Security guards corrected suit TVP Jacek Kurski

The work of Telewizja Polska It is related to the article written by Kasper Solovsky “I Served as Chief of Kursky” which was published in Gazeta Wyborcza in December of last year. The script presents the accounts of two former bodyguards of Jacek Kurski hired by TVP (whose personal details have not been disclosed).

Both described that they had to perform many tasks related to the private lives of Kurski and his wife, including. They did their shopping and home delivery or took the housekeeper to the TVP holiday center near Ostróda. During the year I did grocery shopping for the president’s wife at least a few times. When she was in the hospital, before her baby was born, one of us would make her lunch for her during office hours almost every day. The boss gave us a special card or cash, but the TV paid for the fuel. One of the guards said: We used the Fleet Card.

The protagonists of the script also claimed that during the 2020 presidential election campaign, one of them was to follow Rafai Trzaskowski, and another employee was supposed to search the Agora headquarters for journalist “JW” Agnieszka Koplik on the day she did so. She did not attend her court hearing by TVP, where she submitted sick leave certificates.

TVP wanted two patches of “Gazeta Wyborcza”

Polish TV Two corrections have been made to the article to the editor-in-chief of Gazeta Wyborcza. In one, she statedThat the TVP employees “used by President Korsky did not follow Thomas Lees and Christoph Chabansky”, and in the second – that Korsky “does not use security guards paid from public money for political purposes.”

JW declined to publish both corrections on the grounds that they were useless and misleading. I also assessed that since the article described Jacek Kurski’s use of Polish TV employees for private purposes, you should request correction by Kurski, not by TVP.

In this case, Polish TV File a claim to post a correction. Last Friday, the Warsaw District Court dismissed the case in a non-final decision.

– He noticed it In either case, the corrections are not about a great deal of information or facts, but about some of the opinions of the people that appear in the text. Opinions cannot be corrected. According to the court, the allegations of Telewizja Polska SA against the editor-in-chief are groundless – the description of Agora’s lawyer Piotr Rogowski, citing the website “GW”.

The Court took the position that the parts of the articles referred to by the corrections do not apply to TVP, but to Jacek Kurski. – The allegations were rejected, as confirmed by the court in the closing oral speech, on formal and substantive reasons Rojovsky confirmed.

One of the security guards withdrew, and Korsky announced legal action

Even before the text was published, its author sent questions to the head of Telewizja Polska, but received a response to an SMS Withdrawal of their informants per word spoken (although they had to declare their willingness to testify in court earlier).

“I withdraw my consent to the publication of the interview and any information from me. I prepared them under the influence of error and emotionsBecause I wanted Take revenge on your former boss from TVP, and editor Kacper Sulowski wanted to make this available to me by posting at Gazeta Wyborcza. This information is wrong. I demand a halt to publication,” it was unanimously written.

The television also responded to the journalist, noting that the statements of the informants clarified all the doubts and “emphasizing that the questions received and the planned publication came within the framework of a provocation against TVP.”

Immediately after the article was published, Jacek Kurski wrote on Twitter that the text “contains lies and manipulated information.” – the left Based on consciously wrong information It was obtained from the people who mentioned it themselves. I’m taking this matter Appropriate legal steps – We read. – As before, the slanderers will have to refute their lies. These attacks often Also for my relativesIt won’t scare me. TVP will continue to show the truth lately as A. Michnik The one who makes drunk see a salute to humiliate the criminal W Jaruzelski. A: It’s the new GW revenge slander I’m leaving for the public.

The head of Public Broadcasting did not answer our question, what he would ask the editors of Gazeta Wyborcza (other than correction and apology), but we know unofficially that lawyers are now working on these issues.

TVP wrote about the “chocolate attack”

The TVP Information Center took the position on the text, writing in the ad that the text “GW” is “low revenge To reveal to TVP the true face of Adam Michnick, who honors the drunk communist criminal.” – Answer by “Gazeta Wyborcza” to Reliable and revealing material on TVP On the humiliating memory of the victims of martial law and the shocking close relationship between Michnik and Jaruzelski Attack on TVP with Chocolate For the pregnant wife of President Kursky – we read.

A week ago, Anita Gargas Investigative Magazine published a film dating back to December 13, 2001, in which the Teresa Torańska team recorded a meeting between Adam Michnik and General Wojciech Jaruzelski. Then Michnik, who was an unexpected guest, spoke of Jaruzelsky as a hero and reiterated that he loved him.

According to Telewizja Polska – behind the text of “Wyborcza” there is a “revenge and a former employee of TVP conflicting with his supervisor”, who “provided a misleading and exaggerated version of events”. – Therefore, the Gazeta-Wyburcza article contains deliberately tampered and fabricated information – which is officially acknowledged by the only source cited by Gazeta. It represents this A clear breach of ethics and press law. Whoever repeats these lies also breaks these rules.

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