Hard and soft management style – how do they differ?

Management HR (Human Resource Management) from English Huge human resources (Human Resource Management) It is quite a broad concept, containing many different aspects regarding the skilful management of capital, which in this case are employed, i.e. people. at Human Resource Management Strategy and consistency are the most important. This includes not only the acquisition of employees, but also their development, ensuring a high level of motivation and maintaining appropriate relationships between them and the management personnel. A proper human resource department must also recognize the people with higher potential, increase their qualifications and reward them. Its main objective is to grow the company by hiring the right people. Employees can be managed in a hard or soft style. What does this mean in practice?

Resources comp There are people, more precisely the skills that nurture them. Therefore employees are the most valuable building blocks of an organisation. Although the interests of the company and its employees are closely intertwined, strict management style Focuses primarily on the organization. Michigan ModelBecause it is also named for its origins (derived from the name of the school), it is characterized by:

This model works well in situations where the people working are the task-focused type, as well as when the manager expects quick and tangible results.It is not preceded, for example, by a group discussion or the so-called brainstorming.

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What is the soft management style?

Soft management style Explains it well Harvard model. here Attention shifts more to the employee than to the organizational structureis called What it can bring to the company and what effect it will have on it. Features:

  • Partnership relations in the company;
  • continuous development
  • Possibility to share your own ideas;
  • natural communication
  • the possibility of obtaining support and participating in discussions;
  • no notes
  • Reduce pressure.

This approach aims to engage and motivate subordinates. He notices various manifestations of their creativity, independent work or the taking of initiative by a particular employee, and is interested in their positive reinforcement. Harvard model It is recommended when the manager is interested in discovering the potential of working people, wants to build real authority and association, and introduce changes that improve the system. It is worth noting that this method increases the satisfaction of subordinates, and this in turn Because of the number of connections and interdependence To increase the company’s profits. He is also more sympathetic and understanding towards them.

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Male and female, that is, serious and soft management style – what does this mean in reality?

In Poland, the topic of women and their assumption of managerial positions is still relatively recent, even in comparison with other European countries. And although the glass ceiling, according to experts, no longer applies to lower or middle management positions, it still exists at higher levels, such as the presidency. It is, however female management style Only when a woman takes a management position? And vice versa: male When is the company run by a man? of course not.

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