“Jerzy Olek. 1 + 0 = 10. (de) CONSTRUCTION (non) SENS”. New exhibition in Wroclaw

“The Church of God Totally Indifferent…” is a quote from Kurt Vonnegut’s text “The Mermaids on Titan” that seems somewhat absurd in the context of Jerzy Olek’s work. Apparently…it makes more sense when we look at the jersey track. In the end, all our life experiences, searches, and emanations can be reduced to one thing: the path to absolute, divine, and perfect form.

“Jerzy Olek. 1 + 0 = 10. (de) CONSTRUCTION (non) SENS”. New exhibition in Wroclaw – press materials

It is no different in the case of Jersey. Born in the turbulent years of war, he goes to Komańcza, near his hometown of Sanok, under the care of nuns. However, this seemingly safe place leaves a mark, a kind of mark, and an imperative to follow a certain path. As he says about himself, he constantly wanders to the starting point – each time for a short time, because coming somewhere means leaving at the same time. He lived in Wroclaw for many years, managing the Foto-Medium-Art gallery, which he founded, and later traveled to Pozna and Gdańsk, giving lectures at local art academies, and from there, finally, regularly traveling to his home in Stary Gierałtów – the site of Many artworks.

I hate slack Organized around 200 art exhibitions, workshops and outdoor photography, to promote and develop first “media” photography, then “expansive” and “initial” photography.Since the 1990s, it has expanded to include other media, and even abandoned it in favor of other media.

Art is always a priority for him, so he traverses the countries of Europe, but also those far away, such as especially beloved Japan, where he was struck by the idea of ​​equivalence of entry and exit – he understood by contemplating the torii doors, freestanding in an empty landscape.

By engaging in some kind of appearance game, whether consciously or unconsciously, He dedicates himself to improving each of his disciplines, striving for perfection every time. Whether he is running an exhibition, a literary activity, organizing outdoor photography and photography festivals, experiments in engineering with the aid of the medium of photography, or, finally, an educational activity – he does all this with his natural precision, accuracy, attentiveness and even pedantry.

By focusing on only one aspect of the exhibition: artistic creativity, We can’t help but notice how extensive the field of research and activity is for Jerzy. The number of exhibitions alone, both individual and group, as well as within the framework of the Foto-Medium Art Gallery, is impressive.

“Jerzy Olek. 1 + 0 = 10. (de) CONSTRUCTION (non) SENS”. New exhibition in Wroclaw – press materials

Looks like it’s in jersey condition It is artistic creativity that dominates other types of activity. It is also the most metaphysical area I use this term consciously to cross certain boundaries. This is the most obvious place for the road. Here you can see how, on an iterative basis, the author returns from time to time to places he already knows, but each time with a new sensitivity and awareness. Openness and cyclicality became ingrained features of Jerzy’s work. Repetitions, loops, continuities and rhythms, in the context of individual works and the entire work, became the core of his research. It is a never-ending game: eye – lens, real – unreal, illusion – truth (if there is an objective game). But it happens differently and deeper each time.

This sheer devotion to widely understood creativity, this passion for creativity and, as Zdzisław Jurkiewicz wrote, the love for photography, the unbridled and frantic impulse to search for art – bring to mind a relationship with God, a kind of personal acknowledgment of faith, not just a creative attitude.

The nature of individual works, such as “Kolchatki” or a series of highly accurate drawings, also indicates this type of relationship. A mighty work even, evoking associations with the Indian mandala, where it is not the end result that matters, but the way we get there.

Awareness of the temporary process of creation and destruction has a symbolic meaning and refers to the cycle of life and death. This focus, and at the same time open, constantly in a kind of contemplation, invites us into his world …

Jerzy Olek (ur. 1943) – artysta i teoretyk sztuki zajmujący się fotografią i sztuką multimedialną. Specjalizuje się w psychofizjologii widzenia oraz nowych mediach. Animator ruchu fotografii ekspansywnej i medialnej (lata 70.) oraz fotografii elementarnej (lata 80.). Pomysłodawca i kurator wystaw w Polsce i za granicą. Jest autorem licznych publikacji w periodykach polskich i obcych. W swoich dziełach artystycznych zajmuje się przestrzenią, której subiektywne wyobrażenia przedstawia rysunkiem, fotografią, lustrzanym odbiciem, grafiką lub komputerowym drukiem, tworząc rozbudowane struktury wizualne i instalacje.
Jersey Olek - Stredoeurópsky photo house, Bratislava, 2018
Jersey Olek - Contemporary Museum of Wroclaw

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