Apella invested in the company of the former TAI president to produce a series of documentaries for TVP

Mewa Film was created at the end of 2020. Initially, Marius Peles (also the company’s president) and Vice President Dagmara Peles had 50 shares each.

A few months ago, Apella acquired 101 shares as part of a capital increase. He did not say how much I paid them.

together The Supervisory Board of Mewa Film was created, the members of which were the president of Apella Romuald Orzeł, Henryk Uzdrowski (He is a member of the board of directors of Fratria, and since the beginning of last year a member of the supervisory board of the state-owned PZU-owned insurance company Link4) and Thomas Kreuzovsky (a member of the supervisory boards of Fratria and SKOK “Wybrzeże”, which has been in bankruptcy for more than four years).

Apella is co-owner of “Sieci” publisher and wPolityce.pl

Why did Apella decide to invest in Mewa Film? – The film industry, as well as the publishing industry, are areas of activity in which Apella SA has been involved for a long time and are still the subject of the company’s interest. Thus, both the capital presence in the Fratria Media Group and in the company Mewa Film – Michał Szeleźniak, a senior specialist in the publication of projects in the company, was handed over to the Wirtualnemedia.pl portal.

Abella owns 28.01 percent. Shares of Phratria, which publishes “Sieci”, wPolityce.pl, “Gazeta Bankowa” and broadcasts wPolsce.pl TV.

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Apella has been dealing with marketing services for entities of the SKOK system for years (including Kasa Stefczyka, Krajowa SKOK, Stefczyk Finanse Towarzystwo Zarządzające SKOK, Franciszek Stefczyk Foundation and Sanitas Foundation), and in recent years has received an order from large state-owned companies: Loto and Energi, PGNiG and Totalizator Sportowy.

In 2020, device revenue decreased by 27.9%. to PLN 22.82 million, a decrease in operating costs of 30.4%. To 21.19 million PLN, its net profit increased from 562.9 thousand PLN. Polish zlotys to 1.05 million zlotys.

“The Full Picture” on TVP1 from September

Seagull Film Last year she made a series of documentaries “Perfect Picture” for Telewizja Polska. Mariusz Pilis is their creator, and Krzysztof Brożek is the director.

The topics of the episodes are things that the Poles want to discuss. This series is intended for people who are trying to understand the broad context of contemporary problems, and want to see and hear the heroes and experts of primary importance to a particular situation – we read in the description of the series.

From September to the end of December, TVP1 broadcast 10 documentaries, incl. On the Vistula Spit, the Three Seas Initiative, waste management, re-privatization and the population of areas left by state-owned farms. Episodes were announced on wGospodarce.pl and Stefczyk.info.

According to data from Nielsen Audience Measurement, the first three episodes of “Full Picture” were watched on average by 422,000 people. people, which gave TVP1 3.24 percent. View percentage.

Series of Marius Bellis documents for TVP

Marius Bellis has been making investigations and documentaries for two decades. His works include such films as about the Caucasus, Russia, Ukraine, Central Asia and the Middle East, he also made documents about Poland, incl. A “Letter from Poland” from 2010 about the Smolensk disaster and a “stadium mutiny” from 2013 about the struggle of fan groups with then-Prime Minister Donald Tusk.

She was responsible for implementing some of them, which have been in operation since 1999 IST Film Production is a civil partnership owned by Marius Peles and Dagmara Peles.

In recent years she has produced documentaries for Telewizja Polska “Justice” (about the losses of Poland during the Second World War and the unsuccessful attempts to obtain reparations from Germany), “Extinguishing the city” (about Krakow during the epidemic), “Hungary. Invisible flame “,” Lithuania. In the shadow of the tower ”and” The error. Poles and Jews.” For some, he received a prize at the competition of the Association of Polish Journalists.

Bellis has been a director of TAI for less than a year

In January 2016, shortly after Jacek Kurski became president of Telewizja Polska, Marius Peles took over as director of the television information agency. He was responsible for the first part of the massive changes to the editorial offices of TVP News and current affairs programmes.

The sender bid farewell in August 2016, He was replaced by Piotr Lichota. At the same time, many people lost management positions in the company.

Mariusz Peles was previously associated with Polish television. He was the creator and first director of TVP Info channel launched in 2007, and worked as a correspondent for TVP in Ukraine. In addition, he has collaborated with TVN, BBC and Channel 4 in the past.

In the spring of 2017, Biles briefly became head of the editorial office for opinions and comments at the Polish Press Agency, and collaborated with TVP on the work on TVP Vilnius, which was launched in September 2019.

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