What’s new in Microsoft Teams? April summary

Microsoft has published a monthly summary for Teams. April news includes meetings, calls, devices, chat, collaboration, management, and features for education, frontline workers, and government. You can check out an overview of the most important changes in our study below.


Join meetings anonymously in other clouds

The Teams desktop app lets you join meetings via the cloud anonymously. Previously, when we wanted to join a meeting hosted on the cloud other than our tenant, we were redirected to the Teams browser app. Now commercial users can join GCC, GCC-High and DOD cloud meetings from the desktop application. The function uses an existing setting Allow anonymous users to join meetings. If it is configured, no additional action is required.

Improvements to notifications during the meeting on iOS

Microsoft has added a “drawer” for notifications that will be displayed at the top of the meeting screen. System notifications can be previewed, expanded, and cleared with the click of a button. This helps reduce distraction during the meeting.

Share audio from the system in meetings in the browser

Teams web app users can now include system audio when sharing a desktop or window in a meeting. This is especially useful when transmitting a video with music or recorded narration. This setting can be found in the content sharing settings.

Microsoft Teams - Voice Sharing

Presenter Mode: Controls the size and position of the presenter’s video

Presenter mode now allows the presenter to choose whether their character appears to the left or right of the presentation, as well as change the size of the video stream, with other content automatically set to that size. This can be applied to all desktop or window sharing modes.

Microsoft Teams - Presenter Mode

Improved support for meetings in Firefox

Firefox users can now enjoy full support for voice, desktop, and window sharing in Teams meetings.

Auto detect music

The previously released noise canceling is now enabled by default for most clients. The machine learning-based function detects all non-verbal signals and mutes them automatically. To avoid muting music as well, Teams comes with ML-based music detection that will notify you when there is music. This gives the end user a choice as to whether the music is desirable (eg in a music class) or should be treated as unwanted noise (eg background music in a coffee shop). At the moment, the functionality is only available to EDU users.

Microsoft Teams - Music Discovery

Live Captions for Teams on VDI – Azure Virtual Desktop and Citrix

Live feedback is now available for free in Teams in Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) for Azure Virtual Desktops and Citrix. The software in these tenants is already able to recognize what was said and who said it and provide real-time translation.

Microsoft Teams - Live Captions


Outlook contacts are available to select for contact

Outlook Contacts with an associated phone number is now available in the dropdown list to select the contact in calling scenarios such as the numeric keypad in the Conversations app or call forwarding. The feature is available to users with a phone number associated with teams.

Emergency Call Banner

Administrators can now notify their users of an emergency call via a custom caption banner that will appear in the Calls app. Users will be able to learn more by clicking on it.

Configure end user call forwarding settings

Administrators can now configure call forwarding settings on behalf of users in their tenant through the Teams admin center or the Teams PowerShell module. Now, if users leave the office unexpectedly, calls can be routed to one or more delegates or set up to answer group calls so you don’t miss important calls.

Chat and Collaborate

Text suggestions in the Teams mobile app

As you type a message or reply to a conversation in Teams, the app will show you suggestions that suggest the appropriate word or phrase. This saves time and reduces the number of errors.

Use Power Automate templates in team templates

Team templates in Teams make it easy to build a team with pre-defined channels and pre-installed apps. Now the selected team templates will include a new Power Automate tab where you will find a selection of Power Automate flow templates.

Microsoft Teams - Energy Automation Templates

Fluent Emoji in Microsoft Teams

Teams joins Microsoft 365 and Windows Updated all emojis and reactions to the new style. This gives you access to more than 1800 live and expressive emoji to choose from.

Suggested responses in chat

Need a quick response to your message? Suggested chat responses in Teams dextope use assistive AI to generate 3 short and original responses based on the context of the previous message. Instead of typing a reply, simply click on one of the suggestions that best fits your conversation.

Suggested responses in a Microsoft Teams chat

Submit files to request approval through the Power Automate portal

Files uploaded in the Power Automate portal will now appear in the Teams approval request details view window.

Chat filter for non-meeting chats

The new chat filter feature allows you to quickly find messages and chat conversations. The filter covers 1:1 chats or group chats and will filter meeting chats and chats with bots.

Microsoft Teams - Chat Filter

And that will be when it comes to the top stories in Teams from the past month. Do you want to know more? Also check us Summary of changes from April 2022 to Microsoft 365!

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