Donald Tusk Movie TVP Info brought back where to watch online

Documentary Marcin Tulicky about Donald Tusk It will air again on TVP1 and TVP Info on Sunday at 10:10 PM.

– Our guy is in Warsaw. Over half a million views on YouTube. Over 2.5 million watched the movie on TV. Thank you!

Saturday’s rebroadcast was also announced on “Wiadomości”. In recent years, TVP has repeatedly mentioned “special demand for viewers” as a reason to repeat certain entertainment shows and movies.

Complaints to the National Broadcasting Council about Donald Tusk

“Our Man in Warsaw” premiered on TVP1 and TVP Info on Saturday 9th April at 20:00. The 75-minute document mainly analyzes the political and economic relations between Poland and Russia since the assumption of power in the fall of 2007 by the PO-PSL coalition to the Smolensk disaster. Describes, among other things, Lech Kaczyński’s visit to Tbilisi in August 2008, meetings between Donald Tusk and Vladimir Putin (including during his visit to Moscow at the beginning of 2008, the anniversary of the outbreak of World War II, shortly before the Smolensk disaster), Poland took place More than a decade ago, a long-term contract was concluded with Russia’s Gazprom and the construction of a liquefied natural gas terminal in Swinoujcie in Poland.

propagandists, including Rafał Ziemkiewicz and Piotr Semka from “Do Rzeczy”, Katarzyna Gójska from “Do Rzeczy” and Telewizja Republika (in recent years has also collaborated with Polish Radio), Marek Pyza from “Sieci” and Grzegorz Kuskański from Polczyński Press, plus historian Prof. Andre Nowak and the former head of the Grom General Roman Bolko.

It has been repeatedly said that Donald Tusk and his government made political and economic decisions favorable to Russia, while Lech Kaczynsky correctly recognized the aggressive policy of the Kremlin and it was he who made a decision on energy projects aimed at making our country independent of Russia. The film interweaves footage of the presidential plane that crashed in Smolensk on April 10, 2010, as well as the devastation and victims of Russia’s ongoing aggression against Ukraine, with images from Donald Tusk and other EU leaders’ meetings with Vladimir. Putin and Dmitry Medvedev. Several times, after Tusk’s statements about the development of cooperation with Russia, the shot was shown with the laughing President of Russia.

Immediately after the document was broadcast, TVP Info featured a discussion on its topic, in which Marcin Tolicki, Michai Racho of TVP Info, Dorota Kania of Polska Press, Michai Karnovsky of “Sieci”, Thomas Sakiewicz of “Gazeta Polska” and TV Republika participated.

By Monday, April 11, the National Broadcasting Council had received six complaints from individual viewers about the Marcin Tolicki film. Five of them were accused of dishonesty and lack of objectivity, and in one – he showed radical footage of the war in Ukraine.

“Facts” referred to TVP propaganda targeting the opposition

Some footage from “Our man in Warsaw” appeared Thursday in Jakub Sobieniowski’s article in the main issue of “Fakty” TVN. The report mainly shows parts of TVP news and current affairs programs from recent weeks, in which the opposition, led by Donald Tusk, has come under attack.

It was a comment on this year’s media freedom rating compiled by Reporters bez Granic, in which Poland took a record low rank – 66.

Sobieniowski noted the context in which Polska Press’s Dorota Kania spoke on TVP Info in the discussion after Marcin Tulicki’s document was broadcast: On state television, the director of a state publishing house praised the film criticizing the opposition. Owned Concern (Polska Press has been taken over by Orlen).

Donald Tusk is the protagonist of the hostile movie “Wiadomości”.

“Wiadomości” has paid much more attention to Donald Tusk than before, since the latter in the middle of last year. He returned to domestic politics, taking the lead in the civic program. There were weeks when material critical of the politician appeared on the show every day.

In January of this year. In “Wiadomości” a series of convincing material was broadcast that Donald Tusk is responsible for the large increases in gas and electricity prices. In the following days, in the main version of the program, it was repeated that during Tusk’s premiership, the rules for limiting carbon dioxide emissions were established at the European Union level, which now leads to increases, moreover, the European People’s Party led by the former prime minister does not something. On the “tape” announcing the reports, the following statements were displayed: “The Tusk drains the pockets of Poles” and – twice – “The Tusk tax ‘hit the Poles'” and the ‘Tusk tax ‘boost’ inflation.

In one edition, the mailbox chief’s speech was broadcast with a sound quality much worse than the words of Mateusz Morawiecki, and the “tape” addressed to Tusk was also shown in the “Guest News”. However, at the end of the conversation with Jacek Sassen, Edita Lewandowska said: “Good luck, Prime Minister.”

From the middle of last year several reports from “Wiadomości” feature close-ups of the clenched fist and the watch in Tusk’s hand, as well as excerpts from his speech in German. Unlike the usual, the Polish version was not read in foreign languages, but the translation was shown. Often his words “für Deutschland” were intertwined in material about Tusk.

Several complaints have been submitted to the National Broadcasting Council in this regard, one of which was submitted by Krzysztof Luft in the past, among others, a member of the National Broadcasting Council, and currently a member of the TVP Programming Council. In November, the Speaker of the National Council addressed a speech to Polish television, in which he noted the need to comply with the provisions of the Broadcasting Law, which “obligates the public media to present events and phenomena objectively and reliably, and to encourage the freedom of formation of public opinion.”

In mid-December, Luft and former TVP chairman Janusz Daszynski, and PO MP Iwona Śledzińska-Katarasińska, filed another complaint with the National Broadcasting Council over the quotation of the phrase “für Deutschland” in Wiadomości.

According to data from Nielsen Audience Measurement, in February of last year. The main version of “Wiadomości” saw an average of 2.94 million viewers (6.3 percent less than the previous year), including 2.15 million on TVP1 and 785 thousand. on TVP info.

However, the first quarter of this year. TVP Info had an average audience per minute of 375,842 people, with an audience rating of 6.21%. (70.6% more than last year).

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