OneRepublic COS Torwar Warsaw. How do you get to the concert?

one republic They started their career as a band in 2007, when they released the album “dreaming out loudThis is where the song is.Apologize”, who has won multiple platinum awards and was nominated for Grammy Awards. After the concert, which was postponed several times due to the pandemic, we finally had a chance to hear it. May 9 will play in it kos toroar warsaw. What is the best way to get to the concert venue?

The OneRepublic group includes Ryan Tedder (vocalist and songwriter), Zach Filkins (guitar), Drew Brown (guitar), Brent Koetzel (bass and cello), and Eddie Fisher (drums). After the song was releasedApologize“The band gained great fame, which is why they started working on new albums. Thanks to that in 2009 we got an album”waking upAnd in 2013Sweetened“.It’s from this album the popular song to this day.”Count the starsThe last album was released in 2016, and it is entitled “.oh mySince then, the band has released only singles, including a track.Start over with logic‘, used in the series’thirteen reasons“.

People passing through Warsaw by car You may be unpleasantly surprised. At the beginning of the year, the reconstruction of the Trasa Łazienkowska bridge began. Some of them have been returned to service, but in a modified form. The COS Torwar building is located at Łazienkowska 6A, near Legia Stadium.

It is better to go to Torwar from the north On Wisłostrada towards Krakow. Then we go along the coast of Gdansk to finally turn into the street Solec. There is a street entrance ŁazienkowskaWhere the sports center stands. From the east we can get from him Warsaw South Bypass, down to Wał Miedzeszyński. After the Łazienkowski bridge, turn onto Solec Street, then, as in the previous case, close to Łazienkowska.

We are going from the south The road to TerespolAlong the Służewiecka Valley. We head towards the center, then pass through it Cherniakoska. We have a direct exit from it to Tourwar. from the western side leave A2Going along Ileg Jerozolimsky. Then we turn to the Mujahideen. Mieczysław Sokołowski “Grzymała”, a Turn right before the Łazienkowski . bridge.

the hall Paid parking spaceswhich only exists 100. You can also leave your car running Free parkingLocated At the “Legia-Stadion 2 / Torwar 5” bus stop. Unfortunately, in the case of major events, we can take into account that all seats are occupied. If one kilometer is not difficult for us, we can leave the car at Streets of Myśliwiecka, Rozbrat or Przemysłowa. Due to the fact that the concert one republic During the week there is parking on the mentioned streets Pay.

We get to the railway station by rail Central Warsaw. We can change it to regional services that arrive at the terminal Warsaw Powiśle. We just have to go to Torwar from there 25 minutes walk.

There is also at the station bus stopLeaves from line 109, operates directly under the complex. We can also get there By bus line 525 And get off at the station Tourwaraway from the building in 500 meters. However, it must be remembered that the 525 in Torwar stops only at the request of the passenger.

close Tourwar There are many public transport stations. Thanks to this, people from Warsaw and the surrounding area can find the perfect means of transportation for themselves.

For bus trips, the nearest stop is the one closest to your destination Legia – the stadium And Tourwar. The safest way to get there By lines 171 and 109Where both lines terminate in front of the concert venue. It is also possible to access the following lines:

  • 138 – direction of loss,
  • 107 – Esperanto direction,
  • 141 – Wołoska direction,
  • 151 – Rechniewski direction,
  • 185 – Chełmsko direction,
  • 187 – towards Ursus-Niedźwiadek.

Traveling by bus is the fastest and most convenient mode of transportation for this event. In the case of tram and metro stations, we have to go further 2 km to the target. When coming by tram, get off at the station Poniatowski Bridge or Unii Lubelskiej . Square. The name of the subway station is University of Technology.

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