Paddle Culture 2021-2022. Here are the nominees for the “Wyborcza” and Monopolis Awards. who will win? vote

This is the third edition of the Oars of Culture – “Wyborcza” and Monopolis Awards. Who will get wooden pillows turned into artwork by artists from the Academy of Fine Arts – we’ll find out during the ceremony on June 2.

We have four categories: Debut, Animation, Events and Sponsor. The winners of the first and second are decided by you – our readers. Show your favourites. You can vote from today until May 20 on

Kipisz: The Space of Personal Improvisation. Katarzyna Gorczyca and Pawe Grala are looking for space to carry out their two-year plans. The former White Factory bathroom with garden and park view was perfect. It is much more than just a club cafe. At Piotrkowska 282, something happens almost every day. Jazz party, performance, weaving workshop or meeting of Ukrainian songs. After the outbreak of war in Ukraine, Kipisz organizes the sale of the business, the proceeds of which are allotted to help the residents of Ukraine.

Krzysztof Olkusz. – Łódź is worth discovering, plus I like to chat and share my passion – says Krzysztof Olkusz, city guide, tour leader and cultural anthropologist, but also a member of the board of directors of the Society for the Protection of the Ancient Cemetery, which organizes a fundraising drive to renovate the historic tombstones every year at ul . Ogrodowa in ód. In December 2021 Olkusz published with Maciej Kronenberg “A Guide to Lodz Film”. In his spare time, he organizes bike trips to the headwaters of the rivers of لودód or conquers the Rudzka Gora.

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common place. Overnight, after the outbreak of war in Ukraine, Marek Edelman in Lodz and the Dom w Łodzi Foundation set up a refugee-friendly space, where children have games in the Co-Place, and their mothers can breathe a moment during the day. Talk, drink coffee – the place invites you to Polish language courses for Ukrainians, as well as for children, where new words will be learned through play, and also offers Ukrainian lessons for Poles.

Piotrkowska Society 31. The war in Ukraine and the need to help refugees mobilized the resources of the Poles. Such was the case in the courtyard at 31 Piotrkowska Street, where entrepreneurs and residents organized themselves. And it turned out to be very effective. Julia Mairets said: – On February 25, a day after the Russians entered Ukraine, I made a decision to organize a donation collection. – I called my friend Andrzej Kołłątaj, owner of the Areatour travel agency. His office is located at the gate at 31 Piotrkowska Street. I thought it was a good place to store gifts. Andrzej agreed without hesitation. We are overwhelmed with gifts.

Anna Siszowska. Theater expert, director and educator Anna Sisowska is Director of the Academic Center for Art Initiatives, the honorary name of theatrical work and soul movements of the national campaign “Touch the Stage”. Hand touch – outdoor and institutional, indoors and outdoors. Also in inconspicuous places – at the gates and at the mujahideen. Włókiennicza, in the planetarium, in the stall, on the roof of a hypermarket and in a homeless shelter.

Marcin Pollack and the Miej Miejsce Portal. The independent Social and Cultural Portal was set up as part of a ministerial grant in 2013 to support artists and social activists – and since then it has been run free of charge (despite repeated attempts to obtain funding from the municipality). The Miej Miejsce team (regular collaborators include Marta Madejska, Szymon Iwanowski, Łukasz from Bałut, Kosma Nykiel, Marta Zdanowska, Eliza Gaust and many other talented people; online columns are open to anyone who wants to collaborate) carefully monitors the ódź and ód culture.

Joanna Zumacher and Peter Strzemitzny. Nomination for the activities of the New Culture and Education Association and the WY Gallery. The NKiE Association set itself the goal of presenting the achievements of the art galleries of Lodz that no longer exist. 2021, exhibition entitled “Ewa Bartom”. Exhibition title. The place, the situation, the opportunity, the show” (the pioneer of feminist and critical art ran the “smallest gallery in the world” in لودód in 1972-1977 – first at 86 Piotrkowska Street, at the headquarters of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers in لودód, and then in her own apartment).

Nominated in the Agent category

Sarah Szymańska. A student at the Film School in ód. The author of a one-of-a-kind animated film about a double bond, “Five Minutes Older” – presented at Clermont-Ferrand or the MoMa Festival in New York, among others. Grand Prize Winner of the Polish Animation Festival Competition.

Natalia Dorsevich. A student at the Film School in Lodz, her film “The Beasts Around Us” premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. The focus of the image is to reflect the roles of predators and prey. Presents a world in which no one is clearly innocent.

Karolina Kagitanovic. Graduated from Film School in Lodz. As she says, “green” animation was created to relax the senses of the viewer among real films, and this picture has been included in the competitions of many prestigious festivals, including the AFI Fest in Los Angeles.

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Katarzina Michovich. Graduated from Film School in Lodz. The author of the animated film “Crumbs of Life” that was appreciated, among others, in Spain. The artist is not afraid to mess around. Interviewing a herd of stocky ponies or worrying about her feet – this is only part of this story.

Michael Pallas. Student at the Academy of Music in لودód, hailed as “Cello Individuality 2021”. Winner of the 1st Dominik Połoński National Cello Competition. His talent, among others, was recognized in Washington.

Anastasia Zaretskaya. Born in Brest, he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz. In her clothing line, “Hate” uses fashion to talk about cyberbullying, which she asserts is a manifestation of the same hatred that led to the witch burns.

Complete Wesołowski. A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in ód, fascinated by the activities of the Club of Country Housewives, Campers, Coeurs and Lower Silesia. In her collections, she deviates from the role of gender in clothing design.

HEIMA team. A group of musicians from Lodz, whose history began on Piotrkowska Street, where they played for passersby. Not so long ago, they released their debut album “At Home” and they were awarded the Soundedit Spotlight ’20 award, as well as the finalists for Youth Jarosin Rhythms.

Anna Aksamitowska Gonsers. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz. She won eight of the twelve awards funded by the Academy of Fine Arts Gala Partners, presenting a thought-provoking collection of the hypocrisy of the modern world and the problem of consumerism everywhere.

Adam Blotta. Student at the Academy of Art and Design in ód. The owner of the clothing brand Sad Human. He was supposed to be a car mechanic, but he chose fashion. Create a line of clothing for people who have a weaker day and want to disappear into the crowd.

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