Marzena Kipiel-Sztuka found true happiness. Who is Jenek?

Marzina Kibiel Stuka She has been through a lot in her life. The actress, who gained fame thanks to the cult role already played by Halinka Kipska in the series “Świat according to Kiepskich”, went through painful experiences from behind. The woman’s three husbands died, and she suffered from depression. Troubled times seem to be a thing of the past. Nevertheless, Marzina Kiebel-Schtuka tries to look at life with optimism. She is helped by her four-legged friend named Jenek.

Seven years ago, the actress realized that her reality was not what she expected. She was in a depressed mood and had the impression that nothing interesting would happen to her anymore.

Marzina Kibiel Stuka She decided she had to make some kind of change. She had the idea of ​​buying a dog.

The actress began researching a breed of dog that would fit her everyday habits. She wanted to find a four-legged friend who would not cause problems, but would bring a small smile into her life.

Kipiel-Art I quickly found a pug farm. A moment after she arrived at the place, one of the puppies charmed her. Genic immediately liked its future owner.

Today’s series “Halinka” cannot imagine life without her beloved dog. But she realizes that it may be an obstacle to establishing a relationship with a potential man.

Gienek the Pug is so close to the actress’s heart that you get the impression that they have known each other forever. dog accompanies Kipiel-Sztuka’s dream Almost all the time. In the past, she took him with her to the set of the series.

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