical and romantic music. On a daily basis, the members of the project work in the Elbląg Chamber Orchestra, the Baltic State Opera, and the Polish “Sinfonia Baltica” orchestra.
ARTIS creates art projects including with Krzesimir Dębski, the Zagan Acoustic Band, and Dr. Maciej Gdański from the Gdańsk Academy of Music. He also collaborates with the country’s best singers who perform at the Baltic State Opera, Nova Opera in Bydgoszcz, Lublin Musical Theater, Lodz Musical Theater and Waldemar Maliki.

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