How to manage fit-out projects in commercial real estate

Renata Novak, chief operating officer of Tétris, reveals how the company is improving its operations. mat picture. presses.

New standards in cost optimization dictated by the dynamically changing realities of the market. The art of optimization today is flexibility and quick decisions at every stage of project implementation.

  • The Covid-19 pandemic has caused problems with the availability of construction workers in the market, supply chains and the supply of materials.
  • It also contributed to the high price dynamics.
  • 2022 is another year in which we have to face an unpredictable situation due to the war in Ukraine.

– Nowadays, more than ever, it is important to take a flexible approach to all areas of the company’s activity. The same applies to costs – those companies that are able to temporarily reduce or increase them have a greater ability to operate in the long run, regardless of the state of the market – Renata Nowakchief operating officer, tetris.

The concept of value engineering is useful here. It is nothing more than an analysis of activities in the project chain, aimed at optimizing costs and raw materials, while meeting customer requirements. In other words, we are looking at whether the desired effect can be achieved by using alternatives to raw materials or by choosing a different technological process – Renata Novak, Chief Operating Officer, Tétris.

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In the case of fit-out projects, cost optimization starts at the evaluation stage of subcontractors’ offers. Here, not only the price is taken into account, but also the lead time and reliability of the supplier. The simultaneous combination of the three factors “fast, cheap, and good” is often not achievable, so the project manager must best assess client needs and potential risks and select the right companies to work with to meet project requirements.

Client proposals are prepared several months in advance, and project negotiations can take up to a year. Therefore, a stable resource is necessary, especially in long-term projects. Recently, rapidly changing prices posed a challenge to the market. Often the offer from the subcontractor is valid for several days or several days. We are a large company that has developed methods for dealing with this type of challenge. It is important at this stage to make a quick decision and provide financial guarantees. In this way, the supplier can order the material at the current price at the factory, and the investment of the customer is secured – Renata Novak, Chief Operating Officer, Tétris.

Global purchasing policy by operating in several markets

The advantage of companies operating in many markets is the possibility of implementing a global purchasing policy. It is not just about analyzing the purchasing needs of individual branches and the wholesale orders of the entire group – although it is an important component of the whole. It also includes in-depth price analysis based on historical and current cost estimates, reliance on long-term international cooperation, and payment control to ensure smooth execution of orders.

Today, more than ever, relationships, trust, qualified suppliers and subcontractors are built. Tétris is a company that operates in 18 markets and strives to make the most of our global reach. Moreover, in Poland we benefit from our experience of more than 20 years. Don’t forget the values ​​and benefits of local buying and supporting local producers. The fact that we are a big player, we run several dozen projects at the same time, which translates into large orders and makes it easy for us to negotiate. At the end of the day, when choosing materials or services, quality and the right environment are also important – Renata Novak, Chief Operating Officer, Tétris.

Building Information Modeling gives you control over the different phases of a project

An important component is the process control at each stage of project implementation, which is facilitated by the Building Information Modeling (BIM) system. With it, we achieve a higher level in planning, designing, managing and carrying out all construction work – whether it is related to a new investment or reconstruction.

BIM is nothing more than software that enables the correct flow of design information. It allows, among other things, to eliminate any errors at an early stage of the design and avoid costly changes in the implementation stage. In addition, it is an excellent tool for monitoring the project schedule, orders, building the supply chain or controlling subcontractors – Renata Novak, Chief Operating Officer, Tétris.

Design and Build – Eliminates design errors

We have been in the fit-out market for more than two decades and can see how customer expectations change. In the past two years, the need to use counseling has strengthened on many levels. On the one hand, they need customized solutions, and on the other hand, streamlined processes aimed at optimizing cost and taking responsibility for the implementation of the project from start to finish. All this is included in the design and construction concept, which we constantly adapt to changing market conditions – Renata Novak, Chief Operating Officer, Tétris.

Tétris is a design and construction company affiliated with JLL.

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