silichov pearl. Hidden treasure in a Lower Silesian village

  • silichov. The village is located in the Dolnośląskie county in Bolesławiec county. Here is a place loved by musicians, filmmakers and photographers. A place that becomes a backdrop for various artistic visions. And all because of the unique atmosphere – Perła eliszowa.
  • While standing in front of the building we don’t even realize what’s behind closed doors…

Built in the years 1796-1797 on an ellipse plan with dimensions of about 20 x 30 m, the church was erected according to the design attributed to the architect Carl Gotthard Langans who created, among others, the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. However, some art historians attribute it to the builder Grundman.

The church was in use until 1945. In the following years, as we can read in various historical sources, it was turned into a sheepfold, a storeroom, and then fell into ruin. It has become for many people a “source of building materials”. From taken, inter alia, benches and chandeliers. The altar was destroyed. Everything that could have been pulled, sold and remanufactured was taken … At one point, part of the roof truss collapsed. The facility has lost protection from snow or rain. destroyed…

– Wooden planks were torn from the arcade floors and from the floors of the tower, and most of the sandstone was stolen from the floor of the ground floor. The windows were shattered, the sandstone reliefs were destroyed, and one of the gates behind the altar was completely removed, per the institution’s notification.

To protect the building, it was decided to make bricks on the windows and doors…

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This decaying monument attracted the attention of the Warsaw Foundation “Twój Dziedzictwo”. At the end of 2012, I signed a letter of intent with the municipality on cooperation in favor of eliszów . pearls. As a result of the application of its provisions, on 17 July 2013 the Foundation seized Perła and the adjacent cemetery from the municipality and began the fight to save the decaying monument. Major renovation works in Perła were carried out in the years 2014-2019 with the participation of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, the Marshal’s Office and donors. To this day, works are being carried out to help preserve or restore other elements of its space.

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