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Exotic super products are becoming popular among dieters. Is this true?Photo: Vostrovska

We live in times when we demand maximum efficiency from our devices, our colleagues, or ourselves. number of results. This also translates into our diet. We no longer eat just to fill ourselves. We care about the right balance of calories, balance of ingredients, and we want food to affect the body’s performance.

We already know that there are foods that reduce stress, and that other foods make us feel better, help focus and even influence creativity.

In recent years, we have seen a significant increase in knowledge about the impact of food and diet on our health. It is about the development of social media and great access to information. The amazing development of the science we use is also important – says Dr. Cristina Pogo, registered dietitian and food technologist.

Superfoods – Health and Efficiency in a Nutshell

Superfoods is the name we associate with oddity, but this food is with us – points out Renata Matisik, Psycho-Nutritionist. It is a healthy, unprocessed food in which we find many nutrients beneficial to human health. It contains antioxidants, minerals and good fatty acids. Our body will feel grateful to us for them – and he affirms.

We can reach products such as: acai berries, chia seeds, chlorella, spirulina, maca root, but to its Polish competitor, such as flax seeds. Flaxseeds, in terms of their properties, would be placed on a shelf similar to chia seeds. The specialist says that it contains a lot of omega fatty acids. Berries are another Polish food. She adds that all berries contain a lot of antioxidants that neutralize free radicals.

This group of products also contains kale and spinach, which are rich in vitamins A and B6, calcium, iron, pumpkin seeds and turmeric. – Thanks to the superfoods of the diet, we begin to desire, we have more energy, we feel lighter, we get rid of the feeling of constant fatigue – the expert confirms. – You have to saturate the body with all the best – he adds.

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Brain diet

The mind diet has become very popular lately. – It is a type of nutrition that enhances the efficient work of our brain and at the same time has a protective effect against diseases that deteriorate our nervous system – explains Krystyna Pogoń. – It’s quite a specific feed. A diet somewhat similar to the Mediterranean diet, to those diets that are so appreciated. Thanks to this, the brain will age more slowly – she adds.

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The Brain Diet focuses on: green leafy vegetables, vegetables, fruits, berries, nuts, legumes, whole grains, wine and olive oil are of particular interest. It is worth excluding highly processed products, fried meat, red meat, butter and margarine, cakes and sweets.

Nutrition Technology

The twenty-first century brings us a lot of inventions. The food and nutrition industry is no exception. Supersonic offers us powdered foods as an alternative supplement to our diet.

– We avoid saying that our product is a powder, because it is a mixed health products, and the powder is associated with something synthetic and preservatives. We don’t have — Joanna Olubrey of Supersonic says. We offer a healthy meal in the form of a vegetarian and natural cocktail. During production, mixed fresh ingredients are used, there are no artificial flavors and white sugar – he confirms.

The proposed product is undoubtedly related to the nutrition of the future. The representative of the company assures that their product today is a food supplement, as an alternative, for example, to a meal that we do not have time to prepare. – It is healthy, tasty and quick to prepare – Recommended. Supersonic focuses on increasing the nutritional awareness of consumers and also pays attention to environmental issues, the problem of food waste.


Program title: the art of eating

Lead: Marta Zinkewicz

a guest: Christina Pogo (Dietitian and Food Technologist), Renata Matisic (Psychiatrist), Joanna Olubry (Supersonic Actress)

Date of issue: April 10 2022

broadcast time: 13.07


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