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Every Sunday we listen – with you – to the most important albums. Reverently, from beginning to end, side A, side B, and only then are the rewards, contexts, comparisons, and comments from the invited guests. Classics, jazz, rock, avant-garde, electronics.

This time it was albums:

  • Barbra Streisand – “Broadway Album” – 1985 Columbia
  • “Poetry (Original Recording on Broadway Cast)” – 1968 RCA

“Broadway album” Barbry Streisand, originally released in 1985 as an LP and cassette containing 11 songs. Later editions of the CDs also included “Adelaide’s Lament” and “I Know Him Well”.

The album was a huge commercial success, and was also appreciated by critics. It reached number one on the US Billboard 200 in 1986 and was certified quadruple platinum in the United States.

“Poetry” (Full title Hair: The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical) is an American rock band from 1967. The script was written by James Radu and Jerome Ragne, and the music is by Galt McDermott. The musical is set in the 1960s and describes the fate of a group of New York hippies who fought in the Vietnam War. The work, considered the first in the history of rock music, stirred controversy with its subject and form (free love, sexual revolution, drugs, nudity on stage). Many musical songs have become chants for generations.

The world premiere was held in October 1967 at the Public Theater, in April 1968 the play was transferred to Broadway, where 1,750 performances were held. The work was re-released several times in the same Broadway theater, was shown in many cities in the United States, and the London (in the West End) was in 1997. Repeatedly around the world, sales of the first soundtrack for a Broadway performance exceeded 3 million copies.

In 1979, Milos Forman made a film adaptation.

176: 04 2022_05_01 22_00_38_PR2_Wieczor_plytowy.mp3 WP #277. Barbra Streisand and the Musical “Poetry” (Standard Evening/Two)

listeners comments

If there are people born to sing, Barbra Streisand is undoubtedly one of them. Her voice flows like an endless river of love, tenderness, and appetite in a very natural way, as if Mother Nature or good God told you Barbro, I give you what I have the most precious to convey – a beautiful voice that brings love and calm. A sound with which you will envelop people, like a wonderful soft and velvety tapestry of passion, tenderness and love. Barbara accepted this precious gift and did not waste it. She enchants people with her divine voice, giving them a chance to find themselves in a better and more beautiful dimension of reality, where the king is music, and the queen is Barbara, with her peculiar voice.


Today, the repertoire includes Barbra Streisand’s album, which I know every tune by heart. Refinement down to the smallest detail, it’s incredible. Broadway’s repertoire has been carefully selected – let’s consider how many thousands of musical “numbers” to choose from! The arrangements – such as an introduction to “Send In the Clowns” – is it an English horn? – For a Chinese deity it couldn’t be better! Perfection and the singer’s personal attitude down to the smallest detail – like an extra line of text with a special blessing from the author …
The CD was released at a time most of us were only dreaming about – it took a few years before I chased after it (and I could stand it) – and – believe me, it didn’t leave my player for long…


The musical “Poetry” showed me another world away, a world so far away that it might seem like another inaccessible galaxy. It was a world separated by an iron curtain and an ocean that only a lucky few could cross. I don’t remember when the album with music from “Poetry” came to my transformer, I was in my teens then, and the music was an unprecedented dose of expression, the emotion contained in powerful vocals, which together at a cosmic pace led to rebellion and disagreement with injustice and existing reality, but they also discovered mysterious and unknown rituals and sensations. The music was bright and wonderful. Performance, various decorations, colors of sounds. “Poetry” was and will remain for me to this day the voice of people who wish to live in a world free of violence and war. In the world of the age of Aquarius, where love and harmony reign. The long-awaited age of Aquarius did not happen, flower children grew into beautiful trees or became weeds, and the wars they protested continue and claim millions of lives. Poetry is an extraordinary musical in which performers become heroes of peace, freedom and love. An unreal world in which everyone lives together and creates one family. The idea of ​​hippies is dead, but great music remains, which still excites me and is still relevant.


I remember very well the first time listening to poetry. A friend of mine got the CD and we listened to it with some dedication. And there was a sense of disappointment, because you heard a lot about this play and in the context of rock at that time, in terms of music, poetry turned out to be musical, not like rock. On the one hand, it was known to be a hippie world, yet it wasn’t progressive rock. Of course, the general impression was positive, and the enthusiasm for growing long hair, a forbidden fruit at that time, grew significantly.
The second memory relates to the Polish performances. Actually just the ending song “Let the Sun Shine”. I remembered the report from the FAMA Student Festival from those years and someone sang this juicy piece, in English. I don’t remember who, but it was great.


Barbara was the only one. A unique sound that you could soar with with ambitious melodies and lyrics rather than apologizing to dance-pop with Jeep.
I still love her debut album “My name is Barbra” and cudne “People” the most. The people who need people are the luckiest people in the world :-).


Very cool music, from the first impression of listening, I think you can infer the honesty, saturation and directness of the message.

I’ve never heard of this musical in particular, but I must admit that I’ve already heard some songs from the album’s front page…definitely on very different and original Polish radio shows.

As for the record and the turntable, if a listener with such audio equipment does not come forward, I would be willing to accept such a good record from you.

I would like to add that from the day before yesterday, due to my visit to Berlin, I took the Platenspiler piece with other components for the JVC segment from the German music lover who, due to a small apartment and lack of space for such equipment, decided to switch to small audio equipment 😉



Program title: Evening recording

they ran: Tomasz Zachowski and Peter Metz

Date of issue: 1.05.2022

broadcast time: 22.00

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