Condolences to the people. Meet Ifi Ude – Two

Ifi Ude is a multidisciplinary independent artist. Singer, music producer, non-professional actress, music composer and lyrics. She made her debut in 2013 with the album “Ifi Ude”. The artist’s second album was released last year. Six years after her debut, Ludevo published in 2021, a record for her of a period of massive changes in her life, a test of strength between dreams and reality. It’s also another look at how folk or ethnic music is inspired.

About no, but most of all we will talk with the artist about the 24th festival of the popular Polish radio Nowa Tradycja.

Additionally, in broadcast:

  • Grzesiuk Festival 2022 in Warsaw! Tomorrow in Warsaw, a real celebration of street ensembles, all thanks to the Baza Theater and the Grzyseok Festival, which is already its seventh edition this year. The fun will last from morning to evening. Olga Bauschka spoke about the Grzesiuk Festival with his co-organiser, Katarzyna Gumienna.
    5:12 am Dwojka 2022_05_07-07-49-45 Morning II. mp3 Grzesiuk Festival 2022 (Dwójka / Poranek Dwójki)
  • An interview with the Niewte Ensemble, third prize winner in the 2021 Folk Sound Recording Competition. “Excellent evidence of how the sounds generated by direct admiration for popular music can be boldly combined with new arrangements, performance, and instrumental solutions.” writes Tomasz Janas, one of the sound recording jurors Popular 2021, for Newt’s “Osmętnica Electronica” album. Hanna Szczęśniak spoke about the album with Anthony Pecciak, the musician and ethnomusicologist who co-created Niewte.
    07:03 Dwojka 2022_05_07-08-14-10 Monday morning. mp3 Niewte “Osmętnica Elektronica” 3rd Prize Winner in FFR 2021 (Dwójka / Poranek Dwójki)
  • We invite you to the concert New Tradition 2022 | first day | Babadag, Toji Chobe. This Friday, May 13, on stage in the studio of their Polish radio concert. Witold Lutosławski, we will open the 24th Nowa Tradycja Polish popular radio festival. The leitmotif of the festival parties are groups of musical cultures that lie at the intersection of our eastern borders: Polish-Lithuanian, Polish-Lithuanian, Belarusian and Polish-Ukrainian. The music of the Suwałki region and the Vilnius region, two regions where Polish and Lithuanian cultures have been intertwined for centuries, will be accessed through the Babadag ensemble, whose starting point will be the two essential elements of human life, and at the same time the two most important fundamental forces driving our life – love and death, that is, Lithuanian: meilė ir mirtis. Babadag band leader Ola Belinska told Alexandra Tikarska about this project
    09:13 Dwojka 2022_05_07-08-39-59 Morning of the Two.mp3 Babadag and songs about animals in the new tradition 2022 (Dwójka / Poranek Dwójki)
  • In “Źródłosłów” we looked at milk
  • About the latest album Laila McCali“Breaking the thermometer to hide the fever,” the artist said in an interview with Hanna Szczyniak. A full interview will be listened to here.
    15:02 Dwojka 2022_05_07-09-15-59 Monday morning. mp3 Leila McCalla with her latest album “Breaking the Thermometer…” (Dwójka / Poranek Dwójki)

We listened to:

  • 7.09 Antonio Vivaldi Concerto VE Flat Major for Violin and Cello Piccolo RV 515, i. Allegro Giuliano Carminola, Mario Brunello Accademia dell’Annunciata (4:20)
  • 7.16 Laila McCall Dimanche Fort (3:07)
  • 7.25 naphtha devil dance (3:23)
  • 7.32 a second Yorgov (2:44)
  • 7.37 Mr. Lin’s caterpillar Fiona McGowan, Les Musiciens De Saint-Julien (2:47)
  • 7.45 wild boar You Pooh (2:42)
  • 7.54 Franz Schubert Piano Sonata in B Major, D .575 Paul Lewis (5:43)
  • 8.02 Karol Szymanowski, Symphony No. 2 in Big Flat B, Ref. 19, 1910 Edition, second movement (part) Krakow Philharmonic Orchestra. Alexander Humala (4:45)
  • 8.09 Kosos coronary (3:22)
  • 8.19 Arcangelo Corelli Sonata in E minor, ref. 5, No. 8, II. Allegro Stefano Majorana (1:59)
  • 8.27 michalov Zberimosia (3:21)
  • 8:33 by Layla McCall dudenin (3:28)
  • 8.45 Babbage Ege Tully Tully / Too Far (4:20)
  • 8.55 Marco Uccellini Sonate, arie et correnti op. 3 No. 24 – Aria Quinta Supra la Bergamasca Cymbales (4:57)
  • 9.08 Damasiewicz From Babij Jorah to the fields (7:08)
  • 9.20 Laila McCool Bucky (4:11)
  • 9.25 Ifi Ude, Bart Pałyga, POGAN Under the pine tree (6:55)
  • 9.46 outline Fresh (5:12)
  • 9.52 baguette was desperate (4:45)


Program title: Folk Morning Dwójki

Drove: Peter Kodzyorek

Release date: May 7, 2022

Broadcasting time: 9.30

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