A charming wedding – what does it look like?

A charming wedding – what does it look like?

Glamor is a mixture of luxury and elegance. The English definition of this style includes adjectives such as charm, charm, brilliance, and brilliance. The style of brilliance has become a permanent feature not only in home interiors, but also in wedding catalogs and elegant wedding halls. What does a magical wedding look like? It is a combination of classic and luxury – there are many glossy surfaces and noble-looking materials here. This is not only a favorite effect reserved for the wealthy, but for anyone who wants to elevate the wedding to the status of an elegant social event. However, it is worth approaching the atmosphere of the event with caution and wisdom, because the style of a glamorous wedding ceremony can easily turn into excessive exaggeration and splendor. Glittering style in weddings certainly isn’t for everyone. Given the richness of decoration, splendor and luxury, this style may not suit everyone, especially if we are lovers of minimalism.

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Weddings in this atmosphere exude richness and variety of details. When arranging a wedding in a glamorous style, one must remember the basic rule of maintaining moderation in splendor. Glamor is a style on the verge of kitsch, which is why it is so important to find the perfect proportions, and stay on the side of elegance. So let’s check out the elements that make up a glamorous style wedding – give inspiration.

room and location: A magical wedding should take place in a proper representative room. Places with high ceilings, such as castles and palaces, would work great here. An elegant style wedding can also be conducted in a newer wedding hall, provided it is properly arranged. The key is to use smooth, shiny surfaces – the important thing is the glossiness. If the classic palace or luxurious wedding hall is out of reach of the bride and groom, but they dream of a magical wedding, then an elegant large tent decorated with live flowers may be an idea.

Invitations: Charming wedding invitations are elegant shapes. Silver or gold surfaces, classic calligraphy, marble motifs, but also dark colors (such as black, purple, maroon or dark blue), as well as elegant flowers, such as roses, calla lilies, and peonies.

Wedding invitation.  Ready or made by yourself?  How do we deal with it and distribute it?  Illustrative imageWedding invitation. Ready or made by yourself? How do we deal with it and distribute it?

Scenery: Sparkle motifs are accompanied by elements of golden and silver color. It is an absolute necessity. The same goes for crystals, pearls, and anything that can sparkle. Here there are many glossy surfaces, such as mirrors with frames rich in ornaments, expensive materials – marble, gilded, silver-plated elements. A unique atmosphere will also be created by large crystal chandeliers, lanterns, garlands or tall candles. Silver, gold and crystal are definitely the hallmarks of elegant royal parties. On the wedding table there can be baroque vases, bowls and candlesticks, as well as shiny cutlery, cutlery and crystal cups. If you want expressive colors, choose from elegant napkins, purple, dark blue, lilac or tablecloths. The opulence of a glamor style wedding is largely evident by the quality of the accessories used.

bouquet: A sparkle style wedding bouquet should look really royal. Classic roses, peonies, orchids, anthuriums and English roses are ideal for this type of bouquet – preferably in white and soft pastel shades. Flowers are usually densely arranged next to each other, and in the bouquets themselves the green color is much less than in bohemian or rustic compositions. The ideal form of a sparkle bouquet is a Biedermeier (a perfect ball-shaped bouquet), to which it is worth adding decorative applications in the form of crystals, pearls and elegant satin ribbons.

Wedding Dress: The charming wedding dress is classic, elegant and luxurious at the same time. Classic white is dominant, decorated with decorative applications in the form of crystals or pearls. A sparkle style wedding dress is often a mermaid style dress with a long, extended train. It can be decorated with elegant lace, and its distinguishing feature is a beautiful contoured neckline. It is worth choosing rich jewelry for the dress itself – long earrings or a massive necklace. When it comes to hair, classic and simple bobby pins that allow you to attach jewelry to your hair will work great.

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