Kalish. Acting Festival 62 . Started

On Saturday, May 7, “Awantura w Chioggi” will open the Kalisz part of KST from the Wybrzeże Theater in Gdańsk.

– Dellarte’s comedy presented in an unusual way. A performance with a lot of attractions and acrobatics – says Bartosz Zaczykevic, head of the Kalisz Theater and director of the festival.

On the second day on the chamber stage we will watch the comedy “Bad Jews” from the Gdynia Cultural Center.

– Four young actors play frantically, not giving the audience a moment to rest – says the head of the Kalish Theater.

On the same day, on the big stage, together with the Opole group in the play “Top Secret Search” Der. Norbert Rakovsky will be performed by Katarzina Hermann.

On Monday, the film “The Plague”, based on the novel “The Plague” by Icelandic director Ona Thorlevsdottir, was shown with the band Teatr im. Stefa na Żeromskiego in Kielce headed by Joanna Kasbrick. In the evening, the thriller “Chenini” from the National Theater in Warsaw, directed by Gregors Macicki.

On Tuesday we will see, among others Adam Ferenczi and Wukász Lewandowski in “The Art of Toning”, which bends space-time, from the Dramatic Theater in the capital, Warsaw. The show lasts 3 hours and 45 minutes.

– It’s a long run but great show from start to finish – Praises to the Festival Director.

In the middle of the festival there are two more performances: “Doll Dom. Part 2” by Teatr Nowy in Zabrze with the main role of Magdalena Waligórska-Lisiecka, and “nieg” in the co-production of theaters from Krakow, Warsaw and Katowice Gdask, with the participation, among others, of actors Known people from the Stary National Theater in Krakow: Iona Bodner, Julius Krzysztofsky, Simon Kazaki and Artur Scheuus.

On Thursday we will see “Wujaszek Wania” from the Ludowy Theater in Krakow (Grand Prix of the “Divine Comedy” festival) with Maja Pankiewicz and “An Unexpected Return” from the IMKA Theater in Warsaw in an unexpected cast of stars. This two-person play will be played by Daniel Olbrichki and Thomas Karolak on the big stage.

On Friday, the Współczesny Theater team in Warsaw will present “Who Wants to Be a Jew?” Marek Modzilowski, directed by Wojciech Malajkat (authors of last year’s hit ‘Shame’, 61st South Korean City’s Most Bogoslaw). There will be, among others, Isa Kona, Krzysztof Drakes, Andrei Zelensky and Barbara Waipich of Kalish.

On the last day of the councils in Calais, the film “Who is Mr. Schmidt?” was produced. With Marcin Trzosowski and “Alien” based on the fantastic novel by Maria Konsiewicz from the Polish theater in Pozna, in which Aldona Szostak plays the main role.

– The performance will cause a lot of trouble to the jury, because it is performed perfectly – says Bartosz Zaczykevich.

As he points out, NTN version 62 will bring a lot of wise and good thinking.

The festival should bring great satisfaction from artistic experiences, but above all from the art of acting. Performances either talk about our personality or touch the art of theater in an unusual way – explains Bartosz Zaczykevic.

He also emphasized that the theater’s theatrical function will be exceptionally strong this year.

Who will pick the best theatrical roles for 62KST this year?

Dorota Ignatjo – Actress, graduate of PWST in Krakow and postgraduate in Management. In the years 1995-2003 she sang at the Polish Theater in Warsaw. From 2003 associated with the National Theater in Warsaw, incl. Assistant Director and Assistant Technical Director. In 2011-2016, he was Deputy Artistic Director of the Zagłębie Theater in Sosnowiec. In 2016-2020, director of Osterwa in Lublin. From 2021 new theater director in ód.
Tadeusz Kornai – theater scientist, professor at Jagiellonian University, works in the Department of Theater and Drama. It deals primarily with research on twentieth-century theater and the relationships between theater and religion. Author of numerous treatises and books, and sometimes theater reviewers. He was the editor-in-chief of Gazeta Teatralna Didaskalia (Editor-in-chief in 2004-2008). He is a member of the editorial board of the quarterly magazine “Teatr Lalek”.
Dominic Nowak – Actor (PWST Kraków), director, co-founder of Teatr Nowy in Kraków, author of several theater projects, teacher (L’art Studio), screenwriter, entrepreneur, winner of several awards for artistic and organizational activity. He played dozens of roles in theater, cinema, serials and TV shows, and also worked as a presenter on stage. He has experience building character roles, he feels good in the comedic repertoire. From 2016, General and Technical Director of Nowy Teatr im. Witkacy in Słupsk.
Rafai Torowski Journalist and reviewer. A fan of theater, he is interested in the contemporary theatrical life of the country, which is reflected in the theater blog rafalturow.ski, which he runs as a newspaper. He works as a radio presenter in Chillizet, dealing with culture, especially theater, and has previously worked, among others, on Radio Zet, Trójka, RDC and TVP.

accompanying events

Every day after the performances, viewers will have the opportunity to participate in meetings with artists led by Jacek Wakar, theater critic, journalist, head of the cultural editorial office of PAP. After talks with the creators, the festival club “Kontrabas” will host live concerts under the theme “Nocna Muzyka”. The festival will also be accompanied by events organized by friendly cultural institutions. CKiS Cinema will present a children’s play “Butterfly” directed by Michal Grzybowski.

There will also be exhibitions. “No-fly zone” by Marius Warras is an exhibition consisting of 7 works presented in the space of our city, at bus stops, and a “passing” mural, because it can be seen only until May 27. It was created at the headquarters of the exhibition organizer, Galeria Sztuki im. Jan Tarasin in Kalisz in St. Józefa 5, on the wall of the Pulsar Gallery. Moreover, the exhibition invites you to the exhibition “Happy Cry!” The artistic and organizational duo of Ewa Mrozekevich and Bartosz Zimniak.

The Water Tower Cultural Arts Center invites you to attend an exhibition of photographs by Magdalena Franschuk ‘Salamander’. The exhibition consists of about 40 images inspired by Stefan Grabinsky’s novel. And although the film for this piece was never made, when watching the gallery, you can easily imagine what the selected frames could look like. Magdalena Franschuk’s images are the hallmark of the film’s scenes. The actors (we’ll recognize here, among others, Marcin Czarnik, Jan Peszek or Jerzy Schejbal) stand here in carefully polished style, amidst an extensive design ensemble.

62nd . Calis Theater Meeting Program

May 7, Saturday
18.00 big stage
Opening 62 KST
“Awantura w Chioggi” Carlo Goldoni/Der. Pawe Aigner, Wybrzeże Theater in Gdansk
May 8 Sunday
5.00 pm Chamber Theater “Bad Jews” Joshua Harmon/Monastery. Grzegorz Chrapkiewicz, Gdynia Cultural Center
18.30 Big Stage “A Top Secret Search” Ivan Wyrypajew / dir. Norbert Rakovsky, Teeter M. Jan Kochanowski in Opole
May 9, Monday
6:00 p.m. Kalises Arts and Culture Center “Zaraza” Neil Bartlett/Der. Una Thorlevsdottir, Teeter M. Stefan Siromsky in Kielce
20.00 Room Theater “Breathing” Duncan Macmillan / dir. Grzegorz Małecki, National Theater in Warsaw
May 10, Tuesday
18.00 Chamber Theater “The Art of Toning” Tadeusz Słobodzianek / dir. Anna Vikzor, Dramatic Theater in Warsaw
Wednesday May 11
17.00 Room Theatre “A Doll’s House. Part 2” Lucas Hanath / Der. Katarzyna Dičić, the new theater in Zabrze
19.00 The Great Theater “Snow” on the basis of Orhan Pamuk / dir. Bartosz Szydłowski, Łaźnia Nowa Theatre, Krakow, Co-production: Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre, STUDIO Teatrgaleria, Teatr Śląski im. Stanisław Wyspiański in Katowice
May 12, Thursday
17.00 Chamber Theater “Uncle Wanya” Anthony Chekhov / monastery. Małgorzata Bogajewska, People’s Theater in Krakow
20.00 Grand Theater “An Unexpected Return” by Serge Krepos, IMKA Theatre, Judeko Theater from Warsaw
May 13, Friday
It’s six in the evening. Grand Theater “Who Wants to Be a Jew?” Marek Modzilowski/Dir. Wojciech Malajkat, contemporary theater in Warsaw
May 14, Saturday
12.00 Kalisz Culture and Arts Center “The Butterfly” Screening of a children’s film / monastery. Michał Grzybowski (accompanying event)
16.00 Chamber Theater “Who is Mr. Schmidt?” Sebastian Terry/Der. Cesare Eber, Teatre M. Wojciech Bogusławski in Kalisz
Six o’clock: Grand Theater “Alien” Maria Kuncewiczowa / dir. Katarzyna Minkowska, the Polish theater in Pozna
Around 8:50 p.m.
(inside the group)
End of 62 KST, jury verdict announced.

After the performances, meetings with the actors will be held in the festival tent. Free admission. In the evening, the theater invites you to small concerts at the Kontrabas Festival Club.

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