Powiśle power plant: chic for spring

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Spring is finally making itself at home. Warm, sunny days are the perfect time to complement your wardrobe with something new. And shopping will be more interesting if we go to a unique place – like Elektrownia Powiśle.

Powiśle power plant is a unique place on the map of Warsaw. While touring the complex that recalls the events of the last century, visitors can visit selected stores away from the hustle and bustle. Classic elegance, fashion news, Polish brands, as well as specialized cosmetics and perfumes. Hundreds of unique products with extraordinary passion, quality and personality. This diverse portfolio means that everyone will find something for themselves at Elektrownia Powiśle.

With a light step

One of the greatest pleasures after long winter evenings in the Four Walls is a stroll in the springtime in the sunshine. When choosing it, it is worth choosing comfortable shoes for the design. But does comfort have to mean it’s sporty? not nessacary. For those who are not completely convinced by the fashion of sneakers, and who are inclined to classic and elegant styles, flat heels will be the perfect solution.

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This is from the Polish brand Balagan, thanks to its braided elements, it is unusual, looks beautiful, emphasizes the nobility of the skin and is perfect for summer. Tzama is a new style of lace-up shoes made of smooth vegetable tanned leather. They are very breathable and flexible, and thanks to the laces, they remain firmly on the foot and will work well even on long walks. They’ll be the perfect company for airy spring dresses, pleated jeans, or linen suits.

citrus cocktail

What does spring smell like? For some, the freshness of a warm rain, for others – a sea breeze, for others, this special season is associated with flowering fruit trees. And although citrus does not grow in our latitudes, its fragrance has a spring freshness. No wonder that on warm days we often reach for perfumes with a citrusy scent.

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Created at Maison Crivelli, the French perfume house Haute Parfumerie, Citrus Batikanga Eau de Parfum draws inspiration from unexpected discoveries of ingredients, offering a range of surprisingly sensual compositions full of contrasts. This unique signature fragrance impresses with its spicy, woody citrus scent, inspired by the memory of tasting a citrus cocktail spiced with hot peppers in a colorful bazaar in a tropical country. Unobtrusive and subtle, the fragrance of sharp citrusy bergamot contrasts with the warm notes of vetiver and myrrh. It’s a perfect presentation not only for spring, but also for upcoming summer.

art every day

Every season, the fashion world presents us with a handful of new trends. Some feel great among the ever-changing trends, others lean toward the classics. And it doesn’t have to be boring at all. Especially if we combine fashion with art. A silk scarf created on the basis of Raphael Olbinsky’s painting “Madame Butterfly” gives an interesting character to any design.

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Made of Italian silk with hand-rolled edges, it has been made in a limited number of 100 copies. Each of them is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity containing information about the artist, the title of the work and the edition number. It is a true work of art that we can wear every day. The scarf is also great as a gift idea for your loved one.

towards the sun

One of the greatest advantages of spring and summer is the warm sun that gently caresses your face. But our eyes don’t like the sun at all, so they need protection from it. Moreover, it is difficult to imagine spring-summer clothes without properly selected sunglasses.

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Available at the Optique boutique, this model from Prada has a modern take this season, but thanks to the classic tortoiseshell frame, it’ll be evergreen. The glasses are perfect for airy dress while walking on the beach. And as an addition to a white shirt and jeans, they will be the perfect complement to a modern look.

white nights

White is one of the most inclusive and seductive colors. It brings freshness and timeless elegance to every design.

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The off-white jacket from Paprocki & Brzozowski, with a slightly oversized cut, owes its unique character to details such as a wide collar and slippers in the pockets, as well as two elegant fabric-covered buttons. Perfect as an element of spring-summer style. Together with wide pants, they will allow you to create a stylish suit, combined with a narrow skirt – a sexy look. And carelessly imposed on a fluffy dress, they will ensure an inconspicuous and interesting styling for long days, evenings and nights.

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