TV market in 2019 Polsat is the leader in TV Trwam results

Polsat ranked first among the most popular TV stations in 2019. The average daily share of this channel decreased by 3.74% compared to 2018. It was 9.85 percent. – Produced by Nielsen Audience Measurement data, made available to the portal by Mediacom.

The second is TVP1, whose share in the analysis period decreased by 0.51%. Up to 9.68 percent TVN completes the platform (8.45% share, down 9.86%). Two fewer men were placed (8.34%; +12%).

TVN24, which moved up from sixth place, took fifth place. Its share reached 4.47% after an increase of 7.98%. At the same time, the news channel is the highest rated in the ranking.

TVP Seriale – the leader in viewing channels of films and series – took the fourteenth place. And his share was at the level of 1.41%. (a decrease of 0.07%).

TVP ABC was the top viewer among children’s channels (down 7.58% to 1.28%), Sports – TVP Sport (+28.82% to 1.25%), Documentaries – Fokus TV (+4.60% to 0.93%), Music – Polo TV (+2.77% to 0.67%) and Lifestyle – TVN Style (- 10.39% to 0.58%).

0.38 percent of TV Trwam participation in 2019

National Broadcasting Council in the list of all stations with at least 0.01 percent Annual results for Telewizja Trwam are also announced (this station is measured by NAM, but its results are not available in practice – except for the annual reports of the National Broadcasting Council). The regulator justifies that it released this data “because of the numerous requests from broadcasters for information on the results of individual program viewing for 2019 (the so-called average annual audience share), which is necessary to determine which programs – in accordance with applicable regulations – can benefit from thresholds Reduced participation of facilities for persons with disabilities in 2020″.

The published data shows that Telewizja Trwam scored 0.38 percent in the whole of 2019. compared to 0.36%. In 2018, it means an increase of 5.5%. In 2017, the station had 0.52 percent. In 2016, it was 0.73 percent.

– The increase is somewhat symbolic, especially compared to the decrease compared to previous years, so it is difficult to describe these results as good. The problem with TV Trwam, in my opinion, is the competition in the form of public television, which has immeasurably greater potential and has focused in recent years on similar scenes. Private TVP1 or TVP information – Maciej Niepsuj comments, Director’s purchase by MullenLowe MediaHub to – I will look for an opportunity to slightly improve the results in the changes to the telemetry panel announced in the middle of the year, which should have a positive impact on the results of most small stations, including TV Trwam – he adds.

In 2018, Lux Veritatis, which broadcasts the station, recorded PLN 48 million in revenue and PLN 3.33 million in net profit, compared to PLN 39.48 million in revenue and PLN 1.58 million in profit a year earlier. Telewizja Trwam’s same revenue in 2018 increased by 44.7%. It amounts to 13.55 million PLN.

TVN . Trade Group

TVN’s share of top viewers in the 16-49 trade group was 11.06% after a 9.22% drop. Polsat was in second place. Its result last year decreased by 3.35 percent. Up to 11.02% the platform was completed by two (+4.30% to 7.16%), the fourth one (- 6.23% to 6.27%).

TVN24 ranked first in viewership among news stations (with 6.11% to 2.45%).

TVP Seriale took first place among movie and series channels (- 0.63% to 1.57%), Children – TVP ABC (- 8.90% to 1.36%), Sports – TVP Sport (+ 18.63% to 1.09%), Music – Polo TV (+ 5.79% to 1.01%), Documentaries – TVN Turbo (- 10.30% to 0.97%), and Lifestyle – TVN Style (- 7.55% to 0.88%).

In December 2019, TVN24 was also the leader in viewership among thematic channels in both age groups. In 4-12 years, its share increased by 6.39%. It reaches 4.27 percent, and at 4+ – by 7.80 percent. up to 2.14 percent

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