Rolling Stones having trouble selling concert tickets?

The legendary British band will be touring Europe in less than a month. With a concert in Madrid, June 1 will begin “SIXTY” to celebrate six decades on stage.

The Stones will also play, among others, in Liverpool (Anfield) for the first time since 1971. In addition, they will perform twice in Hyde Park, London, between concerts Duran Duran, Pearl Jam, Adele And Elton John. During the “sixty” they will visit a total of 13 cities. They will show closest to Poland in Vienna and Munich.

And as reported by the Daily Mail, London shows, which have been heralded as the most important concerts, are not selling as much as estimated. The last time BST parties were in 2013 was fast, although tickets started at £95. Same thing with the Liverpool event. Interestingly, concerts in continental Europe sell fairly well.

The newspaper blames this situation … the increasingly expensive living conditions in Britain. According to the newspaper’s speakers, people are abandoning concerts, which have recently become a luxury item. Mike Andrews, 47, loves The Stones and decided to see their concert anyway. “I bought tickets, but my friends decided to quit. That’s a lot of money for rising food, petrol and energy bills.”

On the fan page, one commentator, Hairball, stated that feelings about the tour were a bit “silent” and that the concerts were “lack of enthusiasm.” User Richie said the organizers are doing their best to promote the party. He writes: “There is an intense advertising campaign on posters in Liverpool. I suspect sales are not as high as expected.”

Tickets are still available for all 14 shows. The situation in Great Britain is really specific, as the costs of organizing events have increased ticket prices by more than a quarter. The reasons for this are higher prices as well as Britain’s exit from the European Union.

“Events require fuel to move equipment and run generators that keep things running, and fuel costs have gone up. That should be reflected in ticket prices. Salaries and staff costs are higher, which also drives prices up,” says the DailyMail one of the industry informants.

Steve Heepof the Association of Festival Organizers, said: “Ticket sales are slow. People are reluctant to buy to make sure they can afford it because they struggle with rising bills and in case another COVID-19 problem arises.”

Sharon Livingston Travel Magazine says that people prefer to spend their money on things other than expensive concerts. Among other things, travel. “Festivals are on par with some holidays in terms of cost. So if it’s three days or a week, they probably win the week off.”

“Sorry if you all have to live in suspense,” he said, “but that’s the end of the wait.” Keith Richards. “I’ve always said the best rock ‘n’ roll place is to be on stage with the Stones, and this year is very special. Looking forward to rehearsing with Mick and Ronnie and some friends, the wheels are spinning, see the Rolling Stones guitarist,” said the Rolling Stones guitarist.

Ronnie Wood He added, “When I look at a sea of ​​people, when we play in Europe, all I see are smiles. It’s refreshing and I’m happy because we make people happy every time we play. This is a totally new scene and we’re going to have a lot of fun.”

The group will give 14 concerts in continental Europe and Great Britain.

June 1 – Madrid, Wanda Metropolitano Stadium, Spain
June 5 – Munich, Olympic Stadium, Germany
June 9 – Liverpool, Anfield, United Kingdom
June 13 – Amsterdam, Johan Cruyff Arena, Netherlands
June 17 – Bern, Wankdorf Stadium, Switzerland
June 21 – Milan, San Siro Stadium, Italy
June 25 – London, Hyde Park, UK

July 3 – London, Hyde Park, UK
July 11 – Brussels, King Baudouin Stadium, Belgium
July 15 – Vienna, Ernst Happel Stadium, Austria
July 19 – Lyon, Groupama Stadium, France
July 23 – Paris, Hippodrome Paris, France
July 27 – Gelsenkirchen, Veltins Arena, Germany
July 31 – Stockholm, Friends Arena, Sweden.

Performing in Hyde Park is an integral part of the Rolling Stones’ career. Their famous 1969 concert, shortly after their death Brian Jones, was seen by 250,000 to half a million people. Since then, they have played there only once – in 2013. “When Hyde Park is mentioned, it is impossible not to think of the Rolling Stones,” said Jim King, General Manager European Festivals at AEG Presents. Two evenings close on June 25 and July 3 lineup Stunning BST Hyde Park 2022, but no one gives a rock like stones when they are on their own land in London.”

Last year, the drummer of the Rolling Stones died, Charlie WattsBut as emphasized Keith Richards Before his death he recorded his parts for several songs. “You haven’t heard the last time yet [nagrania] Charlie Watts,” he said in an interview with the Los Angeles Times. After Watts’ death, the band supports Steve Jordan.

According to recent information, fans will also be watching Rolling Stones’ new album in the near future. “60 Years on Top is an amazing achievement, and this tour will be unforgettable. After that, a new album will be released. (…) Mick and Keith were recently in Jamaica, and they wrote the songs they are recording now. We can expect a lot more gems. In the future Nearby “- said the informant” The Sun “.

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