Balcony trends for 2022. Boho is still in fashion!

Insurance made us attach more importance to the interior design of our apartment. Its important element is also the balcony space – it is often overlooked, neglected or simply neglected. In the meantime, it turns out that with the arrival of warm days, the balcony becomes a private oasis and an alternative to the garden.

Balcony Trends for 2022. Urban GardeningBalcony Trends for 2022. Urban Gardening – Maria Korneva/Shutterstock

Large expressive plants have played an important role in decorating an apartment for several seasons. During the pandemic, they have gained more popularity – we have spent more time than before in our four walls and many people have felt the need to surround themselves with what is associated with nature or travel. This trend has not disappeared. Moreover, it can also be seen in balcony arrangements. Balconies look more and more like gardens. After all, in the city, not everyone can have their own plot, and the balcony provides many opportunities to create a patch of private green space.

However, it is worth reaching not only the classic varieties of balcony plants, such as geraniums or begonias. It also looks beautiful Conifers in pots or round boxesAnd ornamental grasseven succulents (Just remember not to expose it to too much moisture.) They also appear in pots alongside ornamental plants herbseven vegetables if fruit. They will also become a more and more willingly chosen solution balcony greenhousesWhere you can grow your own tomatoes.

Balcony Trends for 2022. Boho StyleBalcony trends for 2022. Boho style – Valentina Solovic / Shutterstock

Boho style has not lost its popularity for several seasons. In fashion, it is associated with references to hippie aesthetics or ethnic motifs. However, it also appears in interiors – including balconies.

The balcony in the bohemian style is distinguished by the presence of a large number of textiles. They are used in order carpet (See: A carpet for the balcony and veranda – is it a good idea? How to choose it?), Bedspreads, rugs and curtainsWhich may separate the balcony space a bit from the outside world. You can’t miss it either pillows, arranged on chairs, porch chairs, or serve as benches. Textiles are colorful, patterned – patchwork bedspreads or densely woven rugs with expressive texture are perfect.

Boho style is also a passion for what is diverse and natural at the same time. Recycled furniture, which does not necessarily belong to one group, will perfectly fit into these aesthetics. They are still popular Furniture from pallets or fruit boxes. It also deserves attention antique tables and chairsFound in flea markets. A wicker braid or grass rug will serve as a cover for a balcony in a boho style.

Balcony Trends for 2022. Rustic StyleBalcony Trends for 2022. Rustic Style – Anna Nahabd / Shutterstock

A rustic-style balcony is basically the perfect relaxing space. Light muted colors prevail here, including earth tones. Natural materials such as wood, wicker, linen and cotton also play an important role. Arrangement is to refer to the rustic traditions and the interior of a country house. It should be natural, warm, comfortable and modest at the same time.

In this case, furniture made of pallets and boxes, as well as all kinds, will also work great Simple wooden tables and chairs. It will look great Flower pot rack looks like a ladder or wooden flower pots. It is also worth noting that plants are a very important element of a country balcony. It should look like the ones grown in the home garden – it should be colorful, a bit wild And as local as possible. Varieties that will make balcony pots similar to a flower meadow are ideal.

Balcony Trends 2022. Braided FurnitureBalcony trends for 2022. Braided furniture – Lucky Project / Shutterstock

Braided furniture for the balcony is quite classic, and at the same time another nod to the aforementioned rustic and boho styles. those made of rattanAnd wicker if kelp They are very stylish, comfortable and evoke associations with a trip to a summer resort. It must be remembered that the furniture is made of natural materials Take from the balcony for the winter! They are not frost-resistant and can deform or crack under the influence of low temperatures.

They can also become a substitute poly rattan balcony furniture – Equally aesthetic thanks to the braided pattern, and at the same time more durable and resistant to weather conditions (high and low temperatures, rain or snow). It also does not fade when exposed to sunlight.

Balcony Trends 2022. Comfortable SeatingBalcony trends for 2022. Comfortable seating – Agha Morawska / Shutterstock

The classic lounge chair is just the beginning! One of the clearest porch trends for 2022 is putting hammock-like or swing-out seating on balconies. They usually have a more complex structure than the classic garden swing – and they usually take shape Chairs suspended on a shelf or attached to the ceiling. The choice of a particular model depends on individual preferences and … available space. seat on chassis Unfortunately, it will not fit into a balcony that is too small, in the meantime Hammock chair (also known as the Brazilian chair) Attached with rope or chain to hooks in the ceiling, it does not take up much space and is easy to store.

The most important thing is that you can swing on it and relax as if you were on a real hammock!

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