Romantic Jacek Malczewski. Unique exhibition of works in the National Museum in Krakow

One of the most original painters in the history of Polish art, Jacek Malczewski occupies a special place in the painting of Poland’s youthful period. A unique exhibition of the artist’s work is currently being held at the National Museum in Krakow.

Jacek Malczewski was one of the main representatives of symbolism at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. He left behind a huge artistic production, which is more than 2,000 works. In his works he dealt with issues such as the value of history or the homeland, the problem of life and death. in the exhibition Romantic Jacek MalczewskiCurrently taking place in the National Museum in Krakow, we have the opportunity to see more than 170 works.

What can we find in the exhibition?

However, anyone who thinks that the exhibition will find a famous exhibition is wrong depressionAnd Polish village if vicious circle (Currently shown in the gallery Steel Rebelin. Polnischer Symbolismus um 1900 in Kunsthalle, in Munich). However, their lack is not a problem. Rather, it is a feature that makes the gallery unique. However, we have many other acting works on it, such as many versions Elenay’s death Or selfies and selfies. There are also lesser known paintings, some of which have not been presented to the general public before.

Jacek Malczewski – Death of Ellenai; The National Museum in Krakow.; Photo by Jacek Świderski

The exhibition opens with a series of works on Siberian themes. These are mostly the early works of the artist. Raw, appears to be the reporter’s depiction of the lives of the exiles. It is also a series of works Elenay’s deathAny graphic interpretation of the poem Anheli Julius Swaki.

The next chapter of the exhibition is pictures that show the world of fairy tales and folk tales. Pictures filled with rosalkas and sunken trees are straight from folk tales and romantic poems by Adam Mickiewicz, Ignacy Kwakowski, or Bohdan Zalowsky. Angel flag images also refer to romantic literature.

“Interior with Guitar Playing an Illusion”, National Museum, Krakow;, Photo: NMK Photography Studio at the Czartoryski Group

Images of the artist’s studio and workshop form a separate part of the exhibition. You can see many of Jacek Malczewski’s self-portraits (shown throughout the gallery). There are problems characteristic of the artist: the problem of the act of creation, inspiration, inspiration, or the uniqueness of the artist. Hence the many images of the artist tormented by the inspiration of the two delusions.

The exhibition ends with works that show the artist’s farewell to art and life, and his return to his homeland. These are the last selfies or “my funeral” of the triptych.

Romantic Malczewski

2022, on the occasion of the bicentenary of the first edition of Adam Mickiewicz’s “Stories and Romance”, was declared the Year of Polish Romance. On this occasion, the National Gallery has decided to present this extraordinary exhibition of the work of Jacek Malczewski.

The exhibition allows you to comprehensively see Jacek Malczewski’s work, as well as seeing that he is a Polish Young Romantic painter. The key to understanding the exhibition are the three themes previously mentioned: Polish messianism, fascination with folklore and folk legends, fairy tales with rusalkas, chimeras, fauns and angels, and Malczewski’s reflections on art and the inspiration, responsibility and uniqueness of the artist. These themes are the most important features of Polish Romanticism.

Malczewski is child-friendly

The curators have prepared a special sightseeing itinerary for children. They can get acquainted with the world of myths and legends; Find the animals or pegasi in the pictures and solve some puzzles. On the other hand, young people can learn about the topic of partition, deportation, and the struggle for freedom and independence.

The exhibition is modified for a diverse audience. The road for children is a very interesting idea that will make visiting the whole family easier. Children will have the opportunity to learn about the work of the painter without getting bored.

general information

Romantic Jacek Malczewski
The National Museum in Krakow, the main building – al. May 31.
Ameen: Ursula Kozakovska-Zawcha
Period: February 18 – July 31, 2022.

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