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Publication date 04/15/2022

Marian Stefan Kozelevsky, sub-inspector of the State Police, is the patron of the Warsaw Police Headquarters. Adam Mickiewicz wrote of people the size of our hero in the third part of Dziady that they are “like lava (…) and their inner fire will not be cooled for 100 years (…)”. During the partition, it was people like Marian Stefan Kozelevsky who gave hope that although they were enslaved, the heat of their freedom would one day get rid of the invaders and Poland would be free. subinsp history. Kozielewski is an undeniable example of an honest readiness to sacrifice for the sake of the nation and the Fatherland in the name of humanity and respect for the right to peaceful coexistence of nations. Committed to promoting the memory of our hero, we present to you the first part of the film “PATRON”, a film an attempt to present the biography of podinsp. BP Marian Stefan Kozelevsky. Soldier, policeman whose actions had a great influence on the formation and security of the Republic of Poland.

Sub-Inspector Marian Stefan Kozelwski has been patron of the Warsaw Police Headquarters since January 9, 2019. During the sponsorship ceremony, the Cabinet prepared for the Metropolitan Police Commander an exhibition dedicated to the patron and the State Police of the Second Polish Republic. The unveiling of the commemorative plaque at the Kosovo Power Plant was very solemn and took place in a solemn atmosphere, the Chief Inspector of the KSP website Anna Kedzerzawska reported as follows:

https://www.policja.pl/pol/aktualnosci/168250, Podinsp-Marian-Stefan-Kozielewski-Patronem-KSP.html

Marian Stefan Kozelevsky was born on September 6, 1897 in لودód, as a teenager, she was involved in activities aimed at restoring the independence of Poland, which has been absent since 1795 on the maps of Europe. So strong was the desire for freedom in 17-year-old Kozielewski that he secretly ran away from home against his mother and joined the Polish armies to fulfill his and other Poles’ dreams of freedom. This event will have a significant impact on the entire biography of the future commander of the Metropolitan Police, Deputy Inspector of the State Police, about which Roman Mickiewicz from the Warsaw Police Chief’s Office wrote in 1999:

https://hit.policja.gov.pl/hit/do-pobrania/181966, Biogram-Mariana-Stefana-Kozielewskiego-patrona-Komendy-Stolecznej-Policji.html

Today from the movie “PATRON”, which we invite you to watch, you will be able to find out, among other things, what his younger brother Jan Kozelevsky said about Marian Stefan Kozelevsky, who later took his name under a secret pseudonym from World War II and is now known to the world as Jan Karski. We will also show what Joseph Piłsudski said when 17-year-old Kozielewski, who wanted to fight for Poland, saw whether it was possible to keep the then head of the Supreme Audit Office at police headquarters with impunity, why the car with Józef Piłsudski was stopped in one From the first holidays on May 3 and what resulted from them and what were the policemen at that time using ice blocks? Taking you to the times of the Second Polish Republic, we will try to show the spirit of the police service of that time and how the imagination of the proverbial Ulan was manifested at that time. We will also show many pictures from the life of Warsaw before the war.

We wish you a pleasant time watching the first part of the movie “PATRON”, and at the same time we invite you to communicate with the Department of Social Communication in the General Command of the National Police of all countries that have security-related souvenirs in their archives, especially those related to the post-war period The second world, which, with your consent, can be used in the second part of our film.

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