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A weekend in May should belong to one of the densest periods under the Tatras, because Zakopane is always the most popular destination for Poles. But in practice, as of Monday, May 2, it was hard to find crowds here, and by Tuesday, May 3, there were only a few left.

I’ve never seen such an empty road to Morskie Oko

On May 3, the Zakopane and Tatra tracks were abandoned. There were very few tourists in the capital of the Tatras who wanted to spend the last day of a long weekend. The road to Morskie Oko, always besieged, was almost empty. Groups of tourists were passing by, but more than once I did not see anyone at all.

Nor were the tourists attracted to the possibility of entering the place with a vassog, a horse-drawn carriage. The price may be disappointing for some – 70 PLN for a one-way trip from Palenica Białyakzanska Tousinica, which is about three kilometers from Morskie Oko. Disappointment with the price did not hide, among other things a group of foreign tourists. – PLN 70 one way is definitely too much – said the 20-year-old from Spain.

Since not many people showed up on the road, there were no crowds at Morskie Oko. Only when the weather brought rain and snow to the hikers did it become very crowded for a moment.

Crowd of tourists at the hostel in Morskie Oko

There were no tourists in the Tatras during the whole weekend in May? – We had crowds over the weekend. The weather was good, so tourists eagerly went out to the mountains. Yesterday was not bad either, but today there are very few – I heard on Tuesday at the gastronomic point of Atocinica.

Krupowki Street is crowded, but there are no crowds in the building

Krupówki is a permanent walking point for many people. On May 3, there were many tourists, although it is difficult to talk about the crowds. Pedestrians looked at the nearby stalls filled with a real mix of Chinese toys, magnets, cups, glasses and handicrafts. Interestingly, many shops were open despite the current ban on trade, but tourists did not bother to shop.

Inflation and increases did not deliver until oscypek. A year ago, in early June and July, you can buy the smallest mountain cheese for 1.5 PLN a piece. Now the cost of art is 2.5 PLN. – It’s all gone. Electricity, gas, water and fuel, so we also had to raise our prices – a saleswoman at the stand told me. We will pay more for the smallest oscypek cheese directly at the cottage – PLN 4 / piece.

Grilled osabik with cranberries? A year ago, its cost was 2.5 PLN. On May 3, near Gubałówka, you had to pay 5 zlotys for it, and 4 zlotys on top of the most commercial mountain. But the most surprising of the prices were the voids at this peak of popularity. You can get here on foot, but most tourists choose to travel by train – the cost of the return trip is 27 PLN. On Tuesday after 5 pm, the mountain is already extinct. Tourists can be counted on the fingers as well as open stands. The rain scared everyone. Until 5 pm there were some people here, but when it started to rain everyone got down, and the sellers from the stalls packed their bags – I heard from one of the merchants who was selling oscypek upstairs.

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Prices have gone up in the building, so tourists chose Pedronka

24 zlotys for sauerkraut soup, 30 zlotys for pork chop and 15 zlotys for beer. A year ago, you could eat a batch of the day with compote for PLN 26. Today we will pay a minimum of 30 PLN for it, and we will have to buy the compote separately. So it is not surprising that tourists find other ways to prepare their own food.

– We got to six on Saturday and today we’ll be back together. We only went to the milk bar once, where we were able to eat our fillings for less than 30 PLN. The other days, we would go shopping in Pedronka, and then prepare dinners ourselves. There, the prices are the same as in Warsaw – said a group of tourists on Tuesday morning, I met them at the bus station. Several other people also took a similar step.

A picnic near the Tatras was not the cheapest this year, and those who wanted to rest as before the epidemic had to take into account the big expenses. Will prices go down during the summer holidays? Experts predict another increase in inflation, and resort owners are unlikely to decide to reduce prices.

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