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There are many dilemmas related to pregnancy and motherhood, and the number of publications on this topic is so large that it is difficult to verify them yourself and choose the right one. How do you safely pass through this beautiful and at the same difficult time in the life of a woman and family? We invite you to our latest “Parent Zone” podcasts. Prepared by Mother Ida Novakoska, who asks questions to professionals. Podcasts were created in collaboration with Digital Radio and Polish Radio for Kids 24/7.

At first the child does not understand the words he is reading to him, so the ritual of reading is more important than the choice of literature. Here it is important to talk to the child so that he can know the voice of the parents. Rhythmic pieces, such as poems, songs, counting tones, work great here, because thanks to this, the child gets used to the melody, with the sound and tone of the language. Guest Ida Nowakowska said even if he does not understand the words, he still remembers them and then it is easier for the child to acquire speech and enrich vocabulary.

Baby’s first book

If we want to work with a book, that is, show it to a child, it is good to start with books specially prepared for children. These will be books of cardboard with rounded corners, made of appropriate paper, with certificates so that this book is safe. – For infants, books are prepared from white and black cardboard, and then with the addition of red or yellow. These books contain geometric shapes because a child in the first months of life is able to see and focus on such books – Gabriella Dole admitted.

The book helps readers of all ages understand the world and themselvesEmotions that arise in us, in others. So let’s adjust the book according to the topics that are important to a child of a certain age. It is worth offering such a reading to young children, on which they will find topics such as home, family, animals, yard, nature, etc. – sum up the guest of the Polish children’s radio broadcast.

Reading can have many functions. One of them is the relaxation and calm function. There are studies that say that reading books for pleasure can reduce stress levels by up to 68%. A dozen or so minutes spent on a book is enough. This stress is re-teached in both the child and the person reading it.

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In her interviews, Ida Novakovska, a young mother, asks experts in various fields with questions that bother her. In conversations with experts, he wants to dispel doubts and fears and check the contradictory information available on the Internet. Driven by herself and her experience, she wants to help moms like her with moms first experiences.

The first podcast prepared by the author in cooperation with Polish Radio for Children can be heard every Wednesday.

Each episode is interactive. On the day each episode begins Facebook profile of Polish Radio for Children In the comments under a specially prepared post it will be possible to ask questions to the author. More information about

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