Sophora: electronics and movement in a unique place

We love and love such popular initiatives when dance music is combined with other cultural fields. A special event called Sophora will be held at the holiday resort in June in Rajgrod. You will dance there, but you will also participate in workshops. I spoke with the organizers about the details of this event.

Sephora: high-quality electronics and motion-driven

saphora It features a mix of diverse, high-quality electronic music, visual arts, and physical activities. The action takes place in a post-communist center located directly on the lake Electrical Engineer In Rajgród in the Suwałki district, only 2.5 hours from Warsaw. You can spend the night there or choose a camping site.

The main theme of the festival (although the organizers have avoided this term) will, of course, be music. DJs from Poland and Germany will play in two stages. You will hear genres such as techno, electric, break, industrial, percussion, and jungle. Short films and audiovisual presentations will be shown in the cinema room (converted to a dark/cold room). You will also see an art gallery spread throughout the center under the tutelage of students from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. For those who love movement and spirituality, we recommend the yoga workshops, as well as dance and theater lessons conducted by a team of Kiki House of Femina. Wooded area, beaches, sound systems, cinema – this is what it would look like package. I discussed more details about the event with the organizers.

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Sophora – Interview

Artur Wojtczak: The package is not only music, but also movement and visual arts. Apart from DJ sets, there will be yoga, meditation and vogue workshops. Are these days at the Energetyk supposed to be a “holiday experience” with music as the main background to the meeting?

package: yes, package It is a holiday get-together for music lovers for whom nature, visual arts and movement are important and inseparable elements of life. There was an idea to integrate these three fields with each other, in order to intertwine the environments and beneficiaries of each. The first release program is mainly focused on musical performances, given our experience and capabilities, but in the future we would like to develop the kinesthetic and visual part with people interested in such a vision. We were able to share Tomic PaszkowiczWhich will be transformed inside the center into an exhibition of students’ works ASP And Anita Nowakwhich included artists from Kiki House of FeminaWho will be interested in the movement workshops. Thanks to this, we are making full use of the holiday resort infrastructure and creating a new vision for the weekend getaway. Interestingly, our guests will be able to take advantage of the rich nutritional offer (vegetarian and vegetarian options) prepared on the spot, based on healthy products: fresh juices, fruits and vegetables, vitamin cocktails.

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Building an open and inclusive society

This first version of the event has been described as “the beginning of a new tradition, the birth of a friendly community”. An open and inclusive society where everyone can feel safe, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or skin color.” Did you feel the lack of such events on the Polish scene?

package: We do not feel the absence of such initiatives, we support many of them ourselves. The values ​​we share are so dear to us, they have shaped each one of us and we want to enhance them. Art events are a great opportunity to create safe spaces for members of all kinds of minorities and to raise public awareness.

Creating a non-festival

Your Sfora event will take place in Rajgród and will last 3 days. But you don’t call it a “festival”. why?

package: We do not use the word “festival” in the main name of the event, which does not mean that the assumptions are completely different. But for now, the focus is on the word ‘Sfora’ which describes a group of busy people; Creating a new community of music, art and movement lovers. We want to reach people who are interested in our unique concept and place, and focus on this in communication.


The idea for this event was born in very exciting circumstances. What’s the story behind that? Does it have anything to do with the Trainspotting course we wrote a few months ago?

package: I started with DamianWho is the resort manager? Electrical Engineer in Rugrod. It was he who had the vision that this area was ideal for organizing this kind of event. give an idea Tomas Kolodzig (she), Jacek Kozowski (Johannes de Lessin) And Adam Macejowski (Inner explorer) who organized their time Trainspotting And industrial nation. The next step was an invitation to the project cassia guchinicWho already have experience working in festivals and connecting different artistic environments in their events under the banner Curse. Everything was fast and spontaneous. At this point we already had the seat and handling capacity, it was time for the concept.

Together we came to the conclusion that we wanted to incorporate music, visual arts, and physical activities into one weekend experience. Our friends liked the idea and the team grew organically to include the people implementing the individual elements of the event. Trainspotting events gathered an informed audience and were distinguished by the fun setting and ambiance. In Sephora, we will surely experience a similar climate.

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Returning to the heart of the action, which is mostly filled with music, what are the main reasons for inviting artists?

package: It’s been a long journey, we changed our assumptions a few times until we developed a ready-made concept. The most important thing for us was to invite talented artists from different parts of Poland, as well as from our neighbors from outside the western borders. We noticed a certain phenomenon of repetition in the Polish festival groups, which is why we decided to focus on good research and less well-known, but very talented and charismatic artists. Overall, we want to develop a formula in which our guests will trust our style of line-building, which is based on the fact that the names are on the side track and the music speaks. We divide the performances into two scenes that will not be arranged in the traditional “strongest – lightest” way. Instead, the music of both will harmonize with the time of day and night, creating two stories intertwined in style. In the middle of the building is a cinema room, which we will transform into a relaxation room with our own programme, with short and feature film screenings, visual and musical performances, through the ocean to the demo.

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