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Netflix shares its results for six months. The streaming service publishes every Tuesday (at 9 PM Poland time) the latest lists of the most viewed products, worldwide and by country. This can be checked on the website launched in November –

The top 10 post ratings are based on the total number of hours for a particular title seen by users worldwide. The new methodology replaces the previous audience measurement model, which summarized the number of accounts on which a specific movie or series was watched for at least two minutes in the first 28 days after its first viewing on Netflix.

The site publishes four lists each week: lists of the ten best films and series – two separate for English and non-English productions. Netflix also shows top 10 local lists for over 90 countries, including Poland. The platform announced that each season of the series will be measured separately, which means that more than one season of the popular Netflix series may appear in the weekly Top 10 list.

Netflix viewers focus on Polish products

Last week (April 25 – May 1), the top three English-language films appeared on Netflix. The highest is “365 days: this day”, that is, Polish sexual production. As we have already said, the day after the premiere (April 28) the title was the most watched on the platform in more than 70 countries, incl. in the United States and Great Britain. “365 dni: Ten dni” is a continuation of the story of Laura (played by Anna-Maria Sieklucka) and Massimo (Michele Morrone) described in the book series by Blanka Lipińska.

– Laura and Massimo are back together again, hotter than ever. Unfortunately, things are complicated by family ties between Massimo and the mysterious man who has appeared in Laura’s life, who wants to win her heart and trust … at any cost – we read in the description of the production. They also play, among others, Magdalena Lamparska, Otar Saralidze, Ewa Kasperzyk, Dariusz Jakubowski, Ramon Langa, Natasha Urbaiska, Thomas Mendes and Natalia Siwick.

The script was written by Mujka Teris, Blanca Lipinska and Tomas Mendes, the cinematography was taken by Partek Cirlica, and the directors are Barbara Beauves and Thomas Mendes. The movie is only available on Netflix. Production on behalf of the platform was handled by Ekipa and Open Mind Production, which also presented the first movie in the series, “365 dni”, which two years ago was a huge hit on Netflix, and now it has instantly jumped to fourth place. Netflix users around the world spent a total of nearly 78 million hours watching “365 Days: This Day” last week.

He debuted in second place among English-language films in the “Manhunt in Silverton” rating. This is a true story movie – set in South Africa. It tells of a botched sabotage operation that ends with three apartheid fighters in a bank where they are holding hostages. Last week, platform viewers spent more than 20 million hours on “Manhunt in Silverton.”

Slightly less time (more than 15.3 million hours) was scored by the film from third place, the documentary “Secrets of Marilyn Monroe: Unknown Records”. This is the first appearance again in the rankings. Viewers can watch talks with John Huston (director of “Dived with Life”, in which there is a harmonious scene starring Marilyn Monroe) and Hollywood elite to piece together Marilyn Monroe’s life. The documentary attempts to explain the mysteries surrounding the actress’ death through a series of previously unreleased interviews with people who know the movie icon well.

Among the non-English language films, the entire top is also productions that debuted in the rankings. The Indian production of ‘Jangpai Kathyawadi’ comes first. This is a story inspired by true events about Gangbai Kathyawadi, a Hindu social activist who has been a persistent advocate for the rights of prostitutes throughout her life.

The second most watched non-English film in the world is “Honeymoon with Mom”, a Spanish comedy in which Carmen Macchi (“In One Rhythm”) and Kim Gutierrez (“The Neighbor”) star in the main roles. We read in the description of the plot, “When fiancée Jose Luis leaves at the altar, his mother, Marie Carmen, decides to stay with him on their honeymoon.”

The platform is closed with the Japanese anime “Bubble”, set in a desolate, bubble-ridden Tokyo, where a young man meets a mysterious girl.

The fourth season of “Ozark” is the number one English-language Netflix series around the world. Viewers can follow a family who must move from Chicago to Ozark Heights in Missouri to pay off a debt to a drug boss. The series keeps you in suspense. In the new episodes you can see again, among others Jason Bateman, Laura Linney, Sophia Houplitz and Skylar Gertner.

The second is the fifth season of the reality show “Sunset Sale” about luxury real estate agents.

In turn, taking third place in this category is the six-episode miniseries “Anatomy of a Scandal”, adapted from the best-selling novel directed by David Kelly. This psychological thriller and courtroom drama tells the story of the British elite’s life filled with social and political scandals.

When it comes to non-English series, the Colombian series “Stolen Heart” was the most watched series in the world last week. In second place is the thriller “Keep Calm”. This is a Polish production based on the novel by the master of criminal fiction, Harlan Coben, and directed by Michau Gazda and Bartos Konopka. The series debuted on the platform on April 22. Netflix’s six-episode production features, among others, Magdalena Boczarska, Leszek Lichota, Mirosław Zbrojewicz, Bartłomiej Topa, Tomasz Drapik, Agnieszka Grochowska, Grzegorz Damięcki.

The South Korean drama “Business Show” came in third. “By pretending to be a friend, Ha-ri appears on a blind date to scare the suitor. But she doesn’t expect her company boss to be making her an offer,” reads the film’s brief description.

Favorite Polish Movies and Series on Netflix

And what do Polish Netflix viewers watch the most? It turns out that mainly domestic production occupies the top five in the ranking. The show begins with “365 Days: This Day” with Anna-Maria Sieklucka and Michele Morrone. In second place was the comedy “8 ​​Things You Didn’t Know About Men,” starring Alicia Pachelda-Koro and Mikowaj Rosnersky. The podium was closed by “Furioza” with Mateusz Panasyuk, Weronika Książkiewicz and Mateusz Damięcki.

Netflix data shows that in the case of the series, the Poles have made somewhat similar choices in the past week as viewers around the world. The first place is the Polish production of the film “Keep Calm”, then the Colombian series “Stolen Heart”, and the third place is the fourth season of the series “Ozark”.

Netflix has 222 million subscribers

In the first quarter of this year. Netflix recorded a decrease in subscribers of 0.2 million to 221.64 million. The platform’s quarterly revenue increased 9.8% year over year. to $7.868 billion, and net profit decreased from $1.707 billion to $1.597 billion.

Netflix does not disclose data for every country except the United States. In Poland, it had the highest turnout of VoD platforms for two years. According to a Mediapanel study in March of this year. 14.03 million users registered 46.79%. access and 5 hours, 5 minutes and 19 seconds of average visitor usage time.

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