Serial My Agent where TVN can be seen telling the cast about when it will premiere

“My Agent” is the Polish version of the series based on the French production “Dix pour cent”. The rights to the adaptation have been sold so far including. South Korea, Indonesia, Middle East, Philippines, Malaysia, Turkey, Italy and UK.

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Heroes of “My Client” There are agents who look after the biggest stars of film, theater and television. Among them: Marek (Marek Gerzach), Aja (Alexandra Pisula), Gabriel (Maciej Macijuski) and Mira (Ewa Zikulska). They are supported by their assistants – Ewa (Anna Cieślak), Julian (Dawid Ściupidro) and Zosia (Sylwia Achu), a receptionist and actress.

The fate of the agency they work for is called into question upon the death of its owner, Gusto (Krzysztof Jasinski). Now, in addition to the daily struggles with super-absorbed stars, all four will have to fight for the survival of one of Warsaw’s finest acting agencies. At the same time, Dorota (Paulina Walendziak), the adult daughter of Marek, whose presence he hid from his colleagues and family, appears in the office. For a girl, the world of photo collections, scenarios and meetings with stars is what she dreams of. By chance, she began to work in the agency, along with her father and … against his will – we read in the description of the production.

Cielecka, Stenka and Szapołowska will play themselves in “My Agent”

And famous actors play the roles of stars that the agency supports. Magdalena Cielecka will perform in the first episode, and Danuta Stenka and Grażyna Szapołowska in the second episode. In each episode, a different Polish star will appear as a guest star.

The cast of the series also includes the above: Ewa Zikulska, Alexandra Pisula, Marek Jerzas, Maciej Masiegoski, Anna Cielac, Paulina Wallendziak, David Ciopedro, Siluya, Acho, Ewa Kayem, Stanislav Lenoski, Renata Dankovic.

What happens on set, what happens on the other side of the camera, what viewers don’t see, is often more interesting and exciting than the end result of the directors’ work. It is similar to the covert or even covert activities related to the creation of a theater, film or television actor, in which the relationship between actor and agent plays an important role. Thanks to the new production of Player Original, viewers will have a chance to find out what the acting profession is all about and how the acting agency works – Dorota Chamczyk, series producer from TVN Group, comments to

– And just as in the French original, we were also able to invite the greatest stars of Polish cinema, television and theater to collaborate. By following the meandering of the relationship between agent and actor, viewers will see how many different and surprising skills this profession requires. You must be a partner, defender of the devil, healer, guardian, monitor of ambition, comforter, and the eternal “stimulant” of hope for success, but also attorney, tax advisor, and contract negotiator. Although the stories in our series will be presented with distance, humor and a grain of salt, they have a lot to do with reality – describes the product.

TVN Group is executing two seasons of production at once

Filming is currently underway for the first season of production, which will include six episodes. Our findings show that work on the set began in April of this year.

Since the portal has been established, immediately after the end of filming for the first season, TVN Group will begin work on the second installment of the series, which will also include six episodes.

The first season of “My Agent” will arrive on the platform later this year. The second will likely debut next year.

The series producer on behalf of TVN Group is the aforementioned Dorota Chamchik, and series producer Lesart Film and Mikuwaj Lesut. The project is directed by Julia Kohlberger and Olga Chagdas, the cinematographers are Jacob Gyza and Anna Rzybka, the author of the translation and adaptation of the text – Karol Klimientevich in editorial collaboration with Daria Rogoziska and Dorota Chamchik, and they supervised the literary works.

Anna Sitkowska is responsible for the design of the collection, Krzysztof Lozewski is responsible for the costumes, and Monica Jan is responsible for the makeup. Production Director is Michał “Ryba” Lipski.

The French predecessor to the “Dix pour cent” series was produced by Mon Voisin Productions and Mother Production. Producers are Dominic Bishard, Michelle Feller, Harold Valentine, Aurelien Large, screenwriters are Fanny Herrero, Cecile Ducruc, Benjamin Dupas, Kwok Dang Tran, Camille Chamux, Anais Karpita, Sabrina Karen, Eliane Montane. The series was directed by Cedric Clapeche, Antoine Garceau, Marc Fitossi, Lola Doillon, Jeanne Hery, and Laurent Tirard. The show’s showrunner is Cedric Klapish. has 1.5 million subscribers

According to the unofficial results,, platform of the TVN Group, reportedly has nearly 1.5 million subscribers. The announcer does not disclose these statistics, but confirms that the player has grown strongly over the past year. – A milestone in the development of the platform was the change in the distribution model in February of last year, which proved successful – Maciej Gozdowski, President of, told us recently.

According to a Mediapanel study in March of this year. had 4.21 million users who spent an average of 3 hours, 7 minutes and 5 seconds on the platform.

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