warning! TVN. Famous at Mastercard Off Camera Festival 2022

For ten days, viewers in cinemas in Krakow and on Player.pl can watch films from all over the world. – This is an independent film festival, and this is very important, because independent cinema is changing the world – says the head of the jury for this year’s competition, Wojciech Smarzowski. Who else appeared in the former capital of Poland? Check by correspondents of the program Attention! TVN.

warning! TVN. Mastercard Off Camera Festival 2022 main competition

This year’s Off-Camera Festival kicks off on Friday, April 29th. The reference includes films from different parts of the world and reviews of the most prominent authors in the world’s independent cinema.

The main contest prize is a check for $25,000. We will also learn about the best Polish film, best actor and best actress. One of the nominees in this year’s competition is Maria Dubska, who was honored for the role of Kalina Gudrusik in Because There’s Sex in Me.

There have been many critics saying that I am too small, too big, too fat, too thin for the role of Kalina Jodrewsic. These were mainly comments from women. I got to a point where I said: screw it up, beat the critics and those who know best. I will do it my way – says Maria Dubska.

Thanks to the film, the character of Kalina Godrosic has returned to us from the distant past and once again inspired women.

– It’s so cool at festivals that it turns out we’re doing it for the people. That it wasn’t some of my needs, I should stand in the spotlight and get filmed. After this film, many women wrote to me: “Oh my God, I’d like to live like this for just one day.” Write again: “Why one day? You can live your whole life on your own terms.” I also love defending this movie when no one likes it. I love arguing about films – reveals Dębska.

At the Off Camera Festival there are many respected artists, but there are also beginners – young artists who are just entering the cinema halls.

It may happen that there is no opportunity in this profession. Right from the start, when we go to drama school, we face this fear, because there are so many candidates and so few places. – Actress Magdalena Shack confirms. And she adds: – For us to be present at this festival in Krakow, being nominated is a great honor. I feel like I won.

Seventeen actors were nominated in the competition – from beginners to stars. We’ll find out who will win on Sunday.

Wojciech Smarzowski on the Jury for Mastercard Off Camera 2022

Director Wojciech Smarzowski will make his debut at this year’s Off Camera Festival as chair of the jury.

– I was on the jury in high school, on amateur films, and that’s all I gotta do. Now I’m starting to watch movies – Smarzowski laughs. He adds: – It is an independent film festival, which is very important because Independent cinema is changing the world. I love watching movies that I can’t make myself. Besides, I am driven by emotions. Cinema is emotions. Calculated conceptual cinema interests me on average.

One of the best actresses of Polish cinema and television will also attend the festival: Iowa Wiśniewska.

– In the profession of an actor, you can receive an award and then stop performing. This is happiness. My father, a violinist, told me that the most important thing was work, talent and happiness – says Wiśniewska.

The actress assures that meetings with the audience are the most pleasant for her, which made her come to Krakow. She doesn’t like galas, red carpets, walls, and festival glamor.

– I hate the word “star”, so I preferred to be an actress because this word is related to the profession. The “star” doesn’t call anything – Actress thinks.

The film’s final screenings will run until late evening on Sunday, and the final concert will be available Sunday at 4:25 PM on TVN.

The entire report can be found in a note! TVN.

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