Best Georgian restaurants in Warsaw: Top 10 places in the capital

Georgian flavors are one of the Poles’ favorite culinary trends. Khachapuri with cheese and eggs, khinkali with basic gravy, eggplant rolls with walnut paste or spinach balls are the main dishes of this cuisine that is extremely rich in flavour. Learn about the best Georgian restaurants in Warsaw – Top 10 places in the capital that will delight you!

Best Georgian Restaurants in Warsaw: Gaumarjos

Fans of Georgian cuisine know this title well. In an inconspicuous place in Al. KEN in Warsaw will find authentic Georgian flavors that will allow you to take to the sunny streets of Tbilisi. Your culinary journey will be taken care of by the owners of the restaurant – Liana and David Gamtsemlidze, who at every step take care of the unusual atmosphere of the restaurant and dishes that delight with original flavors. Chef Lila Chchidze, nicknamed “Mrs. Liliko,” cooks as she does at her home in Tbilisi. It creates unique flavors based on traditional Georgian recipes and specially imported spices, which you will love from the first bite.

Best Georgian restaurant in Warsaw: Rossko

Another unusual place with Georgian cuisine awaits at Aleje Ujazdowskie in Warsaw. Rossico is a Balkan melting pot located in the heart of Warsaw. Owner and chef Davit Turkestanishvili took care of every detail – both the menu and the interior of the place. If you are starting your adventure with Georgian cuisine, be sure to order the Baderjani, Pachali and Khachapuri for starters, for the main course – khinkalik or kofta. Dessert time will be sweetened by Medok – a traditional cake with honey and carrots with coffee in a crucible. Don’t forget to check out the Georgian wine list and grilled food section.

Best Georgian Restaurants in Warsaw: U Tato

On Mokotowska Street, next to the most stylish boutiques in the capital, you will find U Tato. This is a Georgian restaurant with a great atmosphere in the heart of Warsaw, considered one of the best such restaurants in the city. Guests return to U Tato for the authentic local flavours, rich menu and home made recipes. examples? Naduji – cottage cheese cooked with mint, charkashali – boiled Georgian beets, lola kebab – grilled minced beef and lamb with fried potatoes and spices, or khinkali – traditional Georgian dumplings with pork, lamb and basic broth.

Best Georgian Restaurants in Warsaw: Chmeli Suneli

Chmeli Suneli is more than one place, and in each of them you can find real Georgian flavors – khinkali, khachapuri, skewers and many other original dishes. They are dishes made from original, high-quality products and most of all according to traditional family recipes. Of particular note are khinkali with lamb, suko kitze – mushrooms stuffed with a mixture of cheese and mushrooms, khinkali with cherries or chicken cooked in a garlic-cream sauce.

The best Georgian restaurant in Warsaw: Chinkalia

Chinkalia in Warsaw is a restaurant whose main dish is, of course, khinkali – dumplings of dough stuffed with veal and hot broth. A special element is the ritual of eating khinkali with your own hands – without the use of cutlery. Khinkali’s menu also includes traditional Georgian dishes, such as khinkali, khachapuri, grilled meat and vegetable dishes, charcho, and several types of Georgian wine.


Best Georgian Restaurants in Warsaw: Little Georgia

In the heart of the capital you will find another embassy of Georgian flavours. in the Mujahideen. Nowogrodzka 40 you will find Little Georgia. The atmospheric restaurant with many years of tradition guarantees you an unforgettable feast in Georgian style. The menu is dominated by traditional flavors, such as panika – a traditional dough with layers of cheese and spinach, Georgian mushrooms stuffed with walnut paste, dolma and khinkali with pork and khachapuri in several versions, or restaurant specialties with lamb in the main role. sweet? You have to order the classic baklava with nuts and honey.

Best Georgian restaurant in Warsaw: Marani

Do you want an elegant Georgian-style dinner? Make sure to reserve a table at the Marani. Start the Georgian feast with an array of traditional cold appetizers. An excellent option is chichirtma – a broth with eggs, cilantro, garlic and pieces of boiled turkey. the Maine plate? Adjaruli khachapuri – traditional Ajara pie with cheese and yolk, tashmijabi – veal with a traditional puree with cheese from the Svaneti region or Ajapsandali Ajaruli – stewed eggplant, tomatoes, colored peppers, onions, garlic, coriander, Georgian spices. The perfect dinner will be complemented by a rich list of original Georgian wines.

Best Georgian restaurants in Warsaw: Tbilisi

This is the first Georgian restaurant in Warsaw! In Mokotów Restaurant you can feel the family and relaxed atmosphere that Georgia is famous for. In the restaurant “Tbilisi” you will feel this exceptional atmosphere thanks to the excellent dishes of delicious Georgian cuisine and the wine list from all wine regions of Georgia. Be sure to try the restaurant’s specialty, such as lamb chops with tomato and herb sauce, lamb with eggplant baked in a crock pot, or bakaliani – yeast pie with spinach.


Best Georgian restaurants in Warsaw: Georgian Restaurant

In Grochów in Warsaw you will find Georgia – a place that combines a traditional restaurant with a Georgian winery. On the menu you will find everything your heart desires: Ajapsandals, traditional lamb skewers, fragrant lobio soup, khachapuri from every region of Georgia or Lubio, Insanachi or Baderjani. The rich menu is complemented by an impressive list of Georgian wines – a wine exactly the same as it was 8000 years ago. The key to the success of this type of wine is the winemaker’s work on the qvevri itself – an earthenware vessel handcrafted by potters and buried in the ground to serve as the cradle of the wine.


The best Georgian restaurant in Warsaw: Chinkali Pielmieni

Khinkali are Georgian dumplings – large dumplings filled with broth. You should skillfully chew it, drink the broth that exudes from the inside, and then eat a spring dough stuffed with meat. This is one of the most famous dishes of Georgian cuisine, so there are many places that specialize in khinkali. Where is it good to eat? At Hala Gwardii in Warsaw you will find Chinkali Pielmieni. Hot khinkali with lamb is a mode that will replace your favorite dumplings for a long time.

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