Top Songs – Top World Songs – Your YouTube Music for the Day – List on 7/05/2022

The event list is a collection of the best 🔥 TOP20 music songs that the world is experiencing today. Check if no injuries have passed to your ears. Listen to music on YouTube or Spotify. 1st place still belongs to the hit as it was. Any hits have changed the system yet? Check out the best results in the 7.05 list.

Looking for music for today? Here you will find the top 20 most popular songs. The order is determined by the number of times each Spotify song has been played. We download music videos from YouTube, where you can also listen to whole songs a lot. Where is Lizzo’s song “About Damn Time” today? What made the track MAMIII exceed the TOP20? Is Cris Mj still at the end of the list?

Hits List – Quoted on May 7, 2022

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Charts, TOP3 songs

Here is the latest list of charts as of 07/05/2022. Have you already heard the song: First Class? You can listen to songs on Spotify, and you can watch music video on YouTube. In addition, you will also find other attractive results in our charts. What items from the playlist suit your taste? Which beat makes your heart beat faster? What makes your legs want to dance? We invite you to our list of goals!

1. As it was

  • Harry Stiles
  • Album: “As It Was”
  • position unchanged

2. First Class

  • Jack Harlow
  • Album: “First Class”
  • position unchanged

3. Heat waves

  • glass animals
  • Album: “Dreamland (+ Bonus Levels)”
  • position unchanged

Charts, places 4th to 10th

Although these hits did not reach the podium, they were still very loud. Our song list showcases the top 20 catchy songs, it’s not even half the world’s music today for you. What is the most rhythmic song? What is the easiest song to sing on your charts? Which hit is a surprise to you? Hear more places from today’s charts for our hit list.

4. Provenza

  • Carol C.
  • Album: “PROVENZA”
  • position unchanged

5. Stay (with Justin Bieber)

  • Baby Laroy, Justin Bieber
  • Album: “F*CK LOVE 3: OVER YOU”
  • position unchanged

6. Bam Bam (with Ed Sheeran)

  • Camila Cabello, Ed Sheeran
  • Album: “Familia”
  • position unchanged

7. About the Curse of Time

  • Lizo
  • Album: “About Damn Time”
  • 3 🔼

8. Cold Heart – PNAU Remix

  • Elton John, Dua Lipa, PNAU
  • Album: “Insurance Sessions”
  • 1 🔻

9. Midnight

  • Elie Doh
  • position unchanged

10. Enemy (with JID) – Arcane League of Legends series

  • Imagine Dragons, JID, Arcane, League of Legends
  • Album: “Mercury – Act 1”
  • 2 🔻

List of visits, places 11-20.

These are the last 10 songs from today’s charts. Which songs have fallen off and which ones are rising to the top of the list? Will there be hits here that you haven’t heard or haven’t heard yet? Is Jack Harlow currently ranked 12th on our charts as a surprise to you?

11. Mami

  • Becky J, Carol J
  • Album: “MAMIII”
  • 1 🔼

12. Artificial Baby (Jack Harlow)

  • Lil’ Nas X, Jack Harlow
  • Album: “MONTERO”
  • 1 🔻

13. Una Nosh on Medellin

  • Chris MJ
  • Album: “Una Noche en Medellín”
  • position unchanged

14. Ghost

  • Justin Beiber
  • Album: “Justice”
  • position unchanged

15. Wait for U (with Drake & Tems)

  • Future, Thames, Drake
  • Album: “I NEVER LIKED YOU”
  • position unchanged

16. Envolver

  • Anita
  • Album: “Versions of Me”
  • position unchanged

17. Shivers

  • Ed Sheeran
  • album: “=”
  • position unchanged

18. Desisperados

  • Rao Alejandro, Chincho Corleone
  • Album: “VICE VERSA”
  • 2 🔼

19. Woman

  • doja cat
  • Album: “Planet Her”
  • position unchanged

20. AbcDev

  • generation
  • Album: “abcdefu”
  • 2 🔻

Hits in the Waiting Room – 07/05/2022 – Songs that break TOP20

These three songs are no longer in the top twenty of our charts. Were the other songs better? Or maybe it was a complete novelty that was just beginning to climb to the top of the charts. Watch three music tracks sitting in the waiting room on the charts today.


  • Daddy Yankee, Bad Bunny
  • Album: “LEGENDADDY”
  • 4 🔼

22. Where are you now

  • Missing Frequencies, Calum Scott
  • Album: “Where Are You Now”
  • 1 🔼

23. Good 4 u

  • Olivia Rodrigo
  • Album: “SOUR”
  • 1 🔼

You must see:

You must see

Number of visits List 05/07/2022 – How is the list created?

Our hit list is based on data from the Spotify Global playlist. Spotify keeps track of the visits played and how often they are played, thus deciding the order of the visits in the list.
For your convenience, we have included a Spotify player with songs, as well as a YouTube music video. Thanks to this, you can not only listen to the latest music, but also watch the accompanying music videos.

Have any injuries from the list of results caught your ear?

If you find a song you like here, be sure to leave us a comment. Maybe there are definitely more people who like this hit? Or maybe the melody of a song you don’t like at all? It’s not important! The only thing that matters is that we all love music and it’s hard for us to imagine our lives without it.

Do you like our target list?

If so, please come back to us regularly. We update our results list every day.

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