Boho-style wedding – what does it look like?

Boho-style wedding – what does it look like?

Boho style is designed to fit our times. First of all, it is natural and universal. The main premise of such a wedding is freedom and proximity to nature. Atmospheric decorations and accessories turn wedding halls into fairy-tale lands. Of course, the secret of the popularity of the boho style lies in its freedom and simplicity. Therefore, we are looking for the perfect place not for an elegant banquet hall, but for a space surrounded by nature, sometimes imperfect. A great idea would be to choose a neutral, preferably one, surrounded by beautiful greenery.

Boho wedding dress – how to match the dress to the silhouette and atmosphere of the wedding?

Boho style, characterized by lightness and colors that refer to the natural colors of the earth and nature, have been the happiest wedding guests for many years. Brides willingly choose light and natural wedding hairstyles, airy dresses and delicate style without makeup. Wedding menus and invitations also correspond to boho style. All elements are kept in one style, thanks to which an interesting and coherent whole is created. Boho wedding style is often seen as very subtle. Perhaps this is due to the lace and bright colors that are an integral part of it. All young couples planning to organize a unique wedding and reception on their own will love the style of boho weddings. Boho themes are very versatile. So let’s check out the elements that make up a boho wedding – give inspiration.

Boho style hairstyleBoho hairstyle – modern, romantic and elegant braids

Boho style wedding – the inspiration:

room and location: Please note that this style will not fit all rooms. Therefore, when choosing a wedding hall, it is worth paying attention to the atmosphere there. The boho style is chosen by those couples who do not want an elegant and vulgar party and prefer to move away from the traditional approach to this celebration. It is an ideal offer for those who like to organize a wedding in the open air, or with a rather strict natural arrangement, such as outdoor sheds or tents.

Invitations: Many young couples choose boho-style invitations so that everything from A to Z is consistent with the chosen theme. Some people undertake to make boho invitations themselves – write the cards and decorate them. Thanks to this, at first, guests can expect that the boho wedding will be different from the classic celebrations. Vignettes and a list prepared in the same style will be the perfect complement.

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Scenery: The most popular decor elements in the boho style are feathers, lace, tassels, floral, ethnic or geometric patterns, shades of white, beige, pastel colors, contrasting strong colors – gold, emerald, fuchsia or cobalt, creations made of natural materials with a wide cut. Live flowers are a very important element of boho style because they show a strong connection to nature. Thus, no one can forget the plethora of flowers (preferably wild), dream bags, and leather bags. Flowers, along with other accessories and decorations, can be placed in baskets, braided around the poles, they should hang from above and, of course, decorate the tables. Lighting should not be forgotten either. Decorative lamps, lanterns, or romantic candles are the essence of boho style.

bouquet: Boho style wedding bouquets are inspired by nature, delicate and romantic ambiance. Pampas grasses or trendy cotton flowers are perfect here, but also eucalyptus and all flowers of neutral shades. White, beige, brown and light green, or a hint of delicate pink or dark red, are the most preferred palettes by brides in the boho style. We emphasize everything with a delicate lace or silk ribbon and the effect is ready.

Wedding Dress: Boho wedding styles are subtle and airy. For this reason, you should pay attention to the creations of light that flow down the figure. You should also know that wedding dresses for a boho wedding are rarely made of white materials. As a rule, colors that refer to innocent white are used for this, such as light beige, ivory or beige. Wedding dresses for a boho wedding are often full of interesting details, such as all kinds of lace and fringe. Remember, however, that there are no hard and fast rules here.

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