Dowser – who is he? What is worth knowing?

Everyone wants to feel comfortable at home. For this reason, a lot of time is spent on arranging it, arranging the furniture and determining the nature of the rooms. However, radioactive radiation, which can generate harm or well-being in the home, is not always taken into account. The detector or detector helps to find not only the sources of this energy, but also to determine its nature, to know how it will affect the tenants.

Kashif is called when a new house is arranged and you want to rest in it. dowser She has special devices, such as a wand or a pendulum, thanks to which she searches for raceways and checks their properties. The services of this specialist can still be ordered at home, and those who are ready for this can establish themselves in this profession.

What is dowsing?

The term “drowsing” It was introduced into circulation in the 1930s by the French priest Father Alexis Poole. The word “dowsing” was created by combining two words – Latin. radio (radiation) and gr. Anesthesia (sensitive). Radiation capabilities are also known as The art of dowsing or rhabdomancy. Dowsing is related to sensitivity and perception of radiation.

Radiesteta – who is he?

Dowsers believe that there are radiations that can have a harmful effect on living organisms. This radiation is responsible for Appearance of countries the diseaseSo beware of it. immersion It is a field that deals with the search for water sources as well as natural resources. Professional consultants help determine the occurrence of waterways in homes. Water veins can have a harmful effect. So it is better to know where these places are located, so as not to create areas designated for relaxation in them (eg bedrooms). In its work, the detector can use devices such as: sticks, pendulums or radiators (these can be cans buried in the ground at a suitable depth).

Nowadays, detectors can also have Wide range of activities. And some of them help in choosing the right foods or diagnosing diseases and indicating the appropriate medications. Detectors can also engage in archeology, using their ability to search for ancient tombs or coins. It happens that they also conduct the search for missing persons or the selection of future employees using the pendulum.

How do you become a detector?

Who can try their hand at dowsing? The answer, contrary to appearances, is not so simple. First of all, it should be noted that completely Many people show greater or less sensitivity to anesthesia. Of course, perfection can be achieved through exercises that, as in any profession, allow you to develop skills. The detector can be simultaneously Wizard, Mean or TelepathicBecause these types of skills often overlap. Biotherapists, who are also reagents, are often able to conduct research without the use of instruments.

How do you become a detector? There is no need to do any special course, but some of the features are very useful. First of all, middle-aged people (between 30 and 50 years old) become scavengers. It is worth mentioning that Detection by reagent is often performed by menWomen can often be seen with a stick. The candidate must necessarily be able to Summon inner peace and calm downThat his bad emotions do not disturb the performance of expert opinion. It certainly cannot be overstated or impatient, for only those who learn humility remain in the profession.

A good scout should show the desire to constantly strive for the ideal. The best that he can now should never be enough for him, because he must constantly evolve and improve. It better be rightMoreover, it is characterized by the correct polarity of the hands and fingers. There are naturally left-handed detector types, but using a stick is usually best for those with a stronger right hand. The best scouts are always ready to share their knowledge with the next generation. It is common that if the reaper did not pass on his wisdom to his students, the latter would go with him, and the profession would soon be forgotten.

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