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DIY back in favor. Increasingly, parents are showing their children that you can do something yourself. Organizing exhibitions, workshops and meetings. – I organize neighbor sewing workshops on the machine, and there is a lot of interest. We do not have to promote it at all, we organize an event and automatically have a full list of volunteers – said Marta Shchepanek, editor of the portal, guest of the “Parents’ Zone”.

My kids will think they do everything themselves because most of the toys they have at home are made by them. My father taught me all the basics of craftsmanship. Even now, when wondering how to do something, I called him to consult the idea – “Gepita,” said Cecilia Buchulk-Julka, to consult him.

What can be modified?

– Currently, my flagship product is a sensory track, consisting of several areas: squares or circles with grass on them, uneven boards, screw nuts attached to the walls. Jumps on surfaces barefoot. This structure gives a lot of possibilities for the invention of games. I try to make my toys stimulate creativity in children, so that they can be used to create different toys. We have “Monkey Grove” in the living room made of plywood, which consists of a castle, a house and a bunker, with a climbing wall and many corridors. Thanks to this, the children have great creative fun, and I have all the toys in one place in the living room – said Cecilia Pokolk-Julka, guest of Polish Children’s Radio.

– I, in turn, sew on a machine, make decorations for our house, and paint paintings on the wall with which my children help me. They are very eager to be involved in my creative work. Moreover, I organize sewing workshops for children. We sew pillows, backpacks, pencil cases and other useful things for children. Boys are also eager to participate in these workshops, and thanks to them, the younger generation will be able to sew on the machine – said Marta Shchepanek.

work inspiration

One of the most important things that we want to show as a basis is the prudent management of resources, that is, the things that surround us. Creating the thing requires the use of natural resources and energy, and then it must be disposed of. We live in a time of mindless consumption, and we are used to the fact that things only serve us once. Our Earth says that if we have any things, it is worth considering whether they only need one life. One such variation is DIY, where you can show that used soda bottles, yogurt cups, and many other items can be used to give things a second life. We organize entire systems of creative classes using so-called recyclable materials. – said Sławek Brzózek of the “Our Earth” Foundation.

Do it yourself and develop imagination

Creating objects or items of interest from scratch yourself, activates the imagination of the creator. Very often, the child, from the idea to the final implementation, creates his works on his own. This develops his creativity.

Parents want their children to develop comprehensively and correctly in various fields. There is a whole range of social competencies that are based on self-esteem, and if a child sees that they can do something on their own, from idea to end result, this is a huge area for child development. In addition, “DIY” is usually done with someone, so the child learns interpersonal relationships, cooperation and defending his own concept, said Sławek Brzózek, guest of the “Parent’s Zone”.

The ‘do it yourself’ workshops, which we organize for whole families, primarily build a sense of strength in children. Most of the people who do crafts with us do not have experience in this type of activity and often come to us knowing that they have what is called in the meantime, he does everything on his own and leaves the class with something ready: a sled or a box for toys. While working, participants independently search for solutions and learn how to work with tools. Then, these skills may come in handy at home. “Miyasto Szkotania” – said Przemyslav Sobotovsky from the open carpentry workshop.

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