The alphabet of style: Inez and Katarzina Witcher, VICHER designers, reveal their wardrobe secrets [Q&A]

In the next installment of the ABC style series, we look at the wardrobes of designers Inez and Katarzyna Wicher – VICHER, the two sisters in particular. What fashion do they like?

Inez and Katarzina the Witcher – Designers and sisters in particular – create one of the most exclusive fashion brands in Poland. They are famous for their modern and careless proposals. They draw from different fields of culture and arts. They perfectly sense and interpret trends, and then skillfully combine them with each other. In their collections (with which they often cooperate with local craftsmen and representatives of lesser-known professions), they focus on unique design and quality, but at the same time they do not forget about comfort. And what fashion do they like in private life? What is the style for them? As part of the ABC series, VICHER designers revealed their wardrobe secrets to us.

The alphabet of style: Inez and Katarzina Witcher, VICHER designers, reveal their wardrobe secrets

1. Style for me…

Inez: My style is a statement, a way of expressing how I feel and who I am, where I come from, what excites me at a given moment, what music I listen to, and even what I’m reading at the moment. I love the eclectic style that I draw from different cultures and subcultures. I have a strong need to express myself, it’s been inside of me since I was a kid. Fashion is the ability to change. It requires courage. We, as the VICHER duo, love changes and are brave. and contradictory. And we’ve also always stood out from the crowd.

Katarzina: For me, style is personality, character, the sum of experiences and experiences.

2. The three essential things in my wardrobe

Inez: The basis is a good oversized coat or jacket – in architectural form, full of strong lines and structures; A “message” T-shirt, pants showing my masculine nature, should be comfortable, loose and at the same time plastic, a dress – preferably with thin belts, in intense colors, with an interesting pattern, something crazy, or completely black.

Katarzyna: I love baggy pants, oversized silk shirts and glasses.

3. With whom do I turn into a wardrobe?

Inez: I don’t know, I like my wardrobe because it reflects me, so probably no one (laughs).

Katarzina: I love my wardrobe to the full 🙂

4. The best character in the movie is…

Inez: All Almodovar, of course. And it’s not just about the clothes in the movie – I’m more inspired by the design of the site. I like to capture colours, moods, something the director is trying to tell with colour.

Katarzyna: Annie Hall – a careless, slightly masculine and relaxed style.

5. How many pairs of shoes do you have?

Inez: I don’t know how many there are, but they should be cowboy boots and heavy military boots, interesting heels, but also strong in shape or with a twist. No classics!

Katarzina: I have a weakness for shoes, I wear them all and love them.

6. Favorite Brands

Inez & Katarzyna: WE LOVE VICHER :))) And without false modesty we are glad to be able to invest in Polish design. Let’s not get complexes, Polish designers are great! Let’s support what is Polish.

7. Discover the latest fashion

Katarzyna: Fashion is exhilarating both in its modern, often unrealistic form, and in what it was before, it’s beautiful coming back with a new look.

8. What do I wear on the days when I look in my wardrobe and think ‘I have nothing to wear’?

Inez: “I’m Going” to the timeless Matisse – I wore eggplant bells, a geometric sleeved blouse, and Matisa’s handcrafted drawings. When I’m not thinking (and there are days like that), I pick a suit so I don’t think over the top. Pants are always a good choice, a size too big, as well as a “timeless” T-shirt that I like to tie or wear loosely. For this outer garment – preferably a coat, which will be a shield that will separate me from the surrounding reality. I love the collars, the geometric collars, and the shapes that help me conserve my space, they are like the constellations in my world.

Katarzina: Honestly – I don’t have such moments. An oversized hoodie and a black coat always suit me.

9. The biggest extravagance in the fashion world is:

Inez & Katarzyna: A lot (laughs)! We like to mix the clothes we sew for the show with the street. Extravagance is our daily bread. Monochrome allows us to filter minds before creating new groups. Then it becomes expensive. Then we choose the overall appearance in white or black.

Inez: We like to play with colours. I like fuchsia and blue, and katarzina – green. We play with connections, bans, and have fun on the set by mixing and mixing our different outfits. We wear pink glasses for Matisse. We travel through the studio and the city like colorful birds. And then comes the moment of calm – to enter the new group you really need to have a clean head. And then we’re like crows. or white crows. As someone would prefer.

10. The first thing that came into my wardrobe:

Inez: I think 501, or the most I remember, is that.

Catarzina: Wedge shoes.

11. In a museum about me and my style, the main exhibition will be/will be:

Inez: Of course the characters who inspire us: Frida Kahlo, Salvador Dali, Paloma Picasso, and most recently Strijska. The fashion and style we create is the kind of symphony we play. In addition to monochrome rooted in our homeland, we need color in a world full of grey. Just as a musician needs a melody, a VICHER needs a bell. Colors captivate us, we follow them, discover their contrasts, saturate connections. Our shapes show how fascinated we are with the past, but we allow it to fill with fresh air—often restoring a piece of history to give it a new course. Therefore, these museum exhibits will be very interesting.

12. Best fashion advice you’ve ever heard?

Ainz: Nothing updated today. We have 2022, all style and fashion tips are simple. We’ve given up on gray, and we’ve got on with colours. Finally, you can boldly combine styles. All reservations allowed!

Katarzina: Perhaps the lack of craftsmanship …

13. If the jewelry what is it?

Inez: expressive, authentic, unusual. Be Orska, of course.

Catherine: Heavy pendants and bracelets.

14. Favorite Supplement:

Inez: Eclectic bracelets I take everywhere. My daughter often makes them especially for me during art lessons at school. I wear it all the time during spring and summer. This is my heritage that combines memories of places, holidays and emotions.

Katarzina: Sunglasses are my fetish.

15- The direction I do not understand:

Inez: I understand everything and anything goes. Fashion comes back every now and then and then rediscovers certain things, and something that once seemed terrifying can turn crazy after a while. Because it all depends on the situation, the post.

Katarzina: The trends inspire you, you should read them well, play with what was, is and will be.

16. I usually shop…

Katarzyna: Connected 🙂

17. The thing that I think will never run out is:

Inez: Perhaps the colors are black, which, on the one hand, is associated with a certain convention and an allusion to capitalism, legitimizing good taste and patriarchal cultures, and on the other hand, thanks to its dark secret, it fits perfectly with all contemporary subcultures and trends. And from the clothes … “Let me think” … (laughs)

Katarzina: I wish the thought …

18. I have more in my wardrobe:

Inez: I think denim, denim inspires me, I love its shades and its dynamics and the fact that it can have a second life.

Katarzyna: VICHER blows really well in my closet 🙂 I have a lot of bell pants that I’m madly in love with.

19. Have I ever changed my design under the influence of someone else’s opinion? Does anyone ask about your opinion?

Inez: I appreciate freedom. I am not asking anyone’s opinion.

Katarzina: Haha, if you actually consulted Inez.

20. What determines what I wear on a particular day?

Inez: It’s always a reflection of my mood, my sense of humor, my energy state. Sometimes I defiantly struggle for my well-being, giving myself energy with my clothes, but I like it even more when we are in balance – me and my clothes. We create unity and give the world one common message.

Katarzina: Always in the mood.

21. I start creating patterns from:

Inez: Thinking how do you want to feel today, what story should you tell yourself, what touched me…maybe music, movie? Something left an imprint on my head and that’s how I want to feel that day.

Katarzina: Feeling good

22. How do I keep my wardrobe tidy and know what’s in it?

Inez: The rule is: When I have an order in my head I have an order in my wardrobe. I love order in the wardrobe! I feel very organized afterwards. And this does not mean that I have it :))))) Anyway – I always need to have it. I hang clothes of a certain color gamut, and at the ends it is always black and white. I also love to enjoy the design I made – I hang it on my dresser or my door and I’m happy with the beauty and color. It’s such an inner self-revelation.

23. What does not fall into fashion?

Enez: God knows..everything happened today! The imposed patterns, cuts and colors are leftovers. We have post-physical times, so what matters are the values ​​that clothes carry with them. What matters is the feelings they give us.

Katarzina: Fashion is fashion, if you know how you can do anything.

24. The basic principle of my style is:

Inez: There is no such thing. Sometimes badly matched things inspire me – according to the old canon – to the point that they become a fetish (laughs).

Catarzina: Authenticity.

25. When it comes to fashion, I can’t forgive myself…

Inez: I’ve always had the perfect style and I’m not ashamed of it (laughs).

Katarzina: Evolution is an important thing – also in fashion :)))

26. Who taught me a sense of style? Is it in the blood?

Inez: It is enough for an open mind, the ability to assimilate the world, phenomena and events. Fashion is the essence of everything that happens on a large scale mixed with a small scale that comes from within, the state I am in currently. This combination or matrix is ​​just a fashion. This excites me so much, I love it! I even suffer from chills…

27. Your favorite wallet?

Inez & Katarzyna: Our grandmother’s purse is full of history and love.

28. The Unfulfilled Fashion Dream:

Inez & Katarzyna: Art is an inherent part of our lives. We read bios, see photos, travel, visit. We often meet artists and creators from different fields of art and culture. We create a range of emotions and experiences. We admire life and celebrate everyday life. It is an inner energy that makes us constantly perturbed, searching for something new, a new form of colour, an element of fascination, and artists are its infinite source. His life in his works is often broken, confusing, strange and therefore beautiful, and this allows us to move forward – and continue to pursue our dreams. That this wind, this inner energy that keeps us anxious, will keep us going. This will allow us to rise even higher – into more daring combinations and shapes. It will allow us to revolutionize not only our brand, but also us.

29. It is said that style has no price. Is there something in my wardrobe that costs a little and that I love more than anything else?

Inez: Japanese kimono. I am intrigued by the simplicity of the form paired with the meticulous work.

30. One thing from my wardrobe I’d never get rid of (and maybe pass it on to future generations?):

Inez & Katarzyna: The newly designed leather coat…the leather coat we just designed, we love it.

Inez: I wear it all the time!

31. The most valuable thing in my wardrobe (not necessarily price, but sentimental value):

Inez: My childhood red pleated dress with red bolero and white polka dot tie. My daughter was wearing it too. This is the beginning of the House of Fisher.

Katarzyna: An intricate leather handbag handcrafted by Anna’s grandmother.

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