Singer’s Mask: The Grand Finale. Stork, rain, rooster – who will win?

“Singer Mask” It is the Polish version of the format that has gained immense popularity all over the world. A bunch of celebrities go through the show, but the judges and audience have no idea who’s standing in front of them. Each of the singing stars appears on stage in special costumes.

During the show, only hints are sent to guide viewers and audiences to the identity of a particular artist. At the end of each episode, the identity of the person who dropped out of the program is revealed (deletion by audience votes).

So far they have said goodbye to the program: Mateusz Panasyuk (Torte), Stefano Terrazino (Octopus) and Gergegors Skowinsky (The Beast), Widma (Daria Chadocha), Dorota Gardias (Rota), Kekzag (shower), Marcin Miller (Cat), and Peta Kozydrac (Sun).

Today at 20 on TVN, the last episode will start, during which we will learn about the winner of the program. They have a chance to win Rooster, stork and rain.

Who – according to the viewers – are the individual participants?

He shouted, “I want a Go Stork CD.” Cuba Wojewódzki After the first appearance in the program Mysterious Participant. The jurors are betting that she was hiding under this outfit: Natalia Brzebiz, Cleo, Ewa Varna or Christina Kzupona.

However, the onlookers, faster than the investigators, were almost certain of the stork’s identity. From the beginning they were betting that under the outfit there was a singer and finalist runner-up “The Voice of Poland” – Anna Crown. Why did they choose it?

In addition to a very strong and very distinctive voice resembling a curlew, among the hints are references to the tattoo of a swallow. The singer got a tattoo on her right arm. The next tip was about backing vocals. Before Krawan began her solo career forever, she sang in the choirs of the greatest Polish stars: Andrzej Piaseczny, Kasia Cerekwicka, Ania Dąbrowska, Ania Wyszkonia.

Crone also had functional interruptions that fit the hint of “stop rumbling” she’s living from.

As a journalist on TVN in the role rooster Almost all clues indicate. In his suggestions, we see Sim, which might suggest that he is a journalist dealing with politics. There are also words about interviews and radio. Prior to his participation in TVN24, Skórzyński worked for TOK FM.

In the claims, suggestions are made about children and about the fidelity of one partner for more than 20 years. Skórzyński is married to Anna whom he met on a pilgrimage. He also has three children.

Krzysztof Skórzyński is also deeply religious and has talked about this in several interviews. Meanwhile, the rooster stated that “as a faithful rooster, I believe in a great and righteous bird,” and the Bible stated “in the beginning was the word.” He also talked about being a collector of old newspapers and vinyl records. Currently, after the ’email scandal’, Skórzyński has been transferred to TVN to tackle sports and snowboarding, which also appears to have been referred to in one of the hints.

Interestingly, the rooster also carries a guitar, and Skórzyński played the guitar, among others on “Dzień Dobry TVN” where among others sang the cover of the song Mitic Szyniak “I will wait”. Skórzyński’s musical traditions come from his family, and his brother is a drummer. In one claim he stated that “Rome is his home” and that he loved Italy. As a journalist, he visited the Eternal City several times.

Before the end, the passage confirms that it is hidden under the mask of a rooster Krzysztof Skórzyński. In one episode, the participant revealed that he was watching other people fly (Skórzyński ran a snowboarding studio on TVN) and there was a quote that “facts matter” (the journalist worked for many years on “Fakty”).

At first hint Raindrops And it allowed her to unleash the imagination of her identity. But with each episode it was revealing more and more. One of the tips was very important – it concerns cinema. The following suggested that she was familiar with the front pages of newspapers, was delicate and connected with a scarf.

On the next second episode of the show, we heard that Rain loves AnkaBut she is sensitive and does not crack and changes her life once and for all. Natasza Urbańska played Anka in the musical “Metro”, and this opened her way to a career. the father. Paul Anas. In the past, Urbańska appeared with him on stage, performing a piece together “Put your head on my shoulder”. She sang part of it in the alert.

Rain also revealed that he owes the same amount to Nina. It is located around Nina AndrichWho was Urbańska’s teacher. After losing the 2014 ‘Dancing with the Stars’ final, the actress and singer said:

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