How to receive the Supernova Birthday Radio Contest, the audience is holding back

“Write what you wish for SuperNova Radio on its first birthday. Also write how are we listening? What do you like the most and what do you miss? What are the coolest songs and which is your favorite presenter?” – This is for Radio SuperNova listeners who want to participate in the Birthday Contest. On a special website there is a form in which, in addition to answering some of the above questions, you need to provide your name, phone number, email address and city.

The station stated that it was “celebrating its first birthday.” We don’t want gifts! We want to come to you with them. Explain the radio station in order to get to know you better and ask how you like our music and programmes.

The Christmas contest will run until June 3. Details were published by the station on the website

Changing the concept of the station

You may find it helpful to answer the questions. Radio SuperNova records worse and worse listening results for a long time. As we mentioned a few days ago, in the largest Polish cities (more than 500,000 inhabitants) in the first quarter of this year, Radio Track lost the largest number in the Radio Track survey. The average share of stations from January to March 2022 was just 0.8%. In the same period a year ago, when the station was still broadcasting as Wawa Radio, its audience was 1.8%.

Radio SuperNova debuted on the air on May 5, 2021 and replaced Wawa Radio, which had been broadcasting since 1992, on the same frequencies. It was then announced that “the best new Polish songs, new sounds, valuable content and topics of interest to the public” would appear on the station. The schedule was to be filled with Polish songs from the 80s, 90s and those created after 2000. SuperNova announced that it would also promote new sounds and pop art.

Nine months later, the station changed its concept. – We have conducted a detailed study of the preferences of our listeners, and as a result, we present the next stage of program changes, including in terms of the station’s sound – said at the beginning of February Paweł Szaniawski, President of the companies that own the SuperNova Radio franchises. – We are expanding our music base. We focus on expressive and diverse music that is at the same time coherent and lively. It will be a mixture of positive and dynamic music, both from vintage hits from the ’90s to contemporary tracks, melodic rock, pop and dance.

As a result, the station also began to play disco polo, the bands were lengthened, and the noon press disappeared. The programs lost their names, only two items on the weekend had titles in the schedule, and were not described by the name and surname of the hosts.

A killer listener to Radio Supernova

As for the audience of Radio Supernova in Poland in the age group 15-75 years, in the last survey (January-March 2022), the proportion of radio was 0.7 percent. market share. It wasn’t that bad in the same period in the previous six waves. Because in the first quarter of 2021 the station registered 1.5 percent. In 2020 – 1.3%, in 2019 – 2%, in 2017 and 2018 – 1.3%, and in 2016 – 1.1%.

Even worse data emerged earlier this year. Radio SuperNova recorded in the period from October to December 2021 the worst result in history (taking into account also the results of Radio Wawa). Its share of listening fell to 0.6 percent. A year ago, in the same period, the station’s audience was 1.7%. On the other hand, in the last quarter of 2015, Radio Wawa, which broadcasts on the same frequencies, received twice as many listeners as it does today.

One of the people from the radio industry we spoke with about the changes is convinced that the new name has made SuperNova Radio’s listeners even worse. – Zbigniew Benbenek has always wanted to create a radio associated with the “Super Express”. It was believed that synergy in name and product between radio and tabloids was possible. This concept has its rationale, but it did not work. They messed with the name of the radio unnecessarily. SuperNova has no content, it sounds like an adjective. I also don’t understand why the names of the stations “Radiona”, “Was Radio” and “Radio Tog” were created. The more important this method of testing the radio listeners we have in Poland, such as CATI, the more important is to get the name of the station in people’s minds.. In addition, I have the impression that Wawa was associated only with the vernacular name of the city by the Varsovians, as assessed by our interlocutor.

He added that the radio unnecessarily introduced elements of the press a year ago. – There is no need to make the original broadcast. The radio must be homogeneous. If we want to build audience loyalty, the listener must get the same at any time when they turn on the radio. The radio must be consistent around the clock. SuperNova will never be your first choice station. But as a second-rate radio station, it should always be the same. If the listener gets bored of a CHR station that splits the same song every four hours, he turns the station, for example, into a radio that broadcasts only Polish music, since he understands the lyrics, but this is not a collective form.

SuperNova is broadcast in 15 cities

The ZPR Media group, to which Radio SuperNova belongs, reported last year that it wanted to change the name of Radio Wawa, which initially broadcast only in Warsaw, so that it is not linked only to the capital, as the program is also broadcast in other Polish cities. In addition to Warsaw, SuperNova is also heard in the analog ether in Ostróka, Kraków, Rzeszow, Gdansk, Wroclaw, Jelenia Gora, Opole, Trzebnica, Novi Soch, Rzeszow, ód, Szczecin, Konin and in Kielce.. ZPR Media Group received approval to change the station’s name from the National Broadcasting Council at the end of 2020.

Radio broadcaster SuperNova – the international communications company – achieved an increase in sales revenue by 5.5% in 2020. To 4.97 million PLN and net profit from PLN 323 to 602.6 thousand zlotys. The owner of the SuperNova station is Grupa Radiowa Time (part of Grupa ZPR Media), which includes, among others, Eska Rock, Eska, Vox FM and Radio Plus.

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